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by Charlotte Lamb

Download Temptation (Bestseller Romance) fb2
Author: Charlotte Lamb
ISBN: 0263751031
Language: English
Pages: 192 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (April 12, 1985)
Rating: 4.8
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Sub: Romance

Comments (7)
I read this book 32 years ago.....and have read it at least a dozen times since. I still have my original book and I am very careful with it. Although I know it's something frowned upon now, I really like the story. It is about a 39 year old married man falling in love/lust with a sheltered 17 year old girl. He seduces her; then leaves her after telling her father what he has done. She is devastated. Eventually she goes to college and meets a young man who is none other than the "hero's ?" son. Naturally when father and son find out about their mutual interest, everything hits the fan so to speak. She is out for revenge!! The book sizzles. Even knowing what is going to happen; every time I read it I can't put it down.
from the back cover:

Linden had only been seventeen when Joss crashed into her life. Naively, she offered him her friendship and trust. In return, he had aroused emotions in her she was too young to handle, wrenching her from childhood to womanhood in a few startling days.

When he left her, Linden realized that she been ruthlessly used. Her love for Joss had been almost worshipful. His love had been a savage devouring ; taking ,never giving. His love had destroyed her-just as she would now destroy him!
Seventeen-year-old Linden meets thirty nine year old Joss when he crashes his car on her family farm while on a mini vacation. She invites Joss to stay with her and her father until his car is fixed and his minor injuries are healed. Over the next few days, they become very close. Joss grows fond of Linden's extreme innocence; she was schooled in a convent. After consummating the relationship, Joss leaves in the middle of the night. Poor Joss attempts suicide because she was very distraught. Her father prevents her from killing herself but injures seriously himself in the process. His injuries and Linden's broken heart lead the two to finally bond.
They take a year off and travel around Europe. After which, Linden decides that she wants to attend art school. Linden's heart is closed off to men and relationships but she happens to meet Joss's son one day. The two become very close over three months; she is eventually invited to meet his family over Christmas. I will let you read the rest in the book.
I must say this is one of my favorite romance novels of all times. It made me cry
The teenage heroine does not say no to a man old enough to be her father, she then gets almost engaged to his teenage son but soon ditches him to marry his father though she decides to deny him his conjugal rights because she feels guilty about not saying no. Phew! I hope I got everything right. Amazingly the heroine is not in-bred, nor does she live in an overcrowded tenement or trailer. She is the daughter of a rich artist. Rarely have two males in a romance been treated with such contempt. Also it seemed the granny exerted a balefully malign influence in the lives of Daniel and Joss rather than a loving one. Mind you the vengeful Linden is a magnificent read. It all ends happily enough. Emotional and morbidly entertaining.
I got this book based on the reviews and what an excellent decision! It's been awhile since I've read a Harlequin Presents that is just different. Even though it was written in 1979, this book totally enthralled me. The hero and heroine had very distinct personalities and were not cookie cutter characters at all. Even though HP novels tend to have a specific number of pages, Charlotte Lamb was able to incorporate everything there to satisfy me, the dream, the heartache, the pain, forgiveness, the loving ~_~ I too do not want to spoil the story, so all I can say is get this book!!!
Linden is a seventeen year old schoool girl when she first meets Joss. He's considerably older. They fall in love, but he leaves her without even saying goodbye. She is devestated and tries to kill herself. Eighteen months later they meet again, but things have changed. Joss is eaten up with regret and wants her back at any cost, but the only thing Linden wants is revenge. She cannot forgive Joss for abandoning her and is consumed with a need to hurt him. A fantasic and emotional read!
I LOVE this novel. It is a very dark story of obsession and revenge and the thin line between love and hate. The lead charachters are unforgettable and for a change it is the female protagonist who holds the power in the relationship.