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by Monica White

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Author: Monica White
ISBN: 034542218X
Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: Ballantine Books; Reprint edition (March 28, 1998)
Rating: 4.4
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Sub: Romance

Shades of Desire book. I would like to give the author, Monica White, an "A+" for writing a romance novel featuring interracial characters long before the genre grew into the juggernaut that it is slowly becoming.

Shades of Desire book. I was a little disappointed in the execution of the story. I would have preferred for Jasmine, the female protagonist, to have been a bit more gutsy, and less concerned ab I read this way back in 2001, and seeing a black woman in a clench embrace with a white man made me instantly grab it from the bookshelf.

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By (author) Monica White. Despite the dissuasions of her best friend, whose relationship with a white man turned out unhappily, Jasmine Smith refuses to walk away from journalist Jeremy Collins, hoping to prove that love conquers all. Reprint. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

Shades of Desire! Good Book! :) By Thriftbooks. com User, July 17, 2003. For a first time author, I thought Monica White did an excellent job. As a writer myself, I understand that the first novel can be the toughest.

In Chateau of Desire, Monica Bentley makes history sexy (o. exy history?)

In Chateau of Desire, Monica Bentley makes history sexy (o. exy history?). At the same time, we have young love between Louis and Phoebe, giving us a balance between what it’s like to come of age in this time period while learning how to grow up and figure out who you are and who to trust. As someone who enjoys a good period piece, Chateau of Desire brought me back to a world I can only read and dream about and Monica Bentley did a lovely job bringing it to life. One person found this helpful.

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Forbidden . . . Untouchable . . . Taboo . . . "I can't believe it," Danielle said. "Granted he's gorgeous, but I never thought you would go to the other side . . . no white man can really love a black woman."Jeremy Collins is the most tempting man Jasmine Smith has ever met. He's smart, handsome, a successful freelance journalist, and, most of all, passionate and honest about his feelings for her.Jasmine witnessed her best friend's heartache in loving a white man--the recriminations and anger from friends, strangers, and worse, from families whose ultimatums could shatter even the strongest bond between lovers. Were her deep feelings for Jeremy strong enough to prove to the world that love isn't about color or race . . . just a man and a woman who belong together?
Comments (7)
I was disappointed in this book, I was expecting more. I felt the characters were incredibly shallow. In its defense, the book is fairly short, but still...the main male protagonist has NO character flaws, not a single one. Do women really believe guys like Jeremy exist? The plot is fairly predictable, but the fairy-tale ending was a little overdramatized. Also, I felt that the author did not capture the daily struggles a lot of interracial couples go through. With the exception of her problems with her their immediate family and friends, the couple seems to lead an argument and stress-free life. Another complaint I have is that the author simply does not deal with the effects of the interracial relationship on Jeremy and his peers. As a result, Jeremy becomes, in effect, a paper cutout with no depth or believability. Despite all my complaints, it is nice to see a novel that deals with interracial romance. There are far too few books dealing with black women-white men romances, and this book is a welcome addition.
For a first time author, I thought Monica White did an excellent job. As a writer myself, I understand that the first novel can be the toughest. I do think that she could have done a little more with the characters but like I say, for a first-timer, this was probably all she could do right now. I read this book twice and the second time, I got a rush of feelings I never knew were inside of me. I think that in the late 90s, interracial love isn't the huge taboo it was say ten or fifteen years ago. I see many interracial couples when I travel in the downtown area of Chicago, my hometown. God wants us all to love one another. Jeremy to me is a man that is like a prince on a white horse, truly!
This book is about Jasmine and Jeremy, and the love that develops between them. Supporting characters are great showing different sides of interracial love and how some of it is not pretty and that it certainly can difficult. Very realistic situations and very great character development.

Both characters facing up to what is right for them and that it is not about what other people think. And that love comes in many colors, whether you wish it or not.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Love does prevail.

Would love to see more by this author
This book was bad. Honestly it was. If I could have given it 0 I would have. I expected SO much more from this book and the summary on the back made it seem interesting enough but the way it was written...horrid. The two characters met and that's it...she cant stop thinking about him and how much she wants to be with him. And he her. Its not surprising since romance books are like that but it just made no sense from how it was set up. She should have had more conflict with dating a man outside of her race with all the talking she did about it. I wish I had read the bad reviews because there is a reason for them and had I done so I wouldn't have wasted my money on a book that flowed so unrealistically (at least the part I read). I couldn't finish it or get through the first few pages since it was written so blah. Despite this book, I would give this author another chance.

Books like these give the I/R genre a bad name says there are (sadly) more bad crappy written books than good ones.
I loved this book!! The characters were interesting and the characters "dealt" with some trying issues involving some interracial relationships. I wanted the book to be longer! It was wonderful reading about interracial couples who survived the ignorance of some people and prevailed! More books and films should include the topics of interracial relationships involving all races because interracial relationships occur all over the world. I noticed that on television commercials you don't see interracial relationships and that is not right. Interracial Relationships has been in existence since the beginning of the earth. Monica White is a very good author and if she writes another book I will purchase it!
This is a good read and exactly what I was talking about the taboo of being in a relationship with someone that is not the same race as you. I learned in this book that you can't let the influence of others make your decision especially in matters of the heart.
Great book!
I have read other interracial books by different authors, but this is the only one that I've read twice. What I truly liked about the female character is the fact that she spoke like she has some sense.
Another book that I read (which will be nameless)every other word that came out of the black female was vulgar and she was shown as overdemanding and was a bully in her relationship. Not to mention saying stupid things like "I can talk white."
Shades of Desire was nothing like that. Jasmine was classy.