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by Mitchell Waite

Download The Waite Group's New C Primer Plus fb2
Author: Mitchell Waite
ISBN: 0672303191
Language: English
Pages: 736 pages
Category: Programming
Publisher: Sams; 2nd edition (April 1993)
Rating: 4.1
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The Waite Group's New. It started off as C Primer Plus by Waite, Prata, and Martin.

The Waite Group's New. This textbook is one of the most enduring C books on the market: it has been in print for nearly two decades now.

Waite, Mitchell; Prata, Stephen; Waite Group. WorldCat (this item). urn:acs6:it:pdf:479-987d30e6ffa6 urn:acs6:it:epub:232-a8899751b3b4 urn:oclc:record:1036974632. Princeton University Library.

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Items related to The Waite Group's New C Primer Plus. Waite, Mitchell; Prata, Stephen The Waite Group's New C Primer Plus. ISBN 13: 9780672303197. The Waite Group's New C Primer Plus. Waite, Mitchell; Prata, Stephen.

Developed by Mitchell Waite, this book walks readers through the basics of object-oriented programming while covering the essentials of C++. The primer gives coverage of new library features such as string class and Standard Template Library (STL), one of the most significant changes.

The CD-ROM contains Metrowerks CodeWarrior Lite and a C/C++ compiler, allowing readers to compile the examples found in the book. Prices in £GBP ( Prices updated.

Coauthors & Alternates.

Waite Group's Hypertalk Bible/Version . 2 (Hayden Macintosh Library Books). by Mitchell Waite, Stephen Prata, Ted Jones. ISBN 9780672484308 (978-0-672-48430-8) Softcover, Sams, 1989. Find signed collectible books: 'Waite Group's Hypertalk Bible/Version . 2 (Hayden Macintosh Library Books)'. Coauthors & Alternates.

This book includes coverage of the Standard Template Library, one of the most significant additions to C++, and a topic you will have to master to be competitive in th. Selection from The Waite Group's C++ Primer Plus.

The most complete tutorial and reference for powerful C programming! This friendly, easy-to-use guide is a completely updated edition of one of Sams all-time bestsellers.Presents hundreds of sample programsIncludes a handy tear-out cardCovers recently released compilers such as Microsoft C/C++ 7 and Borland C++ 3.1
Comments (3)
I really learned C programming using "Waite Group's New C Primer Plus" by Mitchell Waite and Stephen Prata (copyright 1990). Virtually every example in the book is a complete program that will compile and run. This is hugely important for a tutorial work. Most programming tutorials try to give you an encyclapedic review of every syntax permutation without giving you working programs you can modify and explore. I learn much quicker and more completely when I can poke stuff with a stick and to be able to do that the code examples have to actually compile and run.

Subjects in this book are presented in a natural progression from simplistic overview to a detailed examination and working programs are included at each step of the process. You get a pretty good review of all the standard C library functions that existed at the time as well. Lacking the standard C library details is the only thing Kernighan and Ritchie's brilliant tutorial "C Programming Language" is missing and this book is just as good a tutorial with the library material. "New C Primer Plus" is still the first reference book I turn to when I need to refresh my understanding of a bit of arcane C syntax. I have used my copy of this book so much over the last 20 years that it has basically fallen apart and I was forced to rebind it recently. If I ever lost this book, I would definitely buy another copy.

I think the picture I attached of my tattered and rebound copy says it all, forget the pristine signed copies, this is what a valuable book should look like. It bears it's scars with honor for they were earned in mortal combat with my ignorance. To this day, I find this book to be as comfortable as an old pair of shoes and never regret slipping into it when I need to.
This book will be very helpful for those who are new to
C programming and, actually, for those who have never seen
a computer before. It has clear and understandable
explanation of different topics and method of programming,
a lot of helpful examples and hints, and interesting quizes
for those who likes "Teach Yourself...". 4 months ago
I bought this book to my 12 years old nephew, and I'm afraid
that now he knows C better than I do.
This book covers all the major aspects of C programming.
It takes this complex language and breaks it down in a clear
and concise format. The examples given by the authors are
easy to follow and humorous.