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by Harvard Student Agencies Incorporated St

Download Let's Go: Europe 1988 fb2
Author: Harvard Student Agencies Incorporated St
ISBN: 0312014554
Language: English
Category: Asia
Publisher: St. Martin's Press (January 1988)
Rating: 4.3
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Let's Go Europe 2011: The Student Travel Guide. Harvard Student Agencies, Inc., Read online.

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This Let’s Go veteran kept us laughing with his witty writing and quirky photos from Scotland and Ireland. From a tour of the Jameson Irish Whiskey Factory to Bloomsday celebrations with fellow James Joyce fanatics, Asa’s eye for excitement found him plenty of kindred-and distilled-spirits during his stay in Dublin.

Let's Go publishing was the leading agency for much of the 1980s and . Because Harvard Student Agencies employees are all students when working for the company, many of its alumni have gone on t. .

Let's Go publishing was the leading agency for much of the 1980s and 1990s, at one point publishing over 50 titles annually. With the recent decline in publishing travel, however, The Harvard Shop has become the largest operation for the Harvard Student Agencies. Europe-by-Car, Assistant General Manager to Dusty Burke, and Let's Go business manager upon his graduation from business school. HSA currently occupies the top three floors and basement of Burke-McCoy Hall. Because Harvard Student Agencies employees are all students when working for the company, many of its alumni have gone on to distinguished careers in various sectors.

Inc Harvard Student Agencies. So, you want to go to Europe? But how could you not? There's something awfully romantic about spending midnight in Paris, watching the lights shine on the famed La Seine. There's something special about hearing the growls and grunts of cars on the vias and around the piazzas of Rome. There's something magical about walking on the streets of London in front of Buckingham Palace as the roads close down for the iconic Changing of the Guard. Europe-rich with history, culture, art, and adventure- is the ultimate destination for any backpacker from any.

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Harvard Student Agencies In. s most popular book is Let's Go Europe 2011: The.

Harvard Student Agencies, headquartered in Cambridge, MA, is the largest student-run company in the world. 2. Let's Go : Europe. Harvard Student Agencies Inc. Staff. Book Description St. Martin's Press. Published by St. ISBN 10: 0312482116 ISBN 13: 9780312482114.

Every book in the series is written with budget travellers in mind and the series covers a huge range of destinations worldwide.

Let's Go has been on the road for 50 years and counting: We're on a mission to provide our readers with sharp, fresh coverage packed with socially responsible opportunities to go beyond tourism.

Comments (7)
This book covers a continent! I can't say it's completely comprehensive, but it could be comprehensive enough to use as your sole travel book if you wished. I bought it as a starter book, to plan a trip, and I like it enough where I know I gotta take it with me. I especially love the "Don't Miss" favorite places/activities/sights to see at the beginning of each country/chapter, and the few pages of history of the country at the end of each chapter.

While geared for students, I would say it's not any less useful to us older folks. The book will always state that such and such cafe is a student hangout, young people congregate at this discotheque, etc. but other than notes such as that, it's really just a budget minded travel guide.

One note: this book is printed on very thin, newsprint style paper, and has very small font. If you're over the age of 40, you might need to put on your glasses :)
deadly claw
In the 90's Let's Go was comprehensive, twice as thick, printed on newsletter like paper, and absolutely dense with info covering all European countries - a serious all-in-one reference book. Today it's just skeleton of information, and what?? the island of Crete is not even mentioned under the Greece section???
I bought several books ( The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget and Rick Steves' Europe Through the Backdoor) along with this one before I travelled Europe for 6 weeks. This was the best purchase I made. It got me out of so many snafus. When I needed a place to stay in Venice and the hostel I had in mind had no space, it was this book that led me to an even better one. When I arrived in Barcelona, I would have never gotten to my hostel without the directions in Let's Go. I found a nice cozy cafe in Prague that I walked to every day a la suggestion of the writers. I made my itineraries based partially on their information. I had fun, and I was safe. As a young first-time solo female traveller, it was important that I could rely on information to make decisions on where to go or how to get there.

I never imagined this book would be as useful as it was. But, it was. There was no way I could have planned every detail to make my trip safe and successful. Things come up. Plans change. And, I had to adapt. There's nothing like being in a foreign country, where you don't speak the language, and internet is nowhere to be found, and you don't know if you'll find a safe place to sleep for the night. Or, arriving somewhere new and exciting, and wondering what things are actually worth doing and worth seeing.

This book isn't perfect. It's essential. I don't think any young, budget-minded traveller should go abroad without it.
I used this back in 1984 with my sister when we backpacked through Europe. We loved it. Now my daughter is going on a trip to Europe, and I was anxious to see if the 2016 version is as good. It is actually better. It has all the main attractions, plus hints for the traveler with limited funds. It lists all the out of the way places that make a trip to Europe special. Highly recommend !
I am disappointed. When I was a college student I used Let's Go Europe and found it an invaluable resource. That was in the 1980s and maybe my memory has dimmed, but this is not the same book. I obviously wanted the most current version as the information needs to be up to date (where do I find the train station, where is an ATM, how do I use the public transportation, etc). My first disappointment is that only the biggest cities are listed. Most of my trip is not in the book. The city I'm most excited to see and go to is Budapest. It is in the book, but entire paragraphs are about Istanbul and there is a lot of information sprinkled in about Turkish currency and laws. But Budapest is in Hungary. So, sloppy editing aside, I thought: I'll just look up Istanbul and hopefully those paragraphs were just accidentally switched. No. Istanbul, nor Turkey are even in this book. Weird and frustrating. I didn't think it was nearly as helpful as I remember the 80s version being and the writing style is an attempt at cute and "hip" with lots of references to things like the Kardashian's (Bruce Jenner's troubles, Kim's pregnancy -- what does that have to do with anything??), and an explanation of Budapest's history that, I guess, is an attempt to gain the attention of the self absorbed and put it in terms of: the Turks knew that this view would garner "likes" in the triple digits, but the Hungarians needed a new profile pic so they took it back. Maybe if the writing was better it would be cute, but I just found it embarrassingly dumb and wondered if the authors behaved like the stereotypical ugly Americans while researching the book. Finally, at the end there are acknowledgements from one author to the others. Shockingly juvenile. One thanked the others for putting up with the need for constant blow jobs. Maybe I would have giggled at that back when I was a college student - but probably I would have just thought, I need another guide.
Travelled Europe with this book, Dublin through to Prague, and we had a saying, "the book never lies." It's not that it has every fun thing you can do, but the descriptions and reviews are almost always exactly right or underselling it. It has a wide range of recommendations so you can usually find something that looks interesting and always somewhere to stay.