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by Jeffrey O. Bennett

Download The Cosmic Perspective fb2
Author: Jeffrey O. Bennett
ISBN: 0805392831
Language: English
Pages: 736 pages
Category: Astronomy & Space Science
Publisher: Addison-Wesley; 4th edition (July 31, 2006)
Rating: 4.1
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Jeffrey Bennett Jeffrey Bennett holds a .

Jeffrey Bennett Jeffrey Bennett holds a . 1981) in biophysics from the University of California, San Diego, and an . 1987) in astrophysics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. books for the general public including, On the Cosmic Horizon (Pearson Addison-Wesley, 2001) and Beyond UFOs (Princeton University Press, 2008/2011) and Math for Life (Roberts & Co, 2012); and an of the award-winning series of children’s books that includes Max Goes to the Moon, Max Goes to Mars, Max Goes to Jupiter, and Max’s Ice Age AdventureThe Wizard Who.

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Jeffrey Bennett, a recipient of the American Institute of Physics Science Communication Award, holds a . in biophysics (UC San Diego) and an . in astrophysics (University of Colorado). He specializes in science and math education and has taught at every level from preschool through graduate school.

Jeffrey O. Bennett’s most popular book is The Cosmic Perspective. Books by Jeffrey O. Bennett. Showing 30 distinct works. The Cosmic Perspective by. Jeffrey O. Bennett (Goodreads Author), Megan O. Donahue.

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This book tells the story of modern astronomy and the new perspective - The Cosmic Perspective - with which it allows us to view ourselves and our planet. Astronaut John Grunsfeld with a CD of The Cosmic Perspective floating in front of him while orbiting Earth during the Space Shuttle’s final servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope (May 2009). Praise for The Cosmic Perspective. It is the most refreshing astronomy text I have seen in years. Richard Gray, Appalachian State University.

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KEY BENEFIT: The Fourth Edition of The Cosmic Perspective builds on the textbook's long tradition of strong pedagogy and streamlined presentation. Renowned for its up-to-date and expert coverage, this reader-friendly text focuses on central ideas and unifying themes to provide a cosmic context. The Fourth Editionfeatures a new straightforward learning program that uses chapter openers, headers, and chapter summaries to make learning goals more explicit and to tie together important concepts. Our Place in the Universe, Discovering the Universe for Yourself, The Science of Astronomy, Celestial Timekeeping and Navigation, Key Concepts for Astronomy, Making Sense of the Universe: Understanding Motion, Energy, and Gravity, Light and Matter: Reading Messages from the Cosmos, Telescopes: Portals of Discovery, Learing from other Worlds, Our Solar System, Formation of the Solar System, Planetary Geology: Earth and the Other Terrestrial Worlds, Planetary Atmospheres: Earth and the Other Terrestrial Worlds, Jovian Planet Systems, Remnants of Rock and Ice: Asteroids, Comets, and Pluto, Other Planetary Systems, Space and Time, Spacetime and Gravity,Building Blocks of the Universe, Stars, Our Star, Star Stuff, The Bizarre Stellar Graveyard, Galaxies and Beyond, Our Galaxy, A Universe of Galaxies, Galaxy Evolution, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Fate of the Universe, The Beginning of Time, Life on Earth and Beyond, Life in the Universe For all readers interested in learning about astronomy.
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crazy mashine
This book was a required book for class. I enjoyed the book it was a boring or dry read, it had quality photos. A good school book.
Made an A ;]
thumbs up
As stated in the title, bought this book for a college course and found it to be a good read and a pleasure to learn from. Lots of great color pictures other artwork.
i found this book to be very helpful for my intro to astronomy class..the pictures were very helpful
Another class book I needed. The book was pretty cool looking and in good condition but still it wasn't something I personally buy for myself, it just mostly help save me money.