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by Dusan Petkovic

Download SQL Server 7: A Beginner's Guide fb2
Author: Dusan Petkovic
ISBN: 0072118911
Language: English
Pages: 479 pages
Category: Programming
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (December 1, 1998)
Rating: 4.1
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A Beginner’s Guide Dušan Petković.

A Beginner’s Guide Dušan Petković. New York Chicago San Francisco Lisbon London Madrid Mexico City Milan New Delhi San Juan Seoul Singapore Sydney Toronto. Generally, all SQL Server users who want to get a good understanding of this database system and to work successfully with it will find this book very helpful. If you are a new SQL Server user but understand SQL, read the section Differences Between SQL and Transact-SQL Syntax later in this introduction.

SQL Server 7: A Beginner's Guide explains enterprise database fundamentals and shows you how to take advantage of the new features of SQL Server 7, such as improved space management, new data transformation services, and data warehousing. Run SQL Server 7 on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. Let the dynamic self-management feature allocate resources as needed.

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2012.

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Dusan Petkovic is a computer science professorat the Polytechnic in Rosenheim, Germany. MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2008 A BEGINNER'S GUIDE 4/E McGraw Hill professional.

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An introduction to critical database concepts through Transact-SQL, system administration, installation, data management, security, data warehousing, and more. Builds core competency in creating, querying, and managing SQL Server 7 databases. Features classroom-tested pedagogy based on the author's numerous years as a computer science professor. Loaded with practical exercises designed to build productivity immediately.
Comments (7)
Since I had no background with SQL Server I carefully chose a beginners guide and am very pleased with this one. I was able to understand all but 2 or 3 short segments of the material and I anticipate using this book as a syntax reference later on. The author's background with databases was evident without being overwhelming. There were at least a dozen mislabeled figures or tables that could be misleading and the first two thirds of the book are heavy going as Transact-SQL is covered but I found the writing consistently accessible. The chapters on Data Warehouses and Data Marts were too sketchy to be of much value but the main point of the book was handily accomplished - the basics of building and managing SQL Server 7 databases. I am reading the MS Press self study guides currently and am glad I started where I did.
Rocky Basilisk
This is the first book at Amazon I have ever taken the time and trouble to preview, but I want to prevent someone from making the same mistake I did based on this book's title. This is the last book I would ever give a beginner on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. At times it bogs down to the point it is sheer will power to force oneself to continue on with it. This book is way too detailed in some places and in other places is way too shallow of its coverage of MS SQL. To get a person acquainted and familar with the MS SQL enviroment, this book is way too deep and gets too involved in the programming aspects of SQL. A far better read for the beginner would be the Dummies book, "Microsoft® SQL Server 7 For Dummies" or the Sams series, "Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Sql Server 7.0 in 21 Days". By the end of this book I was skimming through much of its content so I could finish the book and put it away. Maybe in a year, after I have worked more deeply with SQL Server I might come back to this book when I am at its more appropriate level, an intermediate. By the way, I am an MCSE with experience with Exchange, Internet Information Server, Proxy Server, and some prior working knowledge of MS SQL 7.0 before I ever came to this book.
The problem with this book is that about mid-way through the book, it seems to become unaccessible. I am a beginner at SQL 7, and about halfway through the book, it started really bogging down, to the point where I was not getting anything from reading at all. I would of been better putting the book under my pillow, I couldn't have done any worse after all. Sorry to those who rated this book a 5. It does not deserve it in any sense of the word. And with this, my flame will cease.
I bought this book in hopes it would prepare me for the certification test but as broad as this book is I will have to find another source. Although, if you are looking for an introductory book to SQL 7 than this is a book for you. Be sure to follow it up with more indepth books before even thinking about entering a production environment
I am an experienced Access user with some knowledge of SQL. I have found in this book exactly what I need to learn SQL Server from the beginning on. The part of the book concerning Transact-SQL is especially well written for someone like me. I recommend this book to all MS Access users who are upgrading to SQL Server 7.
Rose Of Winds
This book is simply a regurgitation of SQL Server's Books OnLine, except filled with typos. You would be better off just reading BOL if you want the "here are the 3 ways to do this" style found here. There is no input from the author on why you should do things one way instead of another, advantages or disadvantages of programming or administration options, etc. I don't suggest this book. I do suggest "Professional SQL Server 7.0 Programming" by Rob Vieira, even for beginners. There you will find some common sense advise from an experienced programmer, along with the "how to".
Very easy reading and gets right to the point. Microsoft claims to have re-written the source code for SQL 7 as well as a great deal of the interface features, this book cuts to the chase. Our firm has been working with MS SQL Server since 4.2 and we consider this book to be a MUST READ for all of our serious clients. We have a roll-out of a new version of software later this year, for which the database is SQL Server 7.0 and definitly plan to include this book as part of the upgrade package.
As a person with no previous experience in using the SQL language I found this book very well written and accessible. The book is organized in a systemic way, and it describes many of the basic SQL Server 7 components. The book is evenly paced, with very smooth transitions from one chapter to the next. The section on Transact-SQL is especially well-written. The book is essential to anyone interested in the SQL server.