by Elaine Barbieri

Author: Elaine Barbieri
ISBN: 0821738828
Language: English
Publisher: Zebra (September 1, 1987)
Rating: 4.7
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The hours had held untold silent agitation for Shadow Walker as he continued riding across the wild terrain with the girl staggering visibly behind.

The hours had held untold silent agitation for Shadow Walker as he continued riding across the wild terrain with the girl staggering visibly behind the sun began a slow descent into the horizon. He knew Miranda’s strength was failing and her distress grew greater with every step, yet she had spoken not a word of complaint. Shadow Walker rode forward, knowing he had no recourse-that to show mercy at this time would be considered weakness, and all that had already passed would have been suffered for naught.

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1987) A novel by Elaine Barbieri. After looking into Faith Durham's sky-blue eyes, Cheyenne warrior Black Wolf, feeling a rush of desire, is unable to make the captured lily-skinned woman pay for her people's crimes against the Plains Indians Genre: Historical Romance. Used availability for Elaine Barbieri's Untamed Captive.

ISBN 10: 0505522241 ISBN 13: 9780505522245. Publisher: Leisure Books, 1997.

UNTAMED CAPTIVE [Sep 01, 1987] Barbieri, Elaine
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This review is of “Untamed Captive” by Elaine Barbieri.

The Story: A wagon train heading west is attacked by Arapaho Indians. Among the passengers on the train are: Faith Durham, the heroine of the book (14 as the book begins), her mother, Lydia, and her father, Wallace. Faith and Lydia are eventually traded from the Arapaho to the Cheyenne and taken to a Cheyenne camp, where Faith meets the hero of the book, Black Wolf, and Lydia meets another Cheyenne, Broken Hand. These two men will play a major role in the Durham females lives in the rest of the book.

While in the Cheyenne camp, many things happen Meanwhile, back in “civilization”, Wally Durham, who was thought to be dead, survives his injuries and becomes a wealthy man. Later, a military squadron “rescues” Faith and Lydia from the Cheyenne. Black Wolf tries to take Faith back by force; he is shot and left for dead.

Fast forward. Wally decides to take Lydia and Faith back east to New York, and while the Durham family becomes extremely wealthy, neither mother nor daughter is totally happy: Faith because she believes Black Wolf is dead, and Lydia, who has visions of the same fate befalling Broken Hand. Things become tense in another way when William Potter, an Army captain, falls in love with Faith, much to Lydia’s dismay.

Unknown to both Durham women, both Black Wolf and Broken Hand are very much alive. Faith becomes aware of this fact when she is kidnapped-again-by Black Wolf, who, while he lusts after Faith-who also has the Indian name Fire Spirit-also vows revenge against white people for the many broken treaties made by the white government. Eventually, Faith and Black Wolf fall in love, get married, have a son and have their Happily Ever After.

Upside: As usual, the strength of “Untamed Captive” is the same as all of Ms. Barbieri’s books: the ability of Ms. Barbieri to write her characters emotions in a way that, as a reader, I feel those emotions.

Downside: The last 40% of “Untamed Captive” really came apart for me. The “love” between Faith and Black Wolf and Broken Hand and Lydia is very much “Stockholm Syndrome”. For a time, Black Wolf refuses to allow Faith to see her parents, which is a form of relationship abuse. I also found it incredulous that Faith would fall in love with a “man” who shot and killed two friends of hers.( They were both Army soldiers whom Black Wolf killed when he kidnapped her for the second time.)

Sex: The love scenes are typical Barbieri. If one reads one of her books, you’ll find pretty much the same wording in another book. The love scenes Ms. Barbieri writes are more focused on the feelings of sex rather than the mechanical descriptions of the act.

Violence: Multiple shootings and killings, some of which are mildly graphic. Black Wolf hits Faith on two separate occasions while attempting and succeeding in kidnapping her. This also brings the book down in my eyes.

Bottom Line: The good-Ms. Barbieri’s great attention to her characters emotions-doesn’t outweigh the bad for me regarding “Untamed Captive”. There’s simply too much bad for me to like this book.
Swift Summer
I have read other E.B. books that i have liked. This one was not one of them. I found it boring and to long. I skipped page after page and kepted up with the story. The sex was quick and far between with little emotion in it.This is not a keeper. Sorry.
The Sinners from Mitar
This book is more of a historical fiction with a western/Native American theme that includes some romance, don't expect a typical historical romance focused on one couple only. I did enjoy reading this long book (over 500 pages) because the author did a great job of transporting me to the place and time period (1860's in Indian country on the plains). The story covers over three years and shows the stories of a couple main characters.

