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Download Gatka: Dance of the Sword - Instruction Manual of Sword and Staff Fighting Techniques fb2

by Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa

Download Gatka: Dance of the Sword - Instruction Manual of Sword and Staff Fighting Techniques fb2
Author: Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa
ISBN: 0895090872
Language: English
Pages: 132 pages
Publisher: GT International; 2nd edition (1991)
Rating: 4.1
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Learn the ancient martial art of traditional Sikh sword fighting through this easy-to-follow guide with 21 step-by-step lessons and action photos. GATKA was developed at the primary source of defense by the Sikhs out of necessity. Since they were a society of farmers, with no standing army to protect them, they needed some form of defense which would compensate for their inferior numbers and lack of traditional military strategy. The book contains various chapters including: A brief historical background, Introduction, Gatka uniform, Simple Panthra, Stick panthra, Gatka Rhythm. Also includes information on diet and Sikh salutations from the Dasam Granth in combat. The death of a warrior includes the battle history of Baba Deep Singh. Extensive number of pictures and photographs by Subagh Kaur Khalsa are included to show the beginner how to use this art.
Comments (3)
I am writing a paper on Indian martial arts and purchased this in response to praise from the other reviewers expecting a solid introduction to the art - not just a few basic exercises. That's all this book delivers. Basic exercises and a 9-hit drill that is almost too basic to consider. There are no applications and no strategic analysis. The title promises sword and staff fighting techniques but what you get are basic sword movements done with single and double sticks. If you know basic escrima, you know more than you'll find here. If you don't know basic escrima, be aware that the illustrations are not very clear. Never fear, though - the authors will happily provide you with animated versions on disk for a mere $49.95. If you want VERY basic introduction to swinging a stick, go ahead and drop $18 on this. Just remember that that same $18 could buy some excellent, and much more thorough, books or instructional dvds.
Having lived with some Punjabi Sikhs [from Poona India] years ago, I saw a little Gatka, and remain very interested in it. It may not be as openly complex as other Indian martial arts such as Marma Adi -- but seems to keep a primary functional force -- much due to a unifying central "Panthra" core. This "Panthra" co-ordinating pattern of leg-and-arm movement has under a half-dozen main positions -- that are endlessly cycled thru. Yet, indeed, with modest variations of this "Panthra" pattern, much can be done with single, double and unarmed weapons -- in an Inspiring way. Having also encountered a little Modern Arnis -- to me Gatka and Arnis do seem like cousins. I especially admire the fluid graceful streamlined Art of Gatka. "Gatka -- As Taught by Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa" introduces such well-and-good Gatka +++
A good basic text on the Sikh martial art of Gatka. Weapon-based with fluid, dance-like moves. Has a lot in common with Escrima (Philippines). Includes a wealth of B&W photos. The only problem I have with the work is the New Age overtones in the opening section. On the whole a good look into the art of Gatka.