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by Susie Bright

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Author: Susie Bright
ISBN: 0939416352
Language: English
Pages: 200 pages
Category: Social Sciences
Publisher: Cleis Pr; Copyright 1990 edition (July 1990)
Rating: 4.5
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Sub: Politics

The lesbian sex book that rocked girls from coast to coast! Here's what lesbians really do, not what the . Susie Bright never disappoints, with her keen eye for all things sexual and social.

The lesbian sex book that rocked girls from coast to coast! Here's what lesbians really do, not what the sex cops think we ought to do. Cruising.

Bright, Susie, 1958-. Lesbians, Sex instruction for lesbians. Pittsburgh : Cleis Press. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Alethea Bowser on January 17, 2012. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

She is one of the first writers/activists referred to as a sex-positive feminist. Her papers are part of the Human Sexuality Collection at Cornell University Library along with the archives of On Our Backs.

Susie Bright The Best American Erotica 2002 Introduction and Useful Resources IntroductionErotic lit has been a lot of things during the past couple of decades: a renaissance, a political football, the best conversation piece you ever left out on your coffee table. It's transformed itself from publishing shame to book business savior, from militant manifesto to supermarket special. Cleis Press has published provocative books on sex and gender by both women and men for more than twenty years. Notable authors include Gore Vidal, Patrick Califia-Rice, Susie Bright, Annie Sprinkle, Tristan Taormino, and Carol Queen.

Susie Sexpert’s Lesbian Sex World, the first collection of her own stories, came out in 1990. Miscellaneous writings Best American Erotica Media Books Salon Magazine: Sexpert Opinion by Susie Bright. Series IV. Counter Visions Boxes 13, 14. It won the Firecracker Award and the Lammie Award in 1997. She was voted into the XRCO Hall of Fame, 5th Estate, in 2005.

Susie Sexpert’s Lesbian Sex World by Susie Bright. ISBN: 39416-35-2 . 5 paper. Memory Mambo by Achy Obejas. Lambda Literary Award Winner. ISBN: 1-57344-017-5 1.

Susie Bright's Sexual State of the Union, Bright, Susie,0684800233, Book, Good. Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World by Bright, Susie. Free US Delivery ISBN: 0939416352. Big Sex Little Death : A Memoir by Bright, Susie.

Twenty years ago, when Susie Bright published the first-ever anthology of women's .

Twenty years ago, when Susie Bright published the first-ever anthology of women's erotic fiction, Herotica, the publishing industry shrieked, "Women want. Herotica did so well that it landed Bright a new book series, The Best American Erotica, which still thrives two decades later. The Slant reached out to America's beloved sex critic to get a temperature on contemporary sexual politics. In her view, our cultural discourse on sexuality remains as frighteningly dishonest and out of touch as the publishers who pooh-poohed Herotica back in 1993.

The lesbian sex book that rocked girls from coast to coast. Here's what lesbians really do, not what the sex cops think we ought to do. Cruising, packing, fisting, G- spots, porn stars, dildos, vibrators, anal sex, group sex, sex with straight girls, dental dams, lube 'n latex, sex during pregnancy...and more! Features new stories by Susie!!!!
Comments (7)
I downloaded this book for a bit of light reading, and did manage to get through the book but had to occasionally reread paragraphs because I simply wasn't absorbing the information. The author's writing style can range anywhere from preachy to almost a lecturing tone. I feel that this book would however be a good companion to some college level Women's Studies classes.
Susie Bright never disappoints, with her keen eye for all things sexual and social. She's long been a favorite critic of mine (and I'm a straight man).
easy to read, non-prudish and tackles the inside sexual politics of the 'lesbian' scene without flinching. Loved it and would recommend it to anyone no matter what their sexual orientation
Was interesting to see things from this ladies point of view...very informative..Am not a lesbian but was interested to read from someone else's perspective
Covers so many interesting topics. It taught me some very important things. Will definitely continue to read more of the author's books.
I've been a Susie Bright fan for years due to her sharply on-target essays about the culture and politics of sex. Nobody can capture how Americans feel about sex (and whether those views are justified or pretty stupid) like Susie Bright can. Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World was compiled from essays written for the lesbian erotic magazine On Our Backs. In her book, she covers everything from gay pride to sex toy vandalism to the mysterious allure of straight women.
Lesbian Sex World has none of the gawkyness of a typical early effort. This can be attributed to the shortness of each essay (1-2 pages) creating a strong focus. However, Bright also has a talent for detail that any writer would envy. Remembering a past lover, she writes, "Monique was the first real sensualist I was ever intimate with. She brought a bowl of roses to her bed and told me to inhale the fragrance before I ate the [peyote] buttons. She had the Stones' 'Sticky Fingers' on her tape player, and outside there was a terrific windstorm shaking the eucalyptus grove that surrounded the shed she lived in."
Speaking of sensualists, Lesbian Sex World may appeal best to them (no surprise, considering where those essays were originally written). Still, those who consider Bright to be a writer on culture and politics may be blown away by the utter sexuality of these writings. That may be the book's best feature -- how many of Bright's current fans know that writing about sex itself is what she does best? For example, "Gay Day Mama," a tale about riding in the San Francisco Gay Day march, is a revelation about why sexual freedom is worth fighting for, namely the job of being your wild self without reservation or apology.
Bright repeatedly addresses complex, touchy subjects while avoiding the traps of titillation or academic dryness. In "How to Stuff a Wild Lesbian Bikini: A Survey of Contemporary Lesbian Fiction," she writes, "Erotica is not meant to reassure you that you are normal, or that homosexuality is a marvelous, natural thing.... Erotica is not about feeling smug; it is about feeling aroused." I'm glad that Bright is one of the best sexual politics writers today, but I wish she would start writing essays like what's found in Lesbian Sex World again. While good political/cultural writers are rare, good "sex itself" writers are almost non-existent. Lesbian Sex World is a blast to read, in both the fun and mind-opening sense.
This is a collection from Susie Bright's colume "Toys for Us" from "On Our Backs" over the first six years of the magazine's run. She answers a few questions, discusses lesbian issues, talks about her personal experiences, all in direct by funny language sure to burst down your resentments if you have any. If you were a reader of "On Our Backs" and remember enjoying her colume, now you can read 26 of them in this collection. If you didn't but are interested in lesbian concerns from the mid 1980s to 1990 you'll find this full of information that will surprise and perhaps sadden you.
I really enjoy Susie's frank and charismatic writing style. I don't identify as lesbian but I feel like I learned a lot about female sexuality that traditional straight sources don't cover.