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by Richard Helms

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Author: Richard Helms
ISBN: 143282533X
Language: English
Pages: 412 pages
Category: Mystery
Publisher: Five Star (June 15, 2011)
Rating: 4.5
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Judd Wheeler (3 books). Books by Richard Helms.

It's been a big year! Series: Pat Gallegher Eamon Gold Judd Wheeler. Judd Wheeler (3 books). Mor. rivia About Thunder Moon.

In the middle of a withering heat wave, the murder of a top NFL cornerback draft pick in a house owned by developer Kent Kramer presents a puzzle for his best friend and Prosperity, NC, police chief Judd Wheeler. First, while the athlete was murdered naked in the kitchen, there are bloodstained bills in the pocket of his pants upstairs.

OLDER THAN GOODBYE is a saga in itself

OLDER THAN GOODBYE is a saga in itself. Giving us more about Judd Wheeler than we have known before and taking us back to events of his high-school years. The book is a story of the redemption of friendship and character, reminding me of a similar thread in a best-selling novel I read recently

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Find nearly any book by Richard Helms. Thunder Moon (Kennebec Large Print Superior Collection). ISBN 9781410447821 (978-1-4104-4782-1) Softcover, Kennebec Large Print, 2012.

Police Chief Judd Wheeler (Six Mile Creek, 2010, et. finds more big trouble in little Prosperity, . Begin with the savage murder of Steve Samples, a high draft pick for whom most NFL insiders predicted a brilliant future until someone very angry took a butcher’s cleaver to it, leaving a dead cornerback in its glittering wake. Could that someone be a slightly over-the-hill teammate, desperate to protect a threatened career? Unlikely, thinks Police Chief Wheeler while checking it out nonetheless

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This is a work of fiction dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. com To: The Creepiest Person in my life!. I am looking forward to making many more dedications like this to you. Prologue: You done me wron. .1 In hard heavy breaths, Paul rolled over onto his back. As his head flopped down on the pillow, he said, Wow Alyssa that was great. You feel so good baby.

Brian S. Wheeler - Mr. Moons Daredevil Messiahs

Brian S. Moons Daredevil Messiahs. Like that Gus clone who had failed to safely jump across Mr. Moon’s four-hundred foot divide, the Gus who worked alongside Lester and Digger that morning digging holes for the pagoda’s future posts possessed the two, blue rings circling his right eye that in a previous era branded him as product and property. Lester knew that particular Gus had only given Digger the answer the clone thought the man hoped to hear. That Gus was an original model, and it was not in its composition to question and verify.

Police Chief Judd Wheeler investigates after an NFL draft pick, Steve Samples, is found dead in a house he rented from Wheeler's closest friend Kent Kramer.
Comments (5)
Judd Wheeler is a bit much. Good story.
Don't ever turn down reading a Helms story. He is a great writer.
Good book.
I have already reviewed this book at Dorothy_L, but frankly there is far too much to it for one review.

First, there is the multiple level story told from a number of points of view, but mostly from the POV of Judd Wheeler, who is the chief-of-police in Prosperity. This town in western North Carolina is no Cabot Cove with murders every week, but a place where murders are usually the exception and not the rule. Suffice it to say that Wheeler, who is carefully developed by author Richard Helms, is a professional. Helms, through Chief Wheeler, makes sure that we the readers have everything we need to solve each mystery -- that last comment is a hint that there is more than one mystery.

The characters are as well developed as any characters I have read and as thoroughly differentiated, which is one of Helms' great talents. In his books, he has uesd four or five differnet first person protagonists, and other than a basic goodness of soul his leads are as different at their names.

Helms takes pains to make sure that we have not missed the clues, but he is also experienced enough to drop those infamous red herrings that have us off sniffing in other directions.

THUNDER MOON, like ther previous Judd Wheeler novel SIX-MILE CREEK, is an excellent read, but other than that it is also an outstanding learning tool for young writers who want to see how characters are developed, how clues are planted, and how a small town police department works. It also shows how a good writer can plant a philosopjy in his characters, whether good guys or bad guys. (BTW the word "guy" to me is non-gender specific.)

The language here is realistic and the characters real, but except for the occasional necessary four-letter-word or detail of horror, it reads with the casual smoothness of a cozy.

No matter what a person's reason to read, unless it is to be lulled to sleep, THUNDER MOON should meet the expection.

Jack Bludis
Realtor and Prosperity, North Carolina Mayor Kent Kramer introduces highly regarded NFL draft pick Steve Samples at a party attended by the town's Police Chief Judd Wheeler and his girlfriend schoolteacher Donna Asher. Kent has rented a house to Samples and Pooler Pythons wide receiver Jermaine Coltes. Also new to the town is convicted sex offender Carl Sussman.

Not long after the gala, Jermaine calls 911 to report a murder. Someone viciously hacked Samples to death in what appears a crime of passion. With the help of the County Sheriff Webb, Judd investigates the shocking homicide. He finds two suspects, but both have vanished. First there is Ricky Chasen who hacked his father to death years ago and has been seen traveling with Reverend Alvin Cross; then there is the victim's missing twin brother Rusty. However to Wheeler's chagrin, the case will soon snake into a wider deadlier scenario:

This is an exciting police procedural that contains several supporting law enforcement subplots besides the prime homicide investigation. The story line is fast-paced from the opening eviction to the final immaculate interception. Wheeler is the focus who holds the plot together. Although fans might question why he did not seek help from other law enforcement with an experienced homicide detective, readers will not care as he methodically recreates the crime scenes as a diligent, intelligent and caring cop.

Harriet Klausner