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Download APA: The Easy Way! (for APA 5th edition - NOT for APA 6th edition) fb2

by Timothy J. Houghton,Peggy M. Houghton

Download APA: The Easy Way! (for APA 5th edition - NOT for APA 6th edition) fb2
Author: Timothy J. Houghton,Peggy M. Houghton
ISBN: 0923568557
Language: English
Pages: 60 pages
Category: Writing Research & Publishing Guides
Publisher: Baker College; Revised edition (April 29, 2007)
Rating: 4.7
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Her way or the highway.

Her way or the highway. It was the best investment in a book I have ever made. Now I don't get knocked points because I am FINALLY getting the format right!

Apa6 edicion - libro completo ama.

Apa: the Easy Way! - Updated for Apa. Documents. APA Outline Format - Summary Apa: the Easy Way! - Updated for Apa. 0Pages: 13Year: 18/19. 0. Apa6 edicion - libro completo ama. 0Pages: 275Year: 14/15.

Apa : The Easy Way! by Peggy M. Houghton and Timothy J. Houghton . Houghton (2009,. All. Books (9). Nonfiction (9).

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This book is incomplete. I taught this book for many years. It’s a real timesaver around the complexities of APA for those who want just a quick, short answer to common questions.

APA style requires 2 elements: 1. IN-TEXT REFERENCES ~ located in the text of the paper ~ tells the reader what information was borrowed and . See p. 203 in the APA Publication Manual. 202 in the APA Publication Manual. IN-TEXT REFERENCES ~ located in the text of the paper ~ tells the reader what information was borrowed and where it came from. 2. A LIST OF REFERENCES ~ located at the end of the paper ~ tells the reader what sources were used to write the paper and provides complete information about the sources. Aronsson (2000) found.

Retrieval date: Online sources do not usually need a retrieval date. Cities: All cities must be followed by either a two-letter state code (if American) or a country (if not American). Many authors: A source with many authors uses .. instead of et al. in the reference list. APA 5th ed. requires a date of retrieval before a URL: Ministry for Primary Industries.

This referencing style sheet is to be used in conjunction with the Library’s general Guide to Citing & Referencing. The information is based on the following manual from the American Psychological Association (APA): American Psychological Association. Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th e. Washington, DC: Author. For help with referencing items not covered in this guide.

This handbook is a quick and simplified guide to the APA writing style (5th edition). It was developed to shed new light on the manual using step-by-step processes and exemplification that enable readers to fulfill APA rules and regulations while focusing on the content, rather than the format, of their academic research.

The handbook is divided into three parts. Part one focuses on the mechanics of APA format as well as internal text citations; part two emphasizes the actual reference page entries; and part three provides a sample paper.

Comments (7)
I had been taught the MLA format since high school were it was ingrained in my brain to the point where it became second nature. This continued in college where MLA was expected. However I returned to college in a different state in a different part of the country (1600 miles away) and now here comes P.I.T.A APA. She is a horrible wench, the girl is school who everyone hates because she is SO PARTICULAR about everything and has to have her way. Her way or the highway. I hate APA--but I love this book! I was tired of getting docked 1/2 or even 1 point for not getting the format right and I am sorry but those Cite-generation websites don't work with college professors! I considered buying the professional APA manual but on a college budget I bought APA: The Easy Way instead. It was the best investment in a book I have ever made. Now I don't get knocked points because I am FINALLY getting the format right! This book is so easy to understand and they guide you step-by-step with relevant examples for each type of resource. Trying to get MLA out of my head was a struggle, but this book saved me by teaching me a new way to cite my resources and prevent me from being accused of plagiarism. If you struggle with APA (and even if you don't) buy this book and save your sanity (and points on your homework) you won't regret it!
I teach online psychology courses for a large for-profit university. I teach classes at all levels from lower division undergraduate to doctoral level students. I recommend this book to my undergraduate students because they are pretty much clueless about APA formatting (understandably), which is required in all papers. Ideally it would be nice if they actually used the APA publication manual but there is almost no chance of that. This is an accurate and easy to use tool for the neophyte academic writer. I use it myself for quick reference.

I would not recommend this for graduate students because there is more to the APA writing style than simple formatting. At the graduate level, the university requires the use of the publication manual.
This book is a concentrated synopsis of how to format an APA paper correctly. I have referred to it countless times, and the section on formatting for Word (older and newer versions) is worth the price of the book alone! Yes, for more in-depth information the APA Manual is great, but it is cumbersome. For quick reference, this booklet is amazing and has saved my 3am sanity more than once. You won't regret buying this, even with APA information out there on the internet. This booklet puts all of the essentials in one place. Highly recommended for undergrads and grad students alike.
I purchased this book as well as the full APA manual. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this book while writing my papers for school because it’s very concise and easy to read. The full APA manual is a bit wordy and has lots of information, so it’s been useful to have a quick guide for references and in-text citations. However, I will say that I have needed to break out the APA manual a few times to for more in-depth explanations, so I do recommend buying both for other students that will be using APA style frequently.
If you do not want to purchase the full APA Manual, this is an ideal alternative. This book is short and compact with information. Everything you need to know is in this book along with examples of how to write in APA. Would definitely recommend if you do not want to purchase the actual manual and want to save a few dollars.
This is a must have if you don't want to get nick off for points when your doing your references or citations. After a few times you will get the hang of it, but for now-have this handy!! I write papers once a week and have been doing it for several years. I always used a web based informational site or got ahold of student services. But this is the route to take. Don't take an advanced level class without it!. They expect you to know this stuff.
I LOVE this manual. It's my go-to for every paper! I have the full APA manual, and there's always Purdue Owl- but I really do LOVE having this on hand! It absolutely covers the basics in a very clear, practical way, and is perfect for student papers.
A nice quick reference to the APA writing style that's geared toward writing college term papers. An excellent reference at your fingertips...and one that I've grown to love.

Update: 6-21-2017...I just purchased two APA style guides for my daughter, who is in the middle of her master's program at Georgetown. One of them is this small book. It's easy to use...has some of the most used references at the ready. What most people need are examples...not just the rules...which can be mind boggling unless you write APA papers on a regular or semi-regular basis. In the back of this book is a sample APA paper...showing all the heading levels...annotated remarks for all of the other APA formatting...a great reference sample that you can look at...the real thing...how helpful...