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by James Poole

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Author: James Poole
ISBN: 0947778241
Language: English
Pages: 16 pages
Publisher: Open Bible Trust (June 1, 1988)
Rating: 4.2
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And you'll get it all in James: 12 Inductive Sessions on Practical Christianity. James is an excellent book for new or long time Christian kids (and leaders too!) Although I am not a big fan of "fill in the blank" answers, this book asks questions with purpose and direction.

And you'll get it all in James: 12 Inductive Sessions on Practical Christianity. It also gives good ideas for application and goal setting to apply for the week ahead. My girls really enjoy cross referencing other verses on the week's subject and seeing how they are similar or different to the verses in James. I would recomend this book for any bible study or youth group leader who is looking for a well rounded study of James.

I have been studying the book of James and for a good overview and challenge for practical daily living for the Christian it is always a good read for the new year.

Practical Christian - James. I have been studying the book of James and for a good overview and challenge for practical daily living for the Christian it is always a good read for the new year.

Popular Series: Practical Christianity: The Book of James shows. Practical Christianity: The Book of James Pt. 6 - Audio. by Christian Community Chapel.

James was a practical man. He had seen hypocrisy - in himself, in the Pharisees, in everyday Christians . He talks about heart Christianity worked out in actions. He had seen hypocrisy - in himself, in the Pharisees, in everyday Christians - and he would have none of it. His letter to the early Christian churches is practical and convicting. He discusses love and then insists that Christian love can just say compassionate words to the hungry - love must feed them. James was Jesus' brother, a son of Joseph and Mary.

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The entire letter of St. James (NIV), ready for photocopying and handing out to your students-passage by passage, chapter by chapter, or in its entirety. And you'll get it all in James: 12 Inductive Sessions on Practical Christianity. Give your students intimate, detailed Bible studies filled with loving, passionate, even brutally direct principals-just the kind of practical, faith-affirming helps they can apply to their lives immediately.

Practical Christianity. See the Epistle of James, the Lord's brother.

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Holding to sound doctrine and living according to the Word of the Lord are equally important.It is not enough to believe the truth(intelectually)but one must(by God's grace and power)walk in the truth.A.W.Pink's written ministry emphasizes both(believing sound doctrine and living in subjuction to God's revealed will)depending on what Biblical doctrine the author is addressing.Practical Chrisitanity is one of Pink's most important works that deal with living in this fallen world as a follower of Christ.
The first third of the book deals with the nature of the change that takes place when God first begins a work of grace in an individual.
The second third of the book is concerned with making progress in the Christian life once someone has been converted.
The chapters on 'Heart Work' and ' Mortification Of Sin' are among the most helpful material that can be found on these doctrines.Pink is considered by many to be a modern day Puritan and drank deeply at that well(Puritan Christian books).He was no doubt familiar with John Flavel's 'Keeping The Heart' and John Owen's masterful 'Sin And Temptation' and 'Mortification Of Sin'.Pink's 'Practical Christianity ' is in the front rank of works on these important aspects of the believers life and walk.
A brief quote should help to give some sense of the help that this treatise provides p.103 "Keep thine heart with all dligence,guard it jealously as the dwelling place of Him to whom you have given it.Guard it with the utmost vigilance,for not only is there the enemy without seeking entrance but there is a traitor within desiring dominion." I have read almost everything that A.W.Pink wrote and cannot find the words to adequately express my thankfulness to the Lord and to His servant for the enourmous blessing that I've received. A number of years ago I came across the suggestion that while we should be acquainted with the writings of godly and useful servants of the past,we should try to carefully read and study the works of one significant individual in much greater detail. I have found this to be very valuable advice.Whether it be someone like Pink or Jonathan Edwards,John Bunyan,Charles Spurgeon,John Calvin,J.C.Ryle or Martin Luther is up to the individual.
The section 'Enjoying God's Best' is among the most encouraging that I have read from all that Mr.Pink has written.It has to do with the Lord's governmental dealings with His people.It exorts the believer to be more holy,more devoted,more careful in all that they do and if this counsel is heeded it will result in greater usefulness and blessing in their walk with and service for their Lord.On p.215 the author writes "If our minds be dominated by our outlook upon life,narrowed down to a consideration of the inexorableness of the divine dterminations,then a spirit of irresponsibility will necessarily ensue.It is with the revealed and not with the secret will of God we need to be concerned." Our concern and emphasis should be with God's preceptive will,seeking to honour and please Him in our daily life.When we wholly submit to God's Word and do things His way we always profit thereby.When we sin or follow a course of self will we suffer loss and miss God's best for us.Pink is not here setting aside God's eternal decree's but emphasizing that all that we do is important and has consequences whether for good or evil.To some who have asserted that Pink is a hyper-Calvinist this book and these articles especially(Enjoying God's Best)would be a sharp rebuke.
I believe any disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ will benefit greatly if they read and digest what is set forth in this valuable work.
I've read this book before and found it to be inspiring for my walk as a child of the KING! He knows how to bring HIS
word into your heart and spirit. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand and study the book of
James. All the books I've bought have been in excellent condition.
This book has become one of my favorites because of how balanced his observations are. I especially like the inclusion of the scriptures with references to each verse. I like this because I have been lead astray in the past by false teaching. It's a slow read when you look up each and every verse as a safeguard to error, but it kept me in the Word daily. Pink is providing a good overview of key concepts that need to be examined regularly to stay on task along The Way. The final chapter on "Enjoying God's Best " is very motivating when I loose sight of why I am seeking a better relationship with God in the first place.
If you want something deep to ponder, A.W. Pink will give you the meat of God's Word to chew on and meditate on throughout the day.
A deeply profound work of great worth.
I highly recommend a thoughtful study of Pink’s insightful work. It will bless you!
Solid teaching of what Christianity is about and good guidelines to work into your personal walk with Jesus. This is a good book for a young Christian.
As usual, another outstanding work by a solid student of God's Word. Pink makes things easy to understand, and provides practical, biblical examples that apply to all Christians whether past or present.
Practical guidelines food for thought