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by Dianne Helm,Ruth Hunter,Harriett Ford

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Author: Dianne Helm,Ruth Hunter,Harriett Ford
ISBN: 0977820521
Language: English
Pages: 296 pages
Category: Mystery
Publisher: Helm Publishing (February 1, 2007)
Rating: 4.1
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Rockford Labor News reporter Harriett Ford is taking aim at the ambiguities of an actual murder conviction in her book, Shadow in the Rain, released in March, 2007 from Helm Publishing of Rockford, Illinois. Ford sharpened journalistic skills as an investigative reporter for the Rockford Labor News while looking into a murder case of area man Ted Kuhl, a murder suspect convicted without forensic evidence, no motive, no credible witness and no weapon ever found.

Shadow in the Rain book. Harriet Ford was a reporter/columnist for the Rockford Labor News in Rockford, Illinois. At the time Ms. Ford as well as many others felt that the investigation into the murder was sloppy and many other possibilities were overlooked.

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SUMMARY: Chief Inspector Wexford is in China, visiting ancient tombs and palaces with a group of British tourists. It is a triumphant conclusion to a collection of horror stories that linger in the mind. After their return to England, one of his fellow tourists is found murdered.

Cover Design by: Avanti Graphics. I’ll get dressed and come out to help. Gage’s dogs looked up from the large floor pillows in the front room. This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locale or organizations is entirely coincidental. Then, obviously uninterested in going out in the storm, their big heads dropped back down. I pulled my sweatshirt hood up over my head in a ridiculous attempt to keep it dry.

If they say they do, they are lying. Humbug, I believe you call it. No, I promised you the truth, and this is the truth: I do not regret killing those people. No, I promised you the truth, and this is the truth: I do not regret killing those people e ship, a much greater number would have died-of starvation and poverty and ignorance and war. It was an act of the highest charity.

Harriet Hunter, author. Inspirational tips for living sober and serene one day at a time. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created - September 26, 2017.

Sherlock Holmes and the Limehouse Horror. The shadow in the north. The story became quite famous. A sally lockhart mystery. It was resurrected occasionally by writers who specialized in books with titles like Strange Horrors of the Deep. But without facts, even the most inventive journalism peters out in the end, and there were no facts at all in this case - just a ship which had been there one minute and vanished the next, and the sunshine, and the empty sea.

A cub reporter becomes convinced that an innocent man has been convicted of murder. While she tries to untangle the truth of the crime and free him from prison, she is stalked by a killer and challenged to free herself from her own prison of grief and love again. Based on an actual crime in Rockford, Illinois, the book includes an addendum by a nationally known, forensics scientist, Arthur Chancellor, who states, "There is not enough evidence--motive, weapon, or witness accounts--to convict Ted Kuhl." This is a must read for those who hope to see changes in the criminal justice system, those who are hoping to see a new trial for Ted Kuhl, imprisoned since 1997, and for any person who finds himself wrongfully accused of a crime. Based on an actual crime in Rockford, Illinois, this is a must read for anyone hoping to see changes in the criminal justice system.
Comments (4)
I haven't read the book yet. I have 3 other books to read first.
I am sure i will like it. Love the fat that Amazon gives a nice review of the story before we purchase them
Arabella V.
I want to begin this review with one word, DISTURBING! The further I read this book the more I shook my head and thought, how could this be happening in the land of the free? The story you will find between the pages of this work will keep you absorbed from beginning to end. Part fictional story aided by the truth, our author takes us into the world of murder, one that hangs in my opinion unsolved and very disturbring.
In 1999 a young woman was shot in the parking lot of a local Bar & Grill, seemingly for no other reason than a jealous ex-boyfriend. He is arrested, tried and put in prison for her murder; but the question that has not been answered without considerable doubt is this - did he really pull the trigger? Is he truly a cold-blooded killer? Many say yes, others no and as far as I can see by the evidence shown within this read; the proof is definitely not in the pudding that he is guilty.
This entire story is wrapped about the true case of Ted Kuhl who has been imprisoned for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. However according to the evidence presented something is definitely amiss in this entire investigation. From the beginning it is running over with Police blunders, no DNA testing, alibies not checked, suspects let go, the entire working of this case was like that done by the Keystone Cops of yesteryear, and should be an embarrassment to our justice system. How can this be ignored? Someone in authority must step up to the plate and reopen this case for further investigation. If they don't, it certainly would seem a solid question to ask, why not? Cases have been reopedend for less than what you have here.
Listen, I'm all for putting the bad guy behind bars or worse, but when the evidence in a case is so lacking and so many questions are left unanswered as in this one you just have to wonder, who doesn't want what uncovered? And who has the power to make sure it isn't? We have the best Justice System in the world, and the best country as far as I am concerned, but even at that there are always times when something just doesn't add up. This is definitely one of those times. I am but one small voice, but this voice is yelling, "what are you thinking?" If the man is truly guilty, prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, reopen the case and answer the unanswered.
Read this book, it may scare you because we all can only pray this type of nightmare never darkens our door or those we love. America is justice for all, remember, for all; let her bell ring.
Shirley Johnson
Harriet Ford was a reporter/columnist for the Rockford Labor News in Rockford, Illinois. She covered Ted Kuhl's trial for the murder of his girlfriend. At the time Ms. Ford, as well as many others, felt that the investigation into the murder was sloppy and many other possibilities were overlooked. Along with Joe Lamb, an investigator, she delves more deeply into the case and even has an expert criminologist look at all the evidence, interviews done prior to the trial and interviews Ms. Ford conducted. All the evidence pointed to the very strong possibility that Ted Kuhl was not guilty but no one in the Illinois justice system including Paul Logli, IL State's Attorney, will support a retrial.

When they started their investigation Harriet asked Joe, ' what're we going to do if no one pays any attention to all of our efforts here?' and he said, 'Well then we go to plan B. We write a book.'" Joe died shortly before the investigation was completed but Ms. Ford completed `Plan B' with Shadow in the Rain - a fictionalized version of Ted Kuhl's case.

As the fictionalized reporter, Tia Burgess, pursues finding the truth about Ben Krahl (Ted Kuhl) or at least as much evidence as she can to show the need for a new trial, amazing lapses in investigative procedure, police coercion in interviewing witnesses as well as Ben himself and the suppression of some witnesses information come to light.

All of the documentation Ms. Wood included at the end of the book which makes for an even more interesting read. It is appalling that such a travesty of justice was carried out to begin with but even more so that there has not been a retrial with the new evidence coming to light.

Intertwined into the real story is a fictional story that keeps readers turning the pages with a lot of excitement. The combination of the fiction and the non-fiction is entertaining but also an enlightening look at our justice system.
Based on a true situation, Harriett Ford's book brings to the forefront a man, not just a number, who is a victim of a legal system that has turned a deaf ear to true justice. The intermingling of fiction with the realities of this case was interesting as well as an eye-opener. As a college instructor, I find it a must read for students doing a persuasive essay about the need for reform in the criminal justice system. Criminal justice students, as well as those already employed in the area of law enforcement, would find this book not only a great read but a valuable reminder as to how the system holds a person's life in its hands and why that system must be thorough in investigative practices. The author did a fantastic job of investigation. Too bad the authorities did not.