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by Anne Kelleher

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Author: Anne Kelleher
ISBN: 0373802072
Language: English
Pages: 496 pages
Category: Fantasy
Publisher: Luna; Original edition (May 25, 2004)
Rating: 4.5
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I found out about Silver's Lure after I read the other two, but thankfully you don't have to read it to understand 2 or 3.

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Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Silver's Edge (Through the Shadowlands). So you don't repeat my mistake Silv's Edge is the SECOND BOOK in a trilogy, it goes like this: Silvers Lure(prequel). One person found this helpful. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Silver's Lure (Through the Shadowlands). Kelleher's ability to skillfully weave romance into the mix makes Silver's Edge exceptionally good fantasy. - Contra Costa Times. I Would recommend reading this book prior to silver'S edge and silver's bane.

Silver's Edge book This book is one of the first books I've carried out of the house to continue to read through the day in a very long time.

This book is one of the first books I've carried out of the house to continue to read through the day in a very long time. Mar 02, 2015 Rivalie rated it really liked it.

THROUGH THE SHADOWLANDS: Where the touch of silver was Protection, Power and Peri. Books related to Silver's Edge (Through the Shadowlands, Book 1). Skip this list. NWILLINGLY ENTWINE. here is more. Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow.

From fantasy author Anne Kelleher comes SILVER'S EDGE, the epic tale of three women who must stand united against an impossible evil. Silver's Edge : Through the Shadowlands and Beyond. Book in the Shadowlands Series).

Silver's Edge - Anne Kelleher. A chill draft suddenly blasted through the hall, and the hags screeched and cackled, rocking back and forth on their haunches to protect their eggs. The blast of air was accompanied by a thunderous boom-the sound of the inner gates closing. The scouting party had returned. But even as he was about to shift positions and settle more comfortably to await their report, Xerruw bolted upright, for he caught, just beneath the acrid smoke of the fire, a scent, at once coppery and sweet, earthy and sour, threading like a strand of yarn through the smooth texture of the air.

Through the Shadowlands. A Science Writer's Odyssey into an Illness Science Doesn't Understand.

Silver's Edge Book . huge clumps of glutinous fiber swirl through the depths, like shadowy leviathans roaming the deep.

Silver's Edge Book 2. By. Anne Kelleher. It includes the Wastelands The Shadowlands-the sidhe word for the mortal world The Wastelands-that part of Faerie to which the goblins have been banished Lyonesse-legendary lost land that is said to have lain to the east of Faerie Brynhyvar-the country that, in the mortal world, overlaps with Faerie The Otherworld-the mortal name for Faerie TirNa'lugh-the lands.

And because you cannot know persons of a nation foreign to you except from observation, it is difficult to give them credibility in the pages of a book

Silver's Edge by Anne Kelleher released on May 25, 2004 is available now for purchase.
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I bought this book based on the many positvie reviews I read, but beyond the back cover description I had no idea what to expect. So I was really thrilled by what I discovered.

What you get in this book:

I sprawling indepth fantasy, full of intrigue, politics magic and numerous fantastical creatures. a Strong determined female lead(I really enjoy Luna Books for this reason) a little romance, and truely amazing scenes.

The richness and quality of the story are far removed from the everyday, you can't help but feel transported, the reality of the tale is that complete. I really can't do it justice in words, but if you love stories where the human world and the magial world colide, with a strong taste of Celtic Paganism(which I love) Then this is your book, I've been impressed with every Luna publiaction I've read, but Silver's Edge is truely a find.

So you don't repeat my mistake Silv's Edge is the SECOND BOOK in a trilogy, it goes like this:

Silvers Lure(prequel)

Silver's Edge

Silver's Bane

I found out about Silver's Lure after I read the other two, but thankfully you don't have to read it to understand 2 or 3
This is truly a bard's tale! It is a eyes glued to the page read. It feels of something very old and very real. The characterizations are very three demensional. It is definitely an epic in the making. I kept wanting to call it an alternate universe rather than a fantasy because everything in it seems that real. I am currently reading Silver's Bane and look forward to reading Silver's Lure when it comes out. Wow!
Through the Shadowlands is a well-written series that kept me entertained, involved, and wondering what was going to happen next.
... though this is better than Lord of the Rings... the girls have more to do. Anyone who thinks the Luna line is nothing but light-weight fantasy should check this one out. It has it all... goblins, faeries, witches, hags, druids. Love lost, love denied, love spurned. What's great about this book in my opinion, and what makes it different from other books of this type, is that these characters are NOT your typically perfect romance hero or heroine. Nessa pees and sweats and gets dirty and doesn't take a tub bath once. You can feel the grit under your fingernails and the ache in your muscles. I recommend this book to anyone who liked Lord of the Rings.
This is the first of a two book series. I'm putting that out there first since it wasn't obvious to me when I researched the book on-line or when I bought it.

The new Luna publishing line of Harlequin is meant to blend romance and fantasy. The balance is much more towards fantasy in this particular novel, though, and I could have used a little more romantic interaction.

The plot is about a world divided into three basic parts - the mortal realm, the goblin realm, and the faerie realm. The goblins are shut out of both other realms, and silver (the bane of faeries) is shut out of the faerie realm. So, everything seems to be great for mortals and faeries until the delicate balancing act that keeps all these barriers up starts to fail. Several plot threads are followed as characters in the mortal and faerie realm try to deal with the rising turmoil.

I gave this book four stars mainly for the fabulous world creation. The mortal world is very Celtic in culture, and the author weaves in druids, mortal "corn" magic, medieval life, political jockeying well. The faerie world is also fully fleshed out - the inhabitants are neither omnipotent nor too human nor uselessly self-serving as in many novels of the genre. The faerie world is also where the best intrigue lies.

The only drawbacks of the novel is that it is not as emotionally potent as it could be, and some of the characters seem not to be so well fleshed out. But, with two more novels, maybe that won't be the case by the end.

A good read - I'd recommend it highly, especially to those looking for a dose of celtic folklore.
I loved this book. It's an eyes-glued-to-the-page story of politics and war between three realms in a world not unlike Dark Ages Britain or Ireland. The silver caul that once held the Sidhe, the goblins, and the humans in their own little worlds is missing; now the three races are thrown back together for reasons unknown, and chaos ensues. The story focuses around several young women struggling to survive in this chaotic situation. I loved it--it's rare that a book about political intrigue really does surprise me and pull the rug out from under my feet. You don't know who to trust. A character can be presented as very sympathetic and then turn out to be otherwise--and vice versa. Few authors can really fool the reader like that. Anne Kelleher can.
I just wish I'd known this was a series! Yeah, I know everything has to be a trilogy these days, but I didn't know Silver's Edge wasn't a standalone! I stayed up late into the night to finish this, only to be greeted with those three fateful words--"To Be Continued"! I want the second book NOW!