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by Russell Meiggs,J. B. Bury

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Author: Russell Meiggs,J. B. Bury
ISBN: 039460735X
Category: Europe
Publisher: Random House (January 2000)
Rating: 4.8
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Russell Meiggs (20 October 1902 – 24 June 1989) was a British ancient historian, perhaps best known for his extensive work on. .

Russell Meiggs (20 October 1902 – 24 June 1989) was a British ancient historian, perhaps best known for his extensive work on the Roman port city of Ostia. He was educated at Christ's Hospital and Keble College, Oxford. He was Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History at Balliol College, Oxford, from 1939 to 1970. During World War II he worked at the Ministry of Supply in the timber section. ed. A Selection of Greek historical inscriptions to the end of the fifth century .

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A History of Greece book.

The future of Bury's History as a major reference work seems assured.

Ancient History 'Bury resurgens: seventy-five years old and still going strong!. Bury-Meiggs is now once again indisputably the standard history of Greece for the sixthformer and undergraduate. JACT Bulletin show more.

Similar books and articles. Pp. Xix + 577; 92 Illustr. London: Macmillan, 1975. Bury's History of Greece A History of Greece to the Death of Alexander the Great. 10s. Bd. Griechische Reise; Blätter Aus Dem Tagebuche Einer Reise in Griechenland Und in der Türkei; von Karl Krumbacher.

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Comments (7)
The Book: Excelent History of Greece. I first learned about this book through librivoxrecordings.org. It is a 100 years old book that presents Greek civilization in a very clear form, including from geographical conditions, contemporary civilizations, decision makers through the constructions of the greek identity.

The service: I bought a used book in excelent condition as was described on the site.
Note – This review is of the complete and unabridged version of this book, published by Modern Library in 1940 but reissued in 1969, which is the version being reviewed here. I mention this because there are several different reprint editions and some may not be all complete and unabridged versions.

J. B. Bury died in 1927, and the first edition was written about 100 years ago (I have seen editions published as early as 1909), a fact that the publishers do not make very clear. I mention this for two reasons – first because books of this age are often difficult to read, and secondly being this old it does not contain the results of more recent archeology and scholarly research. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to find that the book was quite readable. Not necessarily easy, but nowhere as dense and difficult as many books written in this time period. The book does of course lack the results of more recent scholarship, but nonetheless is still used as a current textbook. In fact, this book is the basis of many that have been written since.

I recommend this book to anyone seriously interested in Greek history. It contains clear line drawings, but no photographs, which is not a problem since these drawings are clearer than black and white photographs printed on coarse paper. It contains maps that I found less helpful, as most were contained topographical information that made them difficult to decipher.
Bury and Meiggs "History of Greece" is a standard scholarly reference in ancient Greek history. It has satisfying depth of descriptive detail and analysis and although deficient with respect to the latest archeological evidence it canvases most of the available literary evidence well.

Along with Hammond's History of Greece, Bury provides a more in-depth one volume study of ancient Greece than general ancient Greek history books allow. More up to date one volume works like Pomeroy et. al., or multi-volume series such as the "Blackwell History of the Ancient World", "The Routledge History of the Ancient World", or the older "Fontana History of the Ancient World" should be compared with them by subject or time period.

It's the judgements that count not just the new bones or stones.

Thoroughly recommended;long may it stay in print.
J.B. Bury wrote his "History of Greece" before World War I, but it was such a good overview of classical Greek history that the third edition was still being used as a college textbook in the late 1960's. Although only selected portions of the text were assigned reading, I read the book cover to cover and have kept it to this day. Bury writes in a lucid, easily understood style that entertains as it educates. Although Bury recounts campaigns and battles in stirring fashion, he does not neglect the Greek contributions to politics, the arts, and sciences. Except for his obvious dislike of the Spartan King Agesilaus, I found Bury to be fair and even-handed in his evaluation of the peoples and events that shaped Greek history.
I've read about 20 books on ancient Greek history, and this is by far my favorite of the secondary sources. Oddly, it was a college textbook -- otherwise, I probably never would have come across it. As I read more Greek History books, I always came back to this one.

Bury not only is an engaging author, but he doesn't ascribe to a 'special' school. History is not just economics and sociology, governmental systems, or great leaders. All of these elements of history are well presented. Furthermore, Bury has just the right mix of presenting history and of speculation, with an emphaisis on the former (as a textbook); nonetheless, his speculations and comments are thoughtful and outstanding. He is balanced. When he talks about tyrants, he went through the gamut of beneficial ones like Cleithenes of Sicyon, enlightened but despotic like Cypsalis of Corinth, and the usual bad ones.

As an example of his insights, he discusses how clever Cyrus II was (the man that tried to take over the Persian throne with Greek mercenaries, leading to the Anabasis), and how he at an early time made military innovations with the Greek phalanx he had as his mercenary army. Bury speculates how a Greek victory, putting Cyrus on the throne, would have been bad for Greece as a whole, since Persia would have an innovative and energetic king.

The book is full of facts. It is not a fast read. Noentheless, it is simply a great source book and very good reead for ancient Greek History.
This edition was the one I used in my college History of Greece class. I read it from cover to cover, twice, and to this day, I simply cannot find a better text or a better edition. The illustrations and maps by themselves are worth the price of the book. I can never just pick up this text and read only a page or two. I highly recommend this edition.
Fine though this material may be, it is available for free online, so it is not necessary to lay out good money for it.
Bury's History of Greece is lucid, erudite, as simple as possible (given the complex subject) and comprehensive within its time period.

It comes highly recommended by educators Robert Hutchins and Mortimer Adler. I found it through their recommendation and have enjoyed dipping into it for clarification of the ancient authors.