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by ,Baxter Clare

Download Street Rules fb2
Author: ,Baxter Clare
ISBN: 1931513147
Language: English
Pages: 260 pages
Category: Mystery & Thrillers
Publisher: Bella Books; First Edition edition (January 2003)
Rating: 4.9
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Detective L. A. Franco is back!For Frank, L.A.P.D. HomicideLieutenant L. A. Franco and her homicide squad, it's business as usual-- a multiple murder, ugly as it is, at least seems to have an easyexplanation. Until it coincides with an untimely drive-by shooting.The drive-by victim is Placa Estrella, a rising young Chicana gang-banger.Placa was a toddler on the streets when Franco was just a rookie, andfor her Placa's death is personal. The murder appears to be a routinegang hit, but as Frank tracks every lead to it's logical conclusion, itbecomes apparent that this case is anything but routine.Theinvestigation ultimately pulls Frank and her squad in conflictingdirections while drawing Frank closer to the county's new Chief Coroner, Gail Lawless. Through a series of twists and turns, all of Frank'sleads eventually bring her to the disquieting possibility that thekiller she seeks might well be one of own brothers in blue.
Comments (5)
Very mixed feelings about this one. First, to get prejudices out of the way: Kennedy, Franco’s lover at the end of the previous book, _Bleeding Out_, was by far my favorite character in that book, so I was disappointed in the direction the author took their relationship. In fact, Clare seems to go out of her way to make Kennedy less likeable than in the previous book. I understand it, I just don't like it.

Okay, now to the more objective: Clearly, the writing isn’t as good technically as in the first book, largely an editing problem. There are a lot of sentences that are really awkward, and some that are just -- well, wrong. This adversely affects the flow of the novel, because mechanical issues draw the reader out of the story and back to the surface, calling attention to the words themselves rather than to the story.

Then, there’s the dialog. The pervasive, almost overwhelming use of street slang and gangsta talk, and just basic crudeness, is so unlike _Bleeding Out_, you wonder if this is even the same character. I understand the desire for verisimilitude, and, yes, there was some street language in the first novel, but in this one, it’s over-the-top. And, I assure you, folks, I'm no prude. In other places, the dialog feels unnatural, again more so than in the earlier volume in the series. These, of course, are largely editorial issues. I’ve always found Bella to be pretty inconsistent when it comes to both copy editing and story editing, which does a disservice not only to the reader, but also to a group of very talented writers, including Clare.

Our protagonist, Lt. LA “Frank” Franco, is a complex character who, while she’s not always likable, is nonetheless admirable. There’s something of a Dirty Harry mentality about her, though, which, while it makes her less commendable than she could be, also lets you know that she'll do whatever is necessary to get the job done. She seems to open up emotionally a bit more than in _Bleeding Out_, too, which is nice, and, despite the Dirty Harry aspect, she is more personable -- maybe "warmer" is the right word -- than in _Bleeding Out_.

All that said, Street Rules is certainly worth reading. Saying the writing isn’t as proficient mechanically as Bleeding Out doesn’t mean it’s “bad" and the mystery itself is interesting, nicely paced, and consistently plotted, with plenty of curves thrown our way. The characters are well-developed. As I say, we get a better "feel" for Frank, a more complete sense of what makes her tick. We also get a pretty complete picture of Gail, the new love interest. The blossoming romance between Gail and Frank proceeds at a really nice, leisurely pace which I found quite refreshing; I *hate* it when the characters meet and hope into bed immediately. The rest of Frank's squad are varied enough to add interest and depth. Only the “perp” seems ill-defined, which is a little disappointing.

So, though not exactly a rave review, nonetheless recommended.
Much slower than the last "Detective Franco" book but intriguing. You can really see the politics of the police force in this one and how Frank has to work around some of the good ole boys club in order to get her job done. I also think she did a good job showing the cycle of street gangs and how short some of the members lives can be. If you get to be 20 in a street gang you are lucky. There is a lot of gang lingo in this book which can sometimes leaving you scratching your head and trying to catch up and there are a lot of typos. Particularly toward the end of the book. When the characters name was Gail and the text read Gay I was really confused but then figured out it was a massive typo that spanned a few pages. Not her best but I still like the characters.
I waited three years for this book, and was very disappointed when I finally got it. I read Clare's first book (Bleeding Out, Firebrand Books, 2000)and was amazed and astounded at the talent of that debut mystery.
In this outing, Detective L.A. Franco of the LAPD is faced with the murder of the Estrella family in the barrio. With few leads, and a closed society with its code of silence, she has difficulty finding the killer. Finally, the coroner makes a suggestion, over dinner, that leads to Franco building a case against the killer.
[...] There are too many typos, too many barrio words that need explanation (there are whole conversations that, unless the reader speaks the language, leaves the reader in the dark), too many instances where the author changed a character's name and the old name remains in the manuscript. The book, at 292 pages, is too long - another problem a good editor could fix.
This book did not have the robust, assured writing of the first. I'm hoping that this is merely the second-book doldrums and Clare returns to what made Bleeding Out such a strong entry in the world of procedurals.
bought as gift
I agree with the earlier reviewer that there is too much "gang lingo" in this book. However, if you can get past it, the plot is rather well done. Not as good as her first book ("Bleeding Out"), but good. The underlying love story is very well done and kept me turning the pages, hoping Frank wouldn't let Gail get away.