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by Jill Mansell

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Author: Jill Mansell
ISBN: 144585547X
Language: English
Publisher: Windsor; Large type edition edition (2011)
Rating: 4.8
Formats: mobi lit lrf azw
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Mansell offers us a snapshot of daily life in Primrose Hill – how neighbors come to know each other and look after .

Mansell offers us a snapshot of daily life in Primrose Hill – how neighbors come to know each other and look after each. The story reminds me of the ensemble movie LOVE ACTUALLY. Like the movie, TO THE MOON AND BACK spotlights the love and heartbreak between family, friends, and lovers. She finds a way to move on with her life, though she’s cut herself off from all of her To the Moon and Back by Jill Mansell tackles relationships on a whole new level and looks at what it means to love someone for better and for worse and in sickness and in health. While the novel is infused with Mansell’s humorous style, it is more serious than her other novels.

UK bestselling author Jill Mansell has written 21 funny, poignant, romantic women's novels and sold over 5 million books. She is considered the Queen of Chic Lit. Her smart, sassy style has irresistible appeal for women of all ages. I am a huge fan of Jill Mansell’s books. They have this amazing vibe. And once again this book offered warmth, cosiness, everything needed for a great read!

Jill Mansell (born 15 June) is a British author of romantic comedy. Her books have sold over ten million copies worldwide. Mansell grew up in the Cotswolds and attended Sir William Romney's School in Tetbury.

Jill Mansell (born 15 June) is a British author of romantic comedy. After working at the Burden Neurological Institute in Bristol for many years, she became a full-time writer in 1992. She lives in Bristol with her partner and children.

Thank you, thank you to the moon and back. ‘Because if you feel like repaying the favor, I can probably think of a way you could do that. Regretfully Ellie tapped her watch.

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Will Ellie stay stuck in the past? Or will she realize the man of her dreams is flesh and blood-and right in front of her eye. iscover why readers across the globe can't get enough of Jill Mansell's poignant, funny love stories. You'll laugh and cry-at the same time!Praise for Staying at Daisy's:"e;Love and laughter prevai. his screwball romantic comedy piles on the humor and humanity for a clever, absorbing, and very enjoyable read

Jill Mansell is a British author.

Jill Mansell is a British author. Jill Mansell's books have sold over three million copies and her titles include "Making your Mind Up", "Fast Friends", "Perfect Timing", "Good at Games", "Sheer Mischief and Solo", among many others. Источник: Jill Mansell. To the Moon and Beyond - is the title of a special motion picture produced for and shown at the 1964/1965 New York World s Fair by Cinerama Inc. using a single lens ultrawide movie projection system projected on to a dome screen.

No What readers are saying about To The Moon and Back: 'There's pretty much everything you could want in this book.

1 bestselling author Jill Mansell writes with sensitivity and optimism about love, loss and new beginnings in TO THE MOON AND BACK. Not to be missed by readers of Jojo Moyes and Veronica Henry. When Ellie Kendall tragically loses her husband she feels her life is over.

Hiding from her past, Ellie is looking for a fresh start. But then an old friend tracks her down, forcing her to face what she has been trying so hard to escape. Meanwhile her boss Zack seems to have it all, everything except the woman he loves.
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To The Moon and Back is another winner by author Jill Mansell! Her books never fail to draw me in and keep me entertained throughout. I consider Jill Mansell one of my `comfort read' authors and that's a compliment indeed. She's one of those authors you turn to when you need a good book and you know for sure that one of hers won't fail you. In To the Moon and Back, Jill Mansell takes us into the life of Ellie, a young woman who lost her husband in a tragic accident.

Now you may think that is sad and it is but Jill's novel is not; really it is a novel of hope and this novel is full of so many fantastic characters that it captivates you early on. Almost a year and a half later, Ellie realizes that she has to try to move on even if she really doesn't want to (the only thing she won't change are those little conversations she has with her dead hubby). Ellie has always been close with her father-in-law Tony even after her husband's death but she's been very reluctant to invite him to her home as it has turned into quite the dump. Tony ends up seeing the place though and promptly moves her into a upscale place in a good neighborhood on the pretense of using the place himself when he's in town. This is the turning point in Ellie's life - where the person she used to be begins to reawaken.

