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by Armando B. Rendon

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Author: Armando B. Rendon
ISBN: 0965703592
Language: English
Publisher: Ollin & Associates, Inc.; 1st Edition edition (1996)
Rating: 4.7
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Armando Rendón wrote in the Chicano Manifesto (1971), "I am Chicano

Armando Rendón wrote in the Chicano Manifesto (1971), "I am Chicano. Characters in books such as Victuum (1976) by Isabella Ríos, The House on Mango Street (1983) by Sandra Cisneros, Loving in the War Years: lo que nunca pasó por sus labios (1983) by Cherríe Moraga, The Last of the Menu Girls (1986) by Denise Chávez, Margins (1992) by Terri de la Peña, and Gulf Dreams (1996) by Emma Pérez have also been read.

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Chicano Manifesto - Armando Rendon. When Chicano Manifesto was published in February 1971, it was the first book written by a Chicano to deal with the events that were even then developing among Mexican Americans in various parts of Aztlán. The Americas-Before and After Columbus. At least two other books had been published by Anglo authors, but a Chicano version of our own aspirations and concerns had yet to be issued. Shortly afterward, other Chicano writers went into print with their versions, generally covering the same territory but with different focuses and styles.

Chicano Manifesto book. I bought Armando B. Rendón's Chicano Manifesto (1971) hoping to better understand why, when and how the Chicana liberation movement came to distance itself from the Chicano movement. The book genuinely failed to meet my expectations. Details (if other): Cancel.

Chicano Manifesto appeared in 1971 as the first book written by a Chicano to give expression to the spirit of a cultural revolution. The text is largely biographical because much of the history recorded in its pages was actually observed by the author. Many persons and events depicted here were captured only because the author was there as the movement evolved. Perhaps the most disturbing truth that we now see from having Manifesto in our hands again is that so little has changed since those early urban marches, farmworker peregrinaciones, student confrontations with police and bureaucrats.

Identifies and explains the key social and political concepts which drove the Movement such as Aztlan, la raza unida, land rights and Brown Power, as well as introduces its major leaders.

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Publish online magazine, Somos en escrito, featuring literary works of Americans of Chicano, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and other Latino origin, and ranging over all genres. Accept manuscripts for consideration in English, Spanish or both, when sent to somossubmissionsl.

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mike says:

As the movement toward immigration reform has finally, once again, come to the forefront of important political issues I recalled having read Chicano Manifesto, the comprehensive history of the Chicano movement in the 1970s as studied and lived by its author, Armando Rendon. Upon rereading it I am even more convinced than I was when I first read it decades ago that there is no better reference material available for politicians, professors, teachers, students and supporters of immigration and the Chicano movement than Chicano Manifesto.
Seldom in historical research are we able to find available for comparison with current events such an excellent, decade's old, microscopic analysis as author Rendon's Chicano Manifesto.
It is indeed unfortunate that as we compare the excellent road map provided by Rendon in Chicano Manifesto over forty years ago with that which has occurred in the decades since that the movement has time and time again been met with numerous obstructions and unfortunate detours along the route he suggested- yet heartening that finally there isa brightening light at the end of the very lengthy tunnel.
I suggest that unless one reads Chicano Manifesto and compares it to the current interest in immigration reform it is not possible to fully comprehend how far along Rendon's Chicano Manifesto road map the movement has come.
Thank you, Armando, for having taken the time and effort to write and publish Chicano Manifesto.

Mike Scarborough
a classic book in great shape thanks
Fast delivery. The book was wrapped in plastic and it had a little note that said "many thanks". I loved the personal touch and use that note as my book marker. Thank you!