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by Janet Tashjian

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Author: Janet Tashjian
ISBN: 0312384467
Language: English
Pages: 256 pages
Category: Literature & Fiction
Publisher: Square Fish; Reprint edition (September 2, 2008)
Rating: 4.8
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The Horn Book Magazine. Janet Tashjian is the author of acclaimed books for young adults, including The Gospel According to Larry, Fault Line, Multiple Choice and My Life as a Book.

The Horn Book Magazine. Vote for Larry is a crash course in the rough and tumble world of national politics and teen readers will get a taste of just what it takes in idealism and courage to achieve such goals. Hopefully Josh will return, though it is difficult to imagine what he could do after the feats he performs in this book. Disney adapted Tru Confessions into a television movie starring Clara Bryant and Shia LaBeouf. Tashjian studied at the University of Rhode Island and Emerson College.

Sure, but when the book was published I couldn’t find you. People couldn’t tell if it was a true story or if I made it up. I tried to find a technicality. I write young-adult books. It’s more than two years since Larry; what are you now, almost twenty? Pretend I’m a fictional character. People couldn’t tell if it was a true story or if I made it u. . You can make me seventeen again, easy. Well, I live in the nonfiction world, I said. Make it up! Isn’t that what writers do? I told him it was a little more complicated than that.

PART ONE "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

The Larry Series (Volume 2). Janet Tashjian. Henry Holt and Co. (BYR). PART ONE "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. She lives in Needham, Massachusetts, with her family.

Vote for Larry book So read Vote for Larry, read the whole Larry series.

Tashjian raises a lot of pertinent political issues that are probably new to most teen readers. She makes a strong argument for why teens should be involved in the political process and I hope that the book inspires teens or any adult who takes the time to read Vote for Larry to become part of our democracy. if only to remind yourself of what you have to lose should you turn silent about things that matter as Martin Luther King famously said.

But everything had changed. I don’t want you to think I reverted to some dopey guy following Beth around like a puppy. I don’t want you to think I reverted to some dopey guy following Beth around like a puppy odbye with a smile. You know when you finally do something you’ve been obsessed with for years, and somehow afterward it feels anticlimactic, not worthy of all the hype? This wasn’t one of those times. The term slow-motion doesn’t begin to describe the care I took in playing back my afternoon with Beth.

After the success of The Gospel According to Larry and Vote for Larry, Janet Tashjian returns with yet another tour de force-a book that explores important topics and will keep teens hooked right until the unexpected end. ww. arry. My Life as a Cartoonist.

Vote for Larry is a comedic political fictional romantic novel by Janet Tashjian. The book is the sequel to The Gospel According to Larry, and stems around the United States presidential election in 2004. Josh Swensen becomes a reluctant celebrity when his anti-commercialist alter ego "Larry" gains teenage followers worldwide. When his past catches up with him, he must once again face the public as "Larry"

After the success of The Gospel According to Larry and Vote for Larry, Janet Tashjian returns with yet another tour de force-a book that explores important topics and will keep teens hooked right until the unexpected end. Автор: Tashjian, Janet Название: Vote for larry ISBN: 014131835X ISBN-13(EAN): 9780141318356 Издательство: Penguin Books Ltd Рейтинг

Janet Tashjian is an American novelist living in Los Angeles. Her middle grade and young adult fiction is published by Henry Holt and Company. Her novels often incorporate different formats and play with the line between fiction and non-fiction.

Janet Tashjian is an American novelist living in Los Angeles. She is the mother of Jake Tashjian, who provided illustrations for eight of her novels. 1997: Tru Confessions (which was adapted for a 2002 Disney Channel Original Movie: Tru Confessions). 1999: Multiple Choice. 1999: Felicity: Summer.

Vote for Larry - Janet Tashjian. These were the times I almost told her about Larry. Almost told her I’d had a Web site devoted to anti-consumerism, that thousands-then millions-of kids from around the world had joined me in my quest to be non-materialistic. That I’d kept my number of possessions down to seventy-five for almost four years now-didn’t she notice I wore the same clothes all the time?

