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by Reiko Asou

Download Playful Origami fb2
Author: Reiko Asou
ISBN: 0870408275
Language: English
Pages: 98 pages
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Publisher: Japan Publications Trading; 1 edition (June 10, 1998)
Rating: 4.7
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This is the charm of origami. It has developed children’s creativity and dexterity for generations.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. PREFACE A single sheet of paper can be turned into any imaginative figure even by a small child. There have been numerous traditional origami models.

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Book & Paper Crafts. Origami & Paper Engineering. Playful Origami: Saga School P. In 1991, she became an origami instructor for Japan Origami Hall, since then she has been presiding over "Himawari," an origami circle, endeavoring to popularize the craft.

Learn - Playful Origami by Reiko Asou (1998, Paperback) 88 Example Models.

Create comics and graphic novels that jump off the screen.

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PREFACEA single sheet of paper can be turned into any imaginative figure even by a small child. This is the charm of origami. It has developed children’s creativity and dexterity for generations. There have been numerous traditional origami models, some of which are not seen any more. It is surprising that those centuries-old models often represent the most distinctive forms we can think of nowadays. In this book I introduce traditional models with a little twist to show them off, along with new creations. I hope you will share the joy of origami, doing it your way, or possibly creating innovative designs.
Comments (6)
This was the perfect book for my 9 year old. The directions are clear, the projects appealing to some one her age and the price was right. She spends hours doing these projects.
Swift Summer
The colourful finished products are displayed against very clever backgrounds and tablescapes.

The black-and-white, step-by-step directions are easy to follow.

Ideas can be personalized and adapted. There are patterns for furniture; flowers; animals, birds, and fish; toys (including adorable doll accessories like umbrellas, bags, and hats); and party favors (including easy gift boxes).
A few comments about this book:
* Quite a few animal, fish, & bird models that actually look like what they're supposed to be, & look pretty impressive. I particularly like the otter floating on his back.
* Also quite a few flower models. I don't find these as interesting, but your mileage may vary.
* Unusually clear folding diagrams -- black & white pictures of every single step in every single model.
* Several models that can be made with 8.5" x 11" paper -- excellent for dull moments at work or school.
* Purists, be warned: a number of models involve slitting or trimming the paper.
* Well-suited for somebody like me -- an adult who's used other origami books before but isn't skilled enough for the Lang/Montroil/"Origami to Astonish & Amuse" books yet.
* Also seems well-suited for kids, because the illustrations are very literal. There are color photos of all completed models, and the folding instructions, as said, are step-by-step.
* Probably not interesting to accomplished folders, because quite a few of the folds are standard (the jumping frog, for instance).
This book contains some cute models for beginners. It contains no challenges for intermediate or advanced folders. To be fair, I don't think they are aiming at that audience though!

Most of the more advanced looking models, such as the flamingo, contain cutting, so they are not actually difficult at all (and grate against my idea of no cutting in origami).
This origami book has many things going for it. It has wonderful color pictures depicting what the final product will look like as well as good black and white pictures of the step-by-step folding process. If the clear directions do not help you, these pictures certainly will. Also, unlike many other origami books, which show just the basic folds at the beginning which you must flip back to, it has all the directions on the same or sequential pages, plus has the picture of what you are making one or two pages before the direction. This has many cute ideas for paper art and would be enjoyable to do with a child. The only downside is that it only comes with ten sheets of 6"x6" origami paper, but you can purchase many kinds at a local craft store.
Vital Beast
This book has lots of fun stuff to create, esp. animals. However, the instructions are not clear! I have lots of origami books, but this one by far has the worst instructions. Sometimes it's hard to see the diagrams too. On the diagram for the snail in step 1, the instructions and the picture are different. Also, some of the instructions are not clear about which end of the diagram should be facing up. This book could be written a lot better!