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by Allison Janney,Linda Fairstein

Download Cold Hit fb2
Author: Allison Janney,Linda Fairstein
ISBN: 0743532813
Language: English
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio; Abridged edition (November 1, 2003)
Rating: 4.6
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Cold Hit Audible Audiobook – Abridged. Linda Fairstein books are like a 1000 piece puzzle with clues and pieces that make up parts and then they begin to become a whole

Cold Hit Audible Audiobook – Abridged. Linda Fairstein (Author), Allison Janney (Narrator), Simon & Schuster Audio (Publisher) & 0 more. Linda Fairstein books are like a 1000 piece puzzle with clues and pieces that make up parts and then they begin to become a whole. There were a lot of details that made me wonder if it was necessary for me to know these mundane things. But then the pace picks up and Alex and her good guys and the bad guys draw you in and you are intrigued and entertained.

I have to say that I simply could not get passed Allison Janney's reading of this book.

Linda Fairstein's 3rd novel in the Alexandra Cooper mystery series, "Cold Hit," a woman’s body is washed ashore, whose identity reveals that she’s the wife of a wealthy art collector. I have to say that I simply could not get passed Allison Janney's reading of this book. The reading pace was off. She seemed to be rushing to get through it and not let the listener enjoy the story.

Written by Linda Fairstein, Audiobook narrated by Allison Janney. For Sheriff Joanna Brady and her 12-year-old daughter Jenny, an innocent Girl Scout campout turns into a lethal game when Jenny and her tentmate, Dora Matthews, discover a murdered Phoenix woman.

Linda Fairstein (born May 5, 1947) is an American author, attorney, and former New York City prosecutor focusing on crimes of violence against women and children. She was the head of the sex crimes unit of the Manhattan District Attorney's office from 1976 until 2002.

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Cold Hit. Linda A. Fairstein. Her nonfiction book, Sexual Violence, was a New York Times notable book in 1994. She lives with her husband in Manhattan. A chilling new Alexandra Cooper thriller from the acclaimed Manhattan Assistant . who lives the gritty and glamorous life she writes. Linda Fairstein, America's foremost prosecutor of crimes of sexual assault and domestic violence, has run the Sex Crimes Unit of the District Attorney's Office in Manhattan for more than two decades. by Linda Fairstein. Narrated by Allison Janney.

Narrated by Allison Janney. Renowned sex-crimes prosecutor and bestselling author Linda Fairstein sends her acclaimed heroine - the stylish and steely-nerved . Cold Hit.

A workmanlike (though oddly seigneurial) job midway between Fairstein's tour de force debut, Final Jeopardy (1996), and its disappointing follow-up, Likely to Die (1997). Literary Guild alternate selection; Mystery Guild main; author tour).

Linda Fairstein hat signaled the end of a long August day. Brackish gray water swirled and broke against the large rocks that edged the mound of dirt on which I stood, spitting up at my ankles as I stared out to the west at the Palisades

When the body of a wealthy art collector washes up on the north shore of Manhattan, a murder investigation ensues that will propel Assistant D.A. Alexandra Cooper into the Chelsea art world, where art, politics, and old-fashioned avarice thrive in abundance. Book available. Read by Allison Janney.
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Swift Summer
The body is dragged out of the river tied to a ladder and without a name. But soon the police get an ID and Alexandra Cooper is on the hunt for whomever killed the beautiful gallery owner and art collector.

Balancing a new love life and a busy docket of cases, Alex - joined by police detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace - struggle to find clues to who may have wanted the woman dead: her estranged husband, her business partner, her lovers or is there someone else? And was she dealing in stolen artwork?

Fairstein has developed a wonderful set of characters and this is a true action-packed book that keeps you reading all the way through. But like some of these books, I wonder if an assistant district attorney would really get involved in an investigation and find herself in the midst of car chases and shoot outs?
I read all the Alexandra Cooper novels, but somehow had missed this "oldie." Maybe the thing I enjoy most about the series is the main character's relationship,banter, caring and support for each other. Or maybe it's the setting---each novel is a mini-history about NYC landmarks and sites. I like some of the cases more than others, but always am fascinated to learn history and trivia about NYC. It's never dry, always in the context of solving the mystery.

Cold Hit explored the world of wealthy art collecting and theft. Might be a bit dated (life before smart phones) but still a good read. I was especially interested to read about the High Line in its run down condition; on a recent trip to NYC I explored the newly redone High Line with its pleasant walks, trendy shops and restaurants.
I don't usually read mysteries unless there is a vampire, a witch or a werewolf involved. I took a chance on the Alex Cooper series by Fairstein, and I'm hooked. Generally by the time most of the characters in a novel have been introduced, I've figured out who the culprit is; not these books.
When I write a review, I don't give a synopsis of the story. Why would you read the book then? But I will tell you that I enjoyed it, was captivated by the plot line and the characters, and felt satisfied when it was finished. What more do you need?
Finally finished this one after skipping fifty of the last hundred pages! Don't think I missed anything important since the explanation was there at the end. It had never grabbed my interest but I was determined to finish. I lost track of the characters, their roles in the whole thing, and thought I would scream if I had to read much more unnecessary detail. I had read Fairstein several years ago but don't recall her being so verbose. Not sure I will read her in the future.
Knowing very little about pieces of artwork and how they come to be in collector's galleries, I found this book taught me something about the art world new and was another suspense filled books of Linda Fairstein.
I first learned that Linda Fairstein was an author on the show Sunday Morning and was immediately interested in reading her books. I loved her first two books, but I had a hard time getting through this book. I think it may have been the topic that I was not enthralled with. Although I am always interested in learning about new enterprises, I found theft in the art world to be extremely boring. Sorry, Linda Fairstein.
This is my second Fairs think book. I'm not a big fan of first person narratives, but she does a very nice job with this format. I also feel that I learn something in her books. In this case, it involved the art auction and art restoration processes. The plots are solid and not predictable. Very good read!
I began reading this series for a book club. I found it so interesting that I needed to continue. Alex Cooper is a wonderful heroine and I have learned something new from each book. Now waiting for thr next.