After becoming what he so clearly and strongly resisted―a consumer―Josh Swensen finds himself in a paranoid state of no return. That is, until he's kidnapped and coaxed into resurfacing as Larry, his old activist persona. Before long, Larry is back on the scene with much more on his mind than anti-consumerism―this time, he wants to affect change in government. And Larry isn't taking a conventional path or starting small in local government. He just doesn't do things halfway. But can he really become an eighteen-year-old president of the United States? Even if he can, is he sure he really wants to?

Comments (7)
Don't get me wrong. I love this book. This book is all the way up there with my other favorites, but, however, is not anywhere near the first book, The Gospel According to Larry. Anyway, I love this book. I would reccomend it to anyone. Just make sure you read the first one before this one, or else you will be really confused.
School assignment for my kid, I read if afterwards. Not a bad book, but probably not an adult "must" read.
my son needed it for a school reading assignment. enjoyed reading it.great price. thanks.
i have done buying nere before.
Simple as this: really makes you think about our government and I hope a person like Larry/Josh Swenson will become President... one day
In great condition! Good story and brings back that feeling the gospel gave me.
This is...an odd book. I mean, really, that's the only word for it. The first book in the series, The Gospel According to Larry, has a really definitive and conclusive ending. As in, there is absolutely no room for more. And yet, somehow, Tashjian manages to somehow completely ignore the fact that she told us in the previous book that we would never hear from Larry again, and she brings him back. Just baffling. So, okay, we're left to read another book about Larry's adventures which were supposed to have ended, but that's ok. More books can be a good thing, right? I still want to know why she didn't just create a new character with a new story, but this is ok, too. For the book itself, you don't have to have read the first book to understand it, and not very much time and depth is given to recapping, which is always nice. It has that same quirky writing we saw in The Gospel According to Larry, same lovable characters with some new ones thrown into the mix, and the amazing footnotes are back as well. I think my biggest complaint is the convenience of all the events. Larry somehow gets back in touch with her. Somehow all these people collide in this perfect chain of unlikely events. Not buying it; it just comes off as ridiculous. It's kind of a cool read for anyone interested in the inner workings of the political process, and I will admit the West Wing geek in me adored that portion of the book, but it gets preachy at times, just like The Gospel did, and there's a bit of a romantic cliffhanger that I wasn't quite a fan of. There's really not that much else to say. I'm honestly still confused about why this book exists. It's an interesting novel, but somehow just feels...hollow.

Rating: 4/5
This is the most optimistic book I have ever read. It toys with not only the idea that people WANT to change the world, but that they CAN, without superpowers or magic or an appearance on Oprah. This was a Kid Runs For President book without the immaturity; it focused less on the age of the candidate than on the issues-real, true, important issues-he's pushing. Is this book realistic? No, of course not--but instead of faulting the author, why not fault ourselves? Why couldn't a group of people who were willing to fight for something get the rest of us to care? Not only does Janet Tashjian provide real solutions to problems--exaggerated and stretched, but on the right track--but she also introduces the novel idea of the Critical Patriot: the person who sees the flaws of the country but doesn't retreat into cynical commentary. The person who actually loves this country with its flaws AND IS WILLING TO MAKE IT BETTER. Her realistic portrayal--using actual candidates, events, issues, and facts--makes it all the more relevant to us. I think that all teens should read this book, just as all teens should register to vote when they're old enough. Josh/Larry is the symbolic epitome of what teens COULD be--not necessarily candidates but activists, working to make America and the world a better place. This book takes a stand--so should we.
After loving The Gospel According to Larry, I couldn't wait to pick up VOTE FOR LARRY. It's a fast-paced read, which is nice, but it's not as great as the original.

I don't want to go into much detail about the book, because I don't want to give anything away. Let's just say that the first book, The Gospel According to Larry, sounded like it could actually be based on a true story (as Tashjian writes it to be). However, VOTE FOR LARRY doesn't have that same feel. Right away you know that it is fiction (I must admit that I did spend a little while wondering if Larry was a real person after I read The Gospel...), and the political jargon gets a little annoying.

My favorite part of the book is the footnotes. They're almost always funny, sarcastic, etc.

I recommend the book to fans of the original, because you find out what happens with Larry, Beth, and Peter. Fun, but nothing to serious.

Overall grade - C