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by Poul Anderson

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Author: Poul Anderson
ISBN: 058310519X
Language: English
Pages: 156 pages
Category: Science Fiction
Publisher: HarperCollins Distribution Services; New edition edition (July 1969)
Rating: 4.9
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Negli anni '60 del secolo scorso, Poul Anderson ha dato man forte alla diffusione dell’eroe spaziale bello e fracassone, coraggioso e donnaiolo impenitente (su Dominic Flandry – mitico agente terrestre - generazioni di adolescenti hanno sospirat. .Ma qui (Vergin Planet, 1959) è impareggiabile, almeno nella scelta della trama, che sembra fatta apposta per confermare una sua (evidente) profonda convinzione: le donne senza l’uomo non solo non vivono bene, ma diventano QUEL MASCHIO E' MIO!!!!

Virgin Planet: Psychotechnic League, Книги 3. Poul Anderson. Poul Anderson (1926-2001) was born in Pennsylvania of Scandinavian stock

Virgin Planet: Psychotechnic League, Книги 3. Hachette UK, 29 сент. Poul Anderson (1926-2001) was born in Pennsylvania of Scandinavian stock. He started publishing science fiction in 1947 and became one the great figures in the genre, serving as President of the Science Fiction Writers of America, winning multiple Hugo and Nebula awards, and was named a SFWA Grand Master. He collaborated regularly with wife, Karen, and their daughter is married to noted SF writer Greg Bear. Poul Anderson died in July 2001.

The following is a list of works by science fiction and fantasy author Poul Anderson. Earthman's Burden (1957) with Gordon R. Dickson. Star Prince Charlie (1975) with Gordon R. Hoka! (1983) with Gordon R. Reissued by Baen as: Hoka! Hoka! Hoka! (1998) with Gordon R. Hokas Pokas! (2000) with Gordon R. Star Ways (also known as The Peregrine) (1956). The Snows of Ganymede (1958). Virgin Planet (1959).

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. He could see from above that this planet was inhabited. He emerged from the ship - to find himself lassoed and captured by a beautiful redhead mounted on a strange.

Poul Anderson at the Internet Book List. Poul Anderson at Library of Congress Authorities, with 134 catalog records. The Psychotechnic League. Poul Anderson at Curlie. Works by Poul Anderson at Project Gutenberg. Works by or about Poul Anderson at Internet Archive. Works by Poul Anderson at LibriVox (public domain audiobooks). Polesotechnic League period of Nicholas van Rijn. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Some shelf/edge/reading wear. No writing or labels. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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He could see from above that this planet was inhabited. He emerged from the ship - to find himself lassoed and captured.

On a planet settled by women, the descendants have long awaited the arrival of mysterious people called "men"

He could see from above that this planet was inhabited. On a planet settled by women, the descendants have long awaited the arrival of mysterious people called "men". But when one arrives, he is nothing like the godlike beings of their legends. Obviously, he is an alien space monster, and must be eliminated.

Virgin Planet', Beacon Bokks B270, Galaxy Science Fiction Novels, Number 40 and Beacon Books Number 270 .

Virgin Planet', Beacon Bokks B270, Galaxy Science Fiction Novels, Number 40 and Beacon Books Number 270, 1961.

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Speculative recontact sci-fi. An adventurous spacer (a man, of course), flies FTL to a distant region of the galaxy and lands on an Earth-type planet. He discovers cloned human women living in fiefdoms constantly (and brutally!) feuding. His presence creates an uproar (is he a monster or a man???) in which he joins a rag-tag band of refugees fleeing death precipitated by his capture. He leads the team to the coast where they find allies sick of Doctor control (the "Doctors" are a clan of cloned women who happen to control the parasynthgenesis machine necessary to propagate life on a planet with only the female sex). The flotilla, led by the man, raid the city of Doctors, are victorious and the man boards his spaceship to return later with more men. This book is a classic example of the transition of golden to silver age sci-fi in which the fantastical elements of an Edgar Burroughs swashbuckling type story are melded with the science and logic of an Isaac Asimov story. The stock character stereotypes are there: mad amazons slaughtering each other ruthlessly, the lone outsider who promises reunification, the sexy ninny heart-strung on the presence of a manly savior. The magic of Poul Anderson is that he uses these pulp elements in order to frame them within scientific reality. In fact, Anderson even goes so far as to write an afterword in which he outlines, using real science, the local system in which this book takes place. Short (150 pages), action filled, humorous. Classic 50s era speculative pulp sci-fi. Recommended.
300 years ago, a spaceship crash-landed on a moon of a gas-giant in a double-star system, stranding its passengers and crew--500 women, most of them bound to new settlements on the frontier planets. One of them, a bioscientist, succeeded in inventing a parthenogenesis machine so that they could, in effect, clone themselves and maintain a functioning society until "the Men come to claim us." But in three centuries the women of Atlantis have completely forgotten what a Man really is. And so, when dilettante explorer Davis Bertram (in his society the surname comes first) blunders onto their world, they not unexpectedly take him for "a Monster"--one of the alien races almost as legendary as Men.

Thus begins a fantastic and fascinating odyssey by Davis and three of the women of Freetoon--Barbara and Valeria Whitley, cousins in the local armed forces, and Elinor Dyckman, a former lover of the town's chief--across half the breadth of Atlantis, as Davis tries to convince the women that Men really *do* sweat and bleed and feel fear, and they all seek to elude the Doctors from the crashed Ship, who see Davis's advent as signalling the end of their power over the Atlantean society. Anderson's premise is perhaps a bit incredible, but he succeeds in portraying a believable society growing from it, and--being a "hard" sf writer at heart--even includes a terminal Note explaining the physics of Atlantis and its system. Originally written in 1970, and thus just prefiguring the rise of Women's Liberation, it's an intriguing look at a unique human society with plenty of action, humor, and suspense to keep things humming.
Anderson represents the old Amazon's myth and builds a classical fantasy novel,with battles,blood and angry women.Good reading,but not necessary