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by Brian P. Flannery,Saul A. Teukolsky,William H. Press

Download Numerical Recipes: FORTRAN Example Diskette Version 1.0 fb2
Author: Brian P. Flannery,Saul A. Teukolsky,William H. Press
ISBN: 0521309581
Language: English
Category: Software
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Diskette edition (June 27, 1986)
Rating: 4.2
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William H. Press (Author), Saul A. Teukolsky (Author), William T. Vetterling (Author), Brian P. Flannery (Author) & 1 more.

William H. ISBN-13: 978-0521437165. Why is ISBN important? ISBN. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. Press Saul A. Teukolsky William T. Vetterling Brian P. Flannery. We call this book Numerical Recipes for several reasons. In one sense, this book is indeed a cookbook on numerical computation. However there is an important distinction between a cookbook and a restaurant menu. The latter presents choices among complete dishes in each of which the individual avors are blended and disguised.

In a self-contained manner it proceeds from mathematical and theoretical considerations to actual practical computer routines. Press Brian P. Flannery Saul A. Vetterling. License Information Read this section if you want to use the programs in this book on a computer

William H. License Information Read this section if you want to use the programs in this book on a computer. You’ll need to read the following Disclaimer of Warranty, get the programs onto your computer, and acquire a Numerical Recipes software license.

By (author) Saul A. Teukolsky, By (author) William H. Press, By (author) William T. Vetterling, By (author) Brian P.

Numerical recipes in Fortran 77 : the art of scientic computing, William H. Press . William H. 2nd ed. Includes bibliographical references (p. ) and index.

Numerical Recipes is the generic title of a series of books on algorithms and numerical analysis by William H. Press, Saul A. Teukolsky, William T. Vetterling and Brian P. In 2015 Numerical Recipes sold its historic two-letter domain name n. om and became numerical.

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Comments (7)
I had this book for my Numerical Methods course. This one is a pure gem packaged as a disaster due to following reasons:
1) License: Forget about products. If you use this for a course, you can't reproduce any of the routines for your homework. If you did then the entire class should be booked for copy-right infringement.

2) Comments: Authors are extremely reluctant to comment their code. Out of blue variables pop-up. There is no pseudo-code for algorithms and routines are not commented.

3) Typos: There are lot of typos. More than you can imagine. Most of the routines miss ; { }.

4) Programming practice: If you have dealt with a good code base with just 1000 lines of code, you will get nausea and stomach cramps while analysis every single routine.

5) C++: This book is written in C and indexed as C++. There is no C/C++. There is C and there is C++. Authors don't give a cent about Containers, scoping, type safety, exceptions, etc.

6) Numerical Math: Common reason cite by scientific programmers is that this book cover math. The truth is it doesn't. This is more like "How to write brilliant algorithms in horrible c++ for Numerical Mathematicians." If you know the theory and find it difficult to express it in code, you will appreciate this one. However, if you don't learn good programming habits, you will be a jobless programmer.

Algorithms are brilliant and well structured topics. But neither can one key-in more than 10 programs nor can they publish better executions for this code base. Theren't books which are as broad as this one. It is the only reason every Computational Math student is forced to use it.
This is an excellent collection of mathematical techniques for the practicing engineer or computer scientist. It goes into a little
more detail than the previous editions. It is a valuable addition to the library of anyone who does computer simulation. My only
complaint is that the accompanying software is complexly interwoven, and a little difficult to pick out just one part to use.
Works very well.
The numerical receipes source code has provided scientist algorithms in the popular languages and is staying current with the source code. Give the students the oportunity to see the underlying code and work that has been done in the past.
Includes "secret" content, 250MB of physically-generated (see AoE III, Figure 13.121) thoroughly-random numbers. Recommended.
Disastrous copyright nonsense. I bought this for two reasons:

1. As a collection of commonly implemented algorithms and their typical usage.
2. For a detailed explanation of the implementation of said algorithms.

What you are getting here is some hideous mixture of top level knowledge with interspersed bouts of severely specific applications and a lot of garbage pseudocode. But wait! You can purchase the real code which, based on the pseudocode, is most likely some highly obfuscated C with a C++ extension. Not worth it.
The license on the code in this book makes it almost completely worthless. The content of the book itself is excellent. The author's descriptions of the algorithms are valuable (and the reason for the second star), but the terms of the license prevent the source code from being used for anything practical. Instead, a reader will have to search for similar algorithms in MKL or GSL.
Excellent readable book for scientists and engineers. This should be your go to reference. I knocked it down from five stars to four as the authors chose to remove the code from the text. The code often aided me in understanding problems in previous editions.Nonetheless, the book is unsurpassed in readibility.