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by Mary Jane Auch

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Author: Mary Jane Auch
ISBN: 0823415244
Language: English
Pages: 32 pages
Category: Animals
Publisher: Holiday House; 1st edition (September 1, 1999)
Rating: 4.9
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Sub: Kids

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Clara the duck is so impatient to discover the farm animals secret of Christmas that she puts herself in danger and almost misses the party. Clara the duck is so impatient to discover the farm animals' secret of Christmas that she puts herself in danger and almost misses the party.

Mary Jane and Herm Auch have collaborated on more than ten picture books written by Mary Jane. Both artists used digital techniques to create the illustrations in this book. The Auchs live outside of Rochester, New York, and keep a small flock of chickens. The Plot Chickens by Mary Jane Auch is a wonderful book just for reading and enjoyment as well as the marvelous play on words throughout the text. The illustrations are vivid and are a definite addition to the story line. This book can readily be used in the classroom as a teaching tool for the writing process.

Auch (Eggs Mark the Spot, 1996, et. offers up an audacious tale starring a unusual band of anthropomorphic creatures. Clara, a young farm duck about to experience her first winter, becomes insatiably curious when she hears the other barnyard animals discussing Christmas. Impatient and determined to solve the mystery surrounding this event, she sets out on her own, which leads to a series of funny encounters, mistaken identities, and even some danger. After a narrow escape from a hungry fox, Clara returns home to find the holiday festivities in full swing.

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When one little duck becomes too eager to wait for the Christmas surprise, she sets off on her own into the wood to find out the secret, yet after a grand adventure, she returns home just in time for the Christmas party.
Comments (2)
Not a parody or re-telling like the cover implies. Has nothing to do with the Nutcracker at all. It's about a farm duck's first winter and she's trying to find out about Christmas and sets off on her own. She is attacked by a fox but gets away. The story ends with a Christmas gathering of her farm friends. She does get a nutcracker toy as her gift, but that is the only reference at all to the Nutcracker. Pretty pictures. Lame story. Good book for kids who can't read to look through.
Well, the first reviewer didn't like this book but I love it. The bright color illustrations by the Author are so clever and cute. Clara the Duck is trying to understand Christmas and in her quest she is followed by a hungry fox. When she finally finds sanctuary in the barn, she finds the animals are getting ready to dance - The Nutcracker. Clara the Duck gets to play Clara. Clara finds the true meaning of Christmas with her new friends. Is this A Christmas Carol or even The Nativity, NO. But it is a cute Christmas story for young children who love animal stories.