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by Gareth A. Morris,James W. Emsley

Download Multidimensional NMR Methods for the Solution State (eMagRes Books) fb2
Author: Gareth A. Morris,James W. Emsley
ISBN: 0470770759
Language: English
Pages: 580 pages
Category: Chemistry
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (May 24, 2010)
Rating: 4.3
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The literature of multidimensional NMR began with thepublication of three papers in 1975, then nine in 1976 and fifteenin 1977, and now contains many tens of thousands of papers. Anyattempt to survey the field must therefore necessarily be veryselective, not to say partial. In assembling this handbook, theEditors have sought to provide both the new researcher and theestablished scientist with a solid foundation for the understandingof multidimensional NMR, a representative if inevitably limitedsurvey of its applications, an authoritative account of classictechniques such as COSY, NOESY and TOSCY, and an account of thelatest progress in the development of multidimensionaltechniques.

This handbook is structured in four parts. The first opens withan historical introduction to, and a brief account of, thepracticalities and applications of multidimensional NMR methods,followed by a definitive survey of their conceptual basis and aseries of articles setting out the generic principles of methodsfor acquiring and processing multidimensional NMR data. In thesecond part, the main families of multidimensional techniques,arranged in approximate order of increasing complexity, aredescribed in detail, from simple J-resolved spectroscopy through tothe powerful heteronuclear 3D and 4D methods that now dominate thestudy of structural biology in solution. The third part offers andillustrative selection from the very wide range of applications ofmultidimensional NMR methods, including some of the most recentdevelopments in protein NMR. Finally, the fourth part introducesthe idea of multidimensional spectra containing non-frequencydimensions, in which properties such as diffusion and relaxationare correlated.

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