Faith Durham is fourteen year-old girl headed out west with her father and mother, where her father hopes to find gold in Montana. Their wagon train is attacked by the Arapaho. Faith and her mother are taken captive. The Arapaho trade the women to a small group of Cheyenne, where they meet the men whose fate is intertwined with theirs. Faith's mother, Lydia, gets amnesia after hitting her head and being unable to deal with seeing her husband shot in the chest before they were captured. Broken Hand, the leader of the band of Cheyenne, saw Lydia in a dream and takes her as his wife because he believes they have a destiny together. He calls her Shadow Woman because her past became shadowed when she met him from the amnesia.

Faith is handed over to Black Wolf, a young brave a few years older than her. He is responsible for her care and safety. Faith rebels against living with the Cheyenne and waits for a chance to escape with her mom. Her mother doesn't recognize her and she isn't allowed to talk to her because Broken Hand does not want his wife to remember her past and want to leave him, so she is stuck at the Cheyenne camp with Black Wolf as her captor. Faith and Black Wolf have a very tempestuous relationship but start to have deeper feelings for one another. They exchange promise rings, which basically say they will be married once she is older.

The war with the whites intrudes on the two couples when Black Kettle, the chief of the Cheyenne decides to agree to a peace treaty. Faith and her mother are exchanged to the soldiers as part of that deal, even though both Broken Hand and Black Wolf don't want to let them go.

Three years later, circumstances bring Faith and Lydia back to Indian country. Black Wolf kidnaps Faith when he sees her on a wagon train. He wishes he never would have let her go years ago and decides to keep her no matter what. He was a bitter man living only for killing the white man for the past years after losing many of his people in the Sand Creek massacre but having Faith with him once more allows him to finally start living again.

I did enjoy the history and adventure in this book, I felt like I was swept along in a great historical tale. I enjoyed the parts where Faith and her mom lived amoung the Cheyenne. The romance aspect was kind of weak because the first half of the book occured while Faith was only fourteen and Black Wolf was a teenager as well. They do not consumate the relationship then, for which I am glad because I don't know if I could have handled that. The rest of their love story when they get back together was very rushed, it was only told in the last 100 or so pages. I really felt like Black Wolf just dominated her physically and emotionally until she gave in. The author told most of that portion from Black Wolf's point of view with Faith hardly ever voicing her opinion. I would have liked to see Faith accept Black Wolf on her own, as it was portrayed it felt more like Stolkholm syndrom. Basically, Faith was in love with Black Wolf but was hesitant to be with him and he decided to just kidnap her and make love to her until she decided she wanted to stay with him.

There were a couple of other slightly disturbing parts of the story that I would warn people about. After Faith and her mom were rescued, they were at a nearby fort for a little while. A soldier there basically fell in love with Faith and was putting the moves on her when she was only fourteen. It left a bad taste in my mouth, especially because her father didn't really protest. Another weird thing was that it seemed like every single younger man who met Faith fell madly in love with her, I never like when an author writes a heroine who is that irresistable. Faith has problems finding her backbone and turning down men even when she doesn't like them because her heart was given to Black Wolf years ago, I really felt like she strung some of the men along, especially William, the creepy soldier who was obsessed with her since she was fourteen. One more plot point that may upset readers: Black Wolf strikes Faith two times, each time he is trying to kidnap her and she fights him, so he knocks her out to steal her away. He doesn't hit her any other time but this may be a deal breaker for some people so I thought I would warn you.

The other main story was that of Broken Hand and Shadow Woman (Faith's mom), who weren't together at the end of the book but it seemed like they would be soon in the future according to Broken Hand's dreams. Their relationship had a lot of obstacles and hardships.

Overall, read this book if you want a sweeping historical fiction set in the west during the Indian war with the whites. The characters and action were interesting. The romance was not exactly overwhelming but was still there. I wish we would have seen more of Faith and Black Wolf's love story after they reunite but we do see them with an HEA and a child living amoung his people at the end, so that part was nice
Don't waste your time on this book. Faith and her mother is taken captive by Indians and becomes the property of Black Wolf. Her mother has amnesia and becomes wife of Broken Hand. However at this point of the book Faith is only thirteen or fourteen, still a child. Black Wolf tells her he'll wait for her to become a woman. Later Faith and her mother is rescued. Mom gets memory back and Black Wolf is shot presumed dead. Many many pages later, Faith is now sixteen and Black Wolf captures her again. Things happen and they fall in love. This book is so boring, I skimmed through some on it. When I pick up a romance book I expect romance. The book was 555 pages long and only 100 pages would I consider romance. Reading it was a complete waste of my time. Take my advice and skip this trash.
Story of Faith and her Mother and how their lives intertwined with two Cheyenne Braves after their capture from a raid on a wagon train. This historical covers the Sand Creek Massacre and did a good job of weaving the history and story together.

The hero Black Wolf has a lot of hate for whites following the death of his family and the subsequent Sand Creek massacre. Together both Faith and Black Wolf make a journey of understanding and love.

I found the story enjoyable and heartworming. It did not have the emotional tug for my that I got from other stories, probably due to the distance between the characters during parts of the story.

A good read, non the less.