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by Alan G. Rauchway

Download Relating: Reflections of a Psychologist (2nd Edition) fb2
Author: Alan G. Rauchway
ISBN: 0558206522
Language: English
Pages: 103 pages
Category: Psychology
Publisher: Pearson Learning Solutions; 2 edition (August 21, 2009)
Rating: 4.1
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Relating: More Reflections of a Psychologist is a sequel to Relating: Reflections of a Psychologist and provides insight into how to have effective relationships with oneself and with other people. Whether you are having difficulty with a spouse, a child, a teacher, in-laws, parents or an employer, this book serves to clarify problems that exist, and how to effectively deal with them.

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Jeffrey Alan Gray (26 May 1934 – 30 April 2004) was a British psychologist. He is notable for his contributions to the theory of consciousness. He was born in the East End of London. His father was a tailor, but died when Jeffrey was only seven. His mother, who ran a haberdashery, brought him up alone.

3A Relating to people. A Match situations 1−9 with the verbal interaction verbs below. bicker boast confide flirt nag praise. 3A Relating to people. Materials 1 handout for each student.

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I conclude with several general recommendations geared to enhance a positive therapeutic alliance and client outcome.

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Relating: Reflections ofa Psychologist presents in a clear and concise manner more than 250 ideas concerning human relationships—relationship with oneself, marital relationships, parent-child relationships, therapist-client relationships, and many others. The concepts are presented in a unique style to serve as a catalyst to stimulate, challenge, and educate the reader. Each individual will have a very personal experience as they bring their own life histories to the material. This book is designed to supplement the academic psychology pre­sented in the lectures and textbooks of psychology courses on such topics as general psychology, abnormal psychology, and developmental psychology. The style is ideal for classroom discussion; students may disagree with some of the concepts presented, and this is valuable as long as they are stimulated to think about the various ideas. In essence, the goal of this book is to provide each student with an enriched college psychology experience. Ideally, it will pro­vide students—whether in college, high school, continuing education programs, professional development seminars, or parenting groups—with a better understanding of how to relate to themselves and to other people.