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by Michael Marshall Michael Marshall Smith

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Author: Michael Marshall Michael Marshall Smith
ISBN: 1409135993
Language: English
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Publisher: Orion (2012)
Rating: 4.4
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Michael Paul Marshall Smith (born 3 May 1965) is an English novelist, screenwriter and short story writer who also writes as Michael Marshall, . Smith and Michael Rutger

Michael Paul Marshall Smith (born 3 May 1965) is an English novelist, screenwriter and short story writer who also writes as Michael Marshall, . Smith and Michael Rutger. Born in Knutsford, Cheshire, Smith moved with his family at an early age to first Illinois and then Florida. When he was seven, the family moved again, this time to South Africa, and then to Australia before eventually returning home to England in 1973.

Michael Marshall Smith. It’s not every day that the Devil knocks on your door. Michael Marshall Smith. A loner, an ex-cop, Jack Randall is the dangerous veteran of a savage war. From the author of Only Forward comes a delightful new tale about Hannah, a young girl living a mundane existence in California, who discovers that her grandfather has been friends with the Devil for the past 150 years. and now, they need her help.

Michael Marshall (Smith) is a bestselling novelist and screenwriter. His most recent novels are THE INTRUDERS, BAD THINGS and KILLER MOVE. His first novel, ONLY FORWARD, won the August Derleth and Philip K. Dick awards. SPARES and ONE OF US were optioned for film by DreamWorks and Warner Brothers, and the Straw Men trilogy - THE STRAW MEN, THE LONELY DEAD and BLOOD OF ANGELS - were international bestsellers.

Marshall is a master of the thriller laced with the supernatural. His most recent novel displays his great strengths as a writer: a compelling plot, characters who are completely believable and unforgettable, and sharp, smart insights into the nature of modern life. New Orleans Times-Picayune. Books written as Michael Marshall.

As Michael Marshall Smith, Marshall writes sf/horror I really enjoy. This book started a little slow, especially for a Michael Marshall book, and seemed to take around 90-100 pages to find itself, but eventually did.

As Michael Marshall Smith, Marshall writes sf/horror I really enjoy Читать весь отзыв. And once it did it was a cracking read. Not as totally immersive as some of his others, but a great way to spend a bit of your time.

Город: Santa Cruz, CAПодписчиков: 21 ты. себе:. and Michael Marshall, too. And Michael Rutger. Writer of books, sitting-place of cats, tainter of the blank page of purity.

to the webspace of New York Times and selling suspense novelist Michael Marshall - his alter ego, horror and sf writer Michael Marshall Smith, and alter-alter ego, adventure suspense novelist Michael Rutger. Michael's work includes the Straw Men thrillers (now in television development), modern sf classics like Only Forward (winner of the Philip K. Dick Award) and Spares - along with Intruders, televised by BBCAmerica and starring Mira Sorvino, John Simm, and Millie Bobby Brown. He is the only author to have won the BFS Short Story Award four times.

Cuerpos Ajenos Y Otras Historias Inesperadas. Smith Michael Marshall.

FB page for Michael Marshall Smith and Michael Marshall. It's just glorious to read. Twenty five years ago in a novel called Only Forward I imagined a neighborhood inhabited only by cats and I would still move there in a heartbeat. Michael Marshall Smith on Twitter.

Michael Marshall is a novelist and screenwriter. He has already established a successful writing career under the name Michael Marshall Smith. His groundbreaking first novel, Only Forward, won the Philip K. Dick and August Derleth awards; its successors. Spares and One of Us, have both been optioned for film.

With a lucrative job, great marriage and a beautiful house, Bill Moore is a man with a plan. It`s all working out just fine, until the day he finds a card left on his desk, printed with just one word: MODIFIED. From that moment, his life begins to change - at first barely noticeably, then in more and more disturbing ways. Bill soon finds out, in the most terrifying way, that he has become the subject of a dark and deadly game . . . and that he has no choice but to fight back.
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I have read Straw Men, The Intruders, The Lonely Dead, Blood of Angels and Bad Things and think I can safely say that I am a huge fan. This made Killer Move all the more disappointing.His other novels captivated me and I have read them all more than once.
I was even convinced for a good long while there that the book was not even written by Michael Marshall. It reminded me far too much of the recent spate of James Patterson collaborations. The premise is so exciting and so much could have been done with it - yet it wasn't.
You also don't feel vested in the interest of the characters which leaves you unable to totally immerse yourself in the story. I am sure we are supposed to feel empathetic towards the lead character and his wife but I found their relationship rather strange. They are supposed to be totally in love yet she appears very distrustful of him.
I am probably not explaining this well because I am not a writer, suffice to say I found the book peculiar and not particularly compelling. Complete waste of $10!
This is an engrossing thriller from an author who really, really knows how to write good fiction.

The book hooked me in right away. The pace, and my interest level, never wavered. Marshall's depiction of the protagonist's wired, workaholic, ambitious, ultimately likeable character is excellent. His prose is crystal clear and razor sharp, so smooth it almost reads itself, and works in thoughtful observations about the human condition without slowing things down. The book has good tension throughout & the twist at the end is pretty satisfying.

I have been a fan of Marshall's since 2002 when I had the good fortune of discovering an abandoned copy of The Straw Men at the hotel I worked at back then. Since then I've read every one of his books (including the noir-ish Sci-Fi he wrote as Michael Marshall Smith - Spheres, One of Us, and Only Forward are all fantastic) and will continue to purchase his new books.

One quibble: the obvious choice for a title given the book's content would have been Modified & would have been a great title. Why call it Killer Move, a title that has nothing to do with the book?
I'm a tough customer when it comes to suspense thrillers but was hooked on Killer Move almost from page one. Sure, there are some formulaic elements, but these are far outweighed by a gripping plot that draws close to the line of implausibility without ever crossing it. Marshall sustains a dark and menacing atmosphere in his Sunshine State setting and offers a textured protagonist whose admirable qualities are at times diluted by his own darker impulses. One more plus for me: no explicit sex scenes or gratuitously drawn out scenes of gore and violence -- crutches upon which less able writers so often seem to rely.
Bottom line -- it ain't exactly literature, but for what it is, Killer Move is very good.
I've ben a fan since «Only Forward» and can't be objective. But there's something about his style that just appeals to me.

The reflections about life and causes of actions that are sprinkled through his books. The mood. The way he builds up anti- or sympathy for his protagonists and then one sentence turns my perception about them. The way he builds characters that start to become mildly interesting who then gets killed in brutal ways for no apparent reason. OK, I'm not certain I'm such a huge fan of _that_...

This book only mentions the Straw Men in passing, and the end is just mildly surprising. It's vintage Michael Marshall and I could`t put it down.
Yellow Judge
One of MMS' weaker efforts. Weaker sibling to the Straw men books and hard to believe this is the guy who gave us Only forward, Spares and so many great short stories
Longitude Temporary
Despite the clear premise of someone getting his life stolen, there are plenty of great twists Nd turns to this one. Michael Marshall's overall theme of shadow groups and conspiracies continues well here. Again with some fresh twists. Fun read.
Another very good novel by Mr Marshall. I can't wait for him to write another one.
Wild suspense/horror. Unique voice and gets better as it moves along. The ending is really good.