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by Kristen Couse,Vijay Balakrishnan

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Author: Kristen Couse,Vijay Balakrishnan
ISBN: 0028632605
Language: English
Pages: 1194 pages
Category: Europe
Publisher: *Frommers; 1 edition (March 24, 2000)
Rating: 4.7
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Sub: Traveling

your complete guide to what to see, where to hang, and how to party in europe the local live music scenes getting around the hottest bars and clubs where to hang out at 4 am the fashion scene on the streets the major attractions (the stuff you're supposed to see) great skating, biking, and jogging spots affordable places to crash—and an occasional splurge good eats, from street-vendor chow to sit-down meals the pick-up scene internet cafes, tattoo parlors, local police, and more
Comments (7)
I am currently studying in France and am using this book to travel around Europe. It's a good reference, but should not be considered authoritative. The book assumes that the reader is a college student who wants nothing more than to pick up, take drugs and party into the wee hours of the morning. If you don't fit this description, you may find the writing style grating and obnoxious.

What's good:
-It gives you a basic overview of each city, the history and the culture, so you get a feeling for the city before you even get there
-It tells you the major museums to see (which you could find out from any tourist guide, not just this one).
-The hostel information was generally good. My friends borrowed the book to find hostels in their travels and they never complained.
-They do point out the hot spots in each city, but they're so obvious once you get to the city anyways. Look at flyers, search online and just explore, and you'll find the listed places and more.
What's bad:
-There was no information on European culture and customs. The typical traveller would not be able to enter many of these places due to their own behaviour.
-The book gave no hints on cheap travel or ways to save money. They should have had information about various rail deals, alternate food and lodging ideas, etc.
-Most of the information was either outdated or false. Phone numbers were wrong, some spots only open a few months a year and prices were way off. Yes, cool spots appear and disappear overnight, but the book led me to places which seemed never to exist in the first place.
-The information is geared to make North Americans feel at home. 'Hanging out' shouldn't mean 'finding American-style places in Europe'. Most of the recommended hang out spots were either public touristy places or American-style bars.
-The book seemed to encourage drug use. Although decriminalised, drugs are still illegal in Europe and should not be consumed by foreign travellers.
-The authors were obnoxious and downright degrading to some cultures. In the Antwerp section, they encouraged the readers to insult the French Belgians to endear themselves to the Dutch ones.
Like any guide book, this one was outdated before it even hit the press. If you use it, double and triple check sites before you go or wind up being disappointed.
It's a good read just to get the feel for a city, but you'll find the same information and more just by 'hanging out' on your own, without a book to tell you how to be cool.
This review will read like Dr. J and Mr. Hyde. On one hand I was truly astonsihed at the lack of fact checking and utter misdirection that the book provided. Darn near every direction, location, or map was bogus. I was particularly frustrated when it give precise locations to absolotely no where near the desired location or to places which no longer exist. The specifics, or facts of the book are down right negligent, and perhaps even fraudelent.
Conversely, it's not the typical backpacker book (I'm sure as heck not) and has some leads to some very trendy places. Places where most backpackers can't even get into in W. Europe, but if you can get into NASA then you'll love the book for giving you a heads up on such a posh place. In my opinion a lot of the info in the book is extraneous--where to get a tatoo at, where to go to a beauty salon, and other places that are beyond the purview of most backpackers.
The book isn't really a guidebook, its' more of a "where to hang out if you've got money and are cool book". It provides a nice change of pace, and should be used soley as a supplementry and, not as a primary source.
Anyone who wants to try to write a guidebook has a high standard to meet. The old reliables (which will go unnamed here) are just super-dependable and well-researched. This book, as I know unfortunately now from experience, feels like a slap-dash job. Using no other guide book -- not even an out-dated Let's Go -- have I run into as many mistakes, bad judgments and outright false leads as I did using this one. I only travelled to eastern europe and greece, so I don't know about the sections on france, spain, england, etc. But a book not written by pros (and one glance at the authors' bios will show you this one was not) ought to come with some sort of disclaimer. At least Let's Go uses Harvard kids. I will be writing a letter of complaint to the publisher.
I liked this guide alot. When I studied in Europe even though I was there for months I usually spent my time with other Americans, drinking too much beer and talking about American things. Which I could have done in Philly. This guide includes alot of places that the average tourist will probably never find on their own, more unique and the 'real' stuff of Europe. It was also easy to read and kind of funny. I would highly recommend it.
I bought this guide for my son as a gift, and have since received nothing but complaints from him in europe. He says that for reliability, insight, quality of maps and other information, his firends' guides are far superior. He asked for the Lonesome Planet, but on the salesman's recommendation, I chose this one instead. A mistake, I've learned. Caveat Emptor!
The Sphinx of Driz
This book is maybe not as reliable as others for a primary guide, but it has so much information that the others lack. Its the first guide that gives me hints about how to pick up local women, and that alone makes it worth the price.
I just got back from a 2 month whirlwind tour of Europe by train and used this book the entire time.
I intially found some mistkes and errors on the basics........especially the maps. But once i got over that, I discovered how funny and helpful this book actually was.
There is no way I could of found many of the cool, out of the way places the authors of this book found. They got me off the beaten path and into the neat nooks that most tourists will never find.
This more than made up for the occasional map reporting error or outdated piece of information.
Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise when a map was incorrect, as it forced me into unknown places and I met more locals.
The other books I used in the past were less adventurous than this one, less daring. It was a nice break from the conventional.
This book is a hoot to read and led me to places I never would have found using the more conventional guide books. Very witty writing. Not for the timid, but then the timid shouldn't be traveling. If you're afraid of getting lost, stay home.