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Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America (often abbreviated MOCA or Mosaic) is an international non-profit network of Jewish outdoor clubs in the United States, Canada, and Israel. The first Mosaic Club was founded in Colorado by Steve Harris Millmond in reaction to his perception that modern Judaism had lost touch with the outdoors and the environment.

Mosaic Books is the Okanagan Valley's largest independent bookst.

Mosaic Books is the Okanagan Valley's largest independent bookstore, nestled in the heart of Downtown Kelowna.

Find mosaic ideas from a vast selection of Books. The mosaic book: ideas, projects & techniques (1994) peggy vance, 1ST ED photos. Shipping not specified. The Mosaic Book : Ideas, Projects and Techniques by Vance & Goodrich (Paperback).

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Comments (7)
The story itself was good. I enjoyed the characters & plot. I recommend reading this book. However, here were many grammar errors and the layout was awkward.
The book has a very unique premise and interesting concept. The characters are memorable and it is an easy read.
He makes all his characters something special; always a fabulous read; would recommend to anyone who likes action and a great storyline.
I like most of John R Maxim's books (see my other reviews) but he has tried to do the impossible here. He's tried to write a book about the government wanting to use Multiple Personality Syndrome as a weapon. We not only get a lot of useless dialogue in this book, we also get it between the various characters that inhabit the same body. As if it isn't enough for the reader to try and keep the "real" characters straight...try keeping the characters within the characters straight as they interact with other characters within characters. Am I confusing you? You betcha! And this novel will do the same. I dislike stories that take place in asylums, as much of this novel does. There was no one to admire or identify with unless you have a yen to be a nut. Read one of Maxim's other books; this one was a bad idea poorly executed.
You can see, smell and feel the characters as Maxim introduces them into his story about people who have multiple personalities whether natural or a product of government experimentation. Major Roger Grayson, the main character finds himself in the middle of an investigation of a mental heath research facilities. He soon discovers that the real crazies are on the outside of its locked gates.
This is a fast paced thriller with many twists and turns as well as very thought provoking.
Mr. Maxim's book reads as if all of his research on MPD were done in the newsletters of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. He goes on and on decrying "recovered memory therapy," with no awareness that there is published research supporting the idea that MPD is related to a history of child abuse (not *therapist* abuse). His shoddy research is also evident in the numerous howlers the book displays concerning various medications (e.g., early on he states that taking dopamine increases the level of serotonin in the brain--actually, dopamine is a neurotransmitter IN the brain, like serotonin; it's not a medication). It's unfortunate that this book might give lay readers what looks like good information on MPD, when it is in fact riddled with inaccuracies and one-sided views. The book also seems to be one more portrayal of individuals with mental disorders as violent and deranged killers (actually, most people with MPD are not violent or dangerous).
As a novel, the book has an unbelievable plot, unbelievable characters, and leaden dialogue.
Like Haven and The Shadowbox, Maxim starts the action fast and increases it with every chapter. Starting with a fascinating and unusual premise, an experiment with Multiple Personality Disorders by the government, Maxim builds the suspense and adds thrills at every turn. Only the last couple of chapters disappoint, as the whole plot line is concluded rather abruptly. Maxim's writing is always rather minimalist, but this ending was too rushed. All in all a very, very entertaining read, and you may learn a thing or two in the bargain. Maxim has established himself as a premier thriller author.