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by Gary L. Miessler,Gary O. Spessard

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Author: Gary L. Miessler,Gary O. Spessard
ISBN: 0136401783
Language: English
Pages: 561 pages
Category: Engineering
Publisher: Prentice Hall; 1 edition (August 9, 1996)
Rating: 4.1
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Gary O. Spessard (Author), Gary L. Miessler (Author)

Gary O. Miessler (Author). ISBN-13: 978-0195330991 . This sets the stage for a methodical coverage of the full range of reactions of organo-transition metal complexes and many of.

Gary L. Miessler is Professor of Chemistry at St. Olaf College

Gary L. Olaf College. His areas of expertise include inorganic chemistry, organometallic synthesis, and the photochemistry of transition metal complexes.

Organometallic Chemistry (Hardback). Gary O. James K. Murray, Immaculata University This book is an excellent, brief overview of the fundamentals of organometallic chemistry. Its strength lies in its organization around bonding, ligand-metal interactions, and mechanism.

Organometallic Chemistry. Spessard and Gary L. Miessler. Spessard is Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at St. This book is an excellent, brief overview of the fundamentals of organometallic chemistry

Organometallic Chemistry. Publication Date - June 2015. His areas of expertise include organic chemistry, green chemistry, and the synthesis and biosynthesis of natural products. Gary L. This book is an excellent, brief overview of the fundamentals of organometallic chemistry.

Organometallic Chemistry Spessard Gary . Miessler Gary L. Oxford Academ 9780199342679 Гэри О. Спессард: Металлоорганическая химия . The book represents the interface of biochemistry with organic chemistry. Спессард: Металлоорганическая химия Гэри О. Спессард: Designed with the needs of both undergraduate. The major focus is on fundamentals of bioorganic chemistry where each chapter gives an in-depth knowledge about the topic, besides covering the reactions with special emphasis on mechanistic aspects. General biosynthetic reactions have been outlined and compared with corresponding organic reactions.

Overview of organometallic chemistry. Fundamentals of structure and bonding. Organometallic reactions II : reactions involving modification of ligands. Homogeneous catalysis : the use of transition metal complexes in catalytic cycles. The 18-electron rule. Transition metal-carbene and -carbyne complexes : structure, preparation, and chemistry. Metathesis and polymerization reactions. Applications of organometallic chemistry to organic synthesis. Isolobal groups and cluster compounds.

Organometallic Chemistry book. by Gary L. Miessler and Gary O. Spessard. Appropriate for junior/senior or graduate-level course in Organometallic Chemistry. Miessler, Gary O. Place of Publication. Country of Publication.

Addressing the need for an introductory Organometallic Chemistry text, Spessard and Miessler have combined numerous illustrations, problems and well-referenced coverage in an overall accessible approach to the topic. The text provides an early, comprehensive introduction to qualitative chemistry to lay a foundation for the upcoming emphasis on structure and bonding, a unique way of categorizing organometallic reactions on the basis of whether actions are mainly at metal or at ligand, a thorough discussion of carbene chemistry allowing readers to focus on all aspects of metal carbenes in one chapter (Chapter 10), and numerous applications of organometallic chemistry showing students that field is relevant and growing.
Comments (6)
This book is decently written. the first several chapters provide a background introduction into molecular orbital theory with subsequent chapters introducing various ligands and their behaviors in complexes, then reactions and catalytic cycles. unlike other chemistry books i own this one sources the original journal articles of some principal reactions used as examples- which can be helpful for those interested in looking up the original data. one complaint i have is that the book does not provide many examples of types of reactions, nor does it explain the exceptions to rules and why.
This is generally a good textbook. It is packed with information, and contains very few errors. My one problem with it is that, while it is packed with examples, it is a little light on theory.
This book could be way better for the topic. I don't even know why my prof chose it. It lacks a lot of very important information. Good for undergrad course not so much for a graduate level course
Very well written, though some more practice problems would be useful (not to mention a solutions manual...) THe book presents 18 electorn complexes and the like very well and gives many journals as back up references... Gives a great summary of organometallic reactions (CO insertion, Associative, Dissociative, etc) and a really solid and historically grounded intro to the field of catalysis... Clearly written, for the most part, but one section on the Trans effect is a bit ambigous, in the sense that they never really talk about HOW to use it... Sure they mention the idea, but they never address the leaving group... People always confused on that section... So that is my gripe in this otherwise excellent book...
Not good. Has many errors. Better booksare there
When I ordered the book it said it was new, but when I opened my box I didn't expect it to be brand new. It was still in the plastic, wrapped and everything.