Ellie finds herself a new job with a guy named Zack who's only hope was to find a good assistant who wouldn't be after him. Well there could be no more perfect job for Ellie than that. The thing is that Zack had, weeks ago, seen Ellie on the street and uncharacteristically for him, seemed to have fallen for her on the spot. When she comes in for the interview he has no choice but to give her the job. He simply can't risk never seeing her again. For her part Ellie loves the job, loves Zack's dog Elmo, and just maybe as time goes on be developing a bit of a thing for her boss.

Along with the whole romantic thing going on and not going on with Ellie and Zack there is on the sidelines some other great characters. Roo, Ellie's friend is simply hilarious. At first she has some issues with always dating the wrong men but as times goes on she begins to see the error of her ways and it was great to see her develop in that way. My favorite character though would have to be Ellie. She was smart and sassy and broken but willing to see what life still had to offer her and go after it. Her heart may always belong to her first husband but she's willing to open it up again to love. It was fun to follow her through the whole journey she had to take to get to that point.

I think what I like most about Jill's books is how real they seem to life. The romance seems to flow in a normal and sweet way, the characters feel like your friends, and mostly you feel as though you could walk into the pages of the book and be a part of the story with ease. I became so invested in this story and the people that I didn't want it to end and, in fact, I kept putting it down towards the end just to draw it out some more. If you like chick-lit that is very well done and more importantly love British writing like I do, then I encourage you to pick up To The Moon and Back. It is a story of love, loss, and the hope that there is something better up ahead if you just go ahead and grab for it! Her books always leave me feeling good about life and we can always use a bit of that in our lives!
Sweet and enjoyable although a bit more far fetched than Jill Mansell's other stories. All the main characters in this story seem to have no financial concerns and can live flexible upscale lives. The theme of grief is only lightly touched on and there are a lot of coincidences and connections between characters that seem a bit too convenient for a large setting like London. Overall, a pleasant fantasy but not one of Mansell's best.
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At the start of the book Ellie is enjoying her happy life with Jamie her husband and her future looks bright. But it's not long before tragedy strikes when her husband ends up killed in a traffic accident. It's been around a year and a half and in a lot of ways she is still reeling. But with the encouragement of her incredible father-in-law she starts to live again and really move things in a positive direction. Like moving into one of his homes, which thanks to his career, means he's rarely there and she mostly has the place to herself. But whatever gets her out of a neighborhood that sounds just lovely. She was a bit reluctant to move as she's afraid she'll stop receiving her visits from Jamie. Even though she realizes it's all in her head/imagination those visits she's able to conjure up give her a great deal of happiness and peace in dealing with her husband's death. But he's still there after the move, but she does start to move on and find some balance in her new life and reality. Like getting a new job as a personal assistant and she even starts to date again. Like the other books of Jill Mansell's that I've read so far it was quite an enjoyable read with characters that you grow to love and root for.
To the Moon and Back is a story about Ellie Kendall, whose husband dies at the beginning of the novel. Ellie is devastated and spends a year and a half grieving before finally stepping back out into life. Her father-in-law, famous actor Tony Weston, moves Ellie out of her falling-down flat and into a nice new place on Primrose Hill. There she meets Roo, a once popstar who is now her neighbor and becomes a dear friend. It is at Roo's urging that she applies for a position as PA to Zack McLaren, a handsome eligible bachelor who is a successful businessman as well. Zack is immediately smitten with Ellie, but she is not quite ready to fall in love again.

I have quickly become a fan of Mansell, and this book was still a great book. For me, it started out a little bit slow but picked up a lot toward the end. I love Zack and Ellie together, and watching their relationship develop was really interesting. One thing I love about Mansell is that she always has great supporting characters, and this book is the same way. Roo is a little silly and a little naive, but I couldn't help but adore her. Although she makes some interesting choices in men, she is a good friend to Ellie and tries to revamp herself after one relationshp ends badly.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Mansell, and especially to anyone who isn't! It was fun book and I did enjoy it.