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by Joel S. Goldsmith

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Author: Joel S. Goldsmith
ISBN: 0042000238
Language: English
Pages: 160 pages
Category: New Age & Spirituality
Publisher: Allen & Unwin (July 6, 1972)
Rating: 4.7
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Joel Solomon Goldsmith (March 10, 1892 – June 17, 1964) was an American spiritual author, teacher, spiritual healer, and modern-day mystic. He founded The Infinite Way movement.

Joel Solomon Goldsmith (March 10, 1892 – June 17, 1964) was an American spiritual author, teacher, spiritual healer, and modern-day mystic. Joel S. Goldsmith was born in New York City on March 10, 1892. His parents were non-practicing Jews, who were married in New York City in 1891. Joel was their first child. They had another son two years later, followed by a daughter two years thereafter.

The Mystical I gives readers the fullness of this relevant and timely Christ message. Goldsmith shows us that this Son of God I is the I that stands at the door and knocks within each and every one of us awaiting recognition and acknowledgment.

Joel Goldsmith Reader. The Mystical I (1966 Letters) - Out Of Print. Living Between Two Worlds (1967 Letters). The Only Freedom (1981 Letters). The World is New. Thunder of Silence, The. About. Joel in his audio recordings and writings is the teacher of this message. He left us a wide variety of wonderful recording and written works as he traveled the world to bring this message to the students.

This is so typical of Joel Goldsmith books: integrity, direct, and wholly understandable. You can't go wrong with just about anything by Joel Goldsmith.

In The Mystical I, Joel Goldsmith brings this Christ message into clear and beautiful focus. He shows us that his son of God I is the I that "stands at the door and knocks" within each and every one of us, but we have lost touch with this true I and that is the source of all out problems. How we attain this oneness with the I that we truly are is the age-old question that The Mystical I answers so forcefully.

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The Mystical I. Goldsmith.

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itual Power" page 23 A strange thing takes place at this stage of our unfoldment. We began to see it is no longer necessary to work on our own problems because, first, we have so few of them and, second, our problems have a way of disappearing without any personal thought about them; so our life eventually is spent in a ministry for others.

Comments (7)
Joel Goldsmith truly speaks to my soul. Since reading his foundational book, "The Infinite Way," about a week and a half ago, I've managed to digest 3 more of his books with at least another 5 lined up in the que. He's had a tremendous impact on my consciousness. And if you're someone who seeks to experience the Divine Presence in the midst of you, Joel points the way. He is one of the most illumined teachers I've had the privilege of reading and studying. And I believe that if you're willing to do the necessary inner work, Joel has the key to the Kingdom.
again goldsmith is so easy and clear in his writings. i have over 20 of his books...all leading to..." I AM " ...no greater joy is there than the realization of the Truth within...read this book !!!
A book anyone who is interested in concepts of Christian eternity and how it translates to daily living, must read this book
Joel Goldsmith offers a detailed journey into getting to know the Godly presence. He is not preaching a religion or denomination. He is sharing his belief and understanding about being in God's presence. If you read it slowly and thoughtfully, and probably more than once or twice, you will have that "aha moment." It has certainly made a lot of sense to me and is not encumbered by all the liturgy etc. that is out there. It's just about getting to know God. How simple is that and how wonderful. Very peaceful!!
Any of Joel's book inspirational, and for those with a sense of pursuing the higher spiritual life, these will lead one in the right direction to consciousness union with God.
This is another great book by Joel Goldsmith. It is to be read again and again; living with the principles until your life changes " in the moment ye think not."
heart of sky
I have read this book some time ago and thought to have it in my library of essentials. This man was truly in touch with the creator. Excellent plus +++