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by Richard Sarver

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Author: Richard Sarver
ISBN: 0985948108
Pages: 271 pages
Publisher: Flatwoods Press; 1st Printing edition (2012)
Rating: 4.4
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Start by marking Taking the Heat - A Steelworker's Story as Want to Read . Drawing on more than three decades of experience, the author explains some of the challenges steelworkers face every day as they earn a living.

Start by marking Taking the Heat - A Steelworker's Story as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Heat showed the Beauvais mug shot. We won’t take much of your time. A thick timber crosspiece formed an arch overhead. Implanted in its center sat a rectangular steel plate whose white paint showed weathering and blossoms of rust. The sign, cut from the hull of an old ship, read in black letters COSMO. Rook appraised the gate, which was made of heavy wood that matched the crossbeam.

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Taking the Heat : A Steelworker's Story. This work is a memoir relating the experience of working in a steel mill for more than three decades. Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9780985948108. Release Date:October 2012.

The primary focus of Taking the Heat is Sarver’s 20 year stretch in his steel mill’s melt shop. The book describes adverse working conditions that include exposure to extreme heat, working in excessive dirt and air-borne dust, and functioning in a high-noise environment. Sarver also recounts the interactions of steelworkers with each other and their supervisors under what are often difficult circumstances. In similar fashion to Moby-Dick, Taking the Heat is, on one level, a book about a vocation, replete with detailed descriptions of work processes and equipment.

Richards was from some not very good state university engineering school. Richards was naturally likable, and I liked him a lot. The firm had a contract for the construction of a private railroad. Being the same age myself, and just out of technical college I saw at once that his knowledge was rather poor. In fact I couldn't imagine how he had managed to get this job. For Richards and me it was mostly an easy job of inspections and routine paper work. At least it was easy for me. It was harder for Richards, because he didn't appear to have mastered the use of a slide rule

The Edgar Thomson Steel Works was designed and built because of the Bessemer . In 1892, the workers of the plant took part in one of the most serious strikes in .

In the process, air blowing through the molten iron removed impurities via oxidation. This took place in the Bessemer converter, a large ovoid steel container lined with clay or dolomite. Those steel and coke works that were consolidated were: Sciota Ore Mines. The Homestead Strike arose when Henry Clay Frick, an associate and partner of Carnegie, took over while Carnegie traveled to Scotland.

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Taking the Heat – A Steelworker’s Story (Flatwoods Press, 2012) is a memoir that details the challenges of being a laborer in a steel mill. This first-person narrative, written by Richard Sarver, is based on 32 years of employment at a small Virginia steel manufacturing plant. The primary focus of Taking the Heat is Sarver’s 20 year stretch in his steel mill’s melt shop.

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