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by Lynn Galli

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Author: Lynn Galli
ISBN: 1935611380
Language: English
Pages: 252 pages
Category: Literature & Fiction
Publisher: Penikila Press, LLC (February 23, 2010)
Rating: 4.9
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Names, characters, events, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Names, characters, events, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locations, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental. The opinions expressed in this manuscript are solely the opinions of the author and do not represent the opinions of the publisher. com/Steve Grewell All rights reserved

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Sometimes, in our often off-kilter world, the best kind of book to read is one with a sweet side that ends happily. Because love rarely works out so well in real life, it's kind of nice to have a little fantasy to fall back onto from time to time.

Lynn Galli resides in the Pacific Northwest where she enjoys long walks on rocky beaches in the rain and standing .

Lynn Galli resides in the Pacific Northwest where she enjoys long walks on rocky beaches in the rain and standing in everlasting lines for a complex cup of coffee that will sustain her on a fifty-five minute, ten mile drive to her job writing software programs that allow her to build airplanes, save wildlife, and promote recycling. Her chilly summer evenings are usually spent writing about places that are much warmer and drier but nowhere near as beautiful or bursting with coffee, airplane manufacturing, and software coding

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The problem with starting over in another state after losing your partner is that your new friends don't understand why you can't just get over it.

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Capturing The Special Moments. Marsha Lynn Hudson Photography. Blessed Once Blessed Twice Photography is located on the southwest side of Houston, TX. I believe. Official American Baptist General Convention of Texas.

The problem with starting over in another state after losing your partner is that your new friends don't understand why you can't just get over it. They never saw how you were together, how much you loved her, how she was your life. They only see a number: three, as in, the number of years since she died. That's all the evidence they need to begin pressuring you to get back out there again. It doesn't matter that you've told them to back off. No, they feel it is their duty to butt into your life and ambush you with blind dates. This wasn't a predicament Briony Gatewood anticipated when she relocated for tenure at a prestigious university. Yet after a year with her new friends, they've ceased being merely concerned and moved on to obnoxious. As if being fixed up wasn't bad enough, the dean at her college just volunteered her to teach a potentially career damaging class. Along for the experimental course is the socially challenged M Desiderius, a fellow professor who won't ever win a faculty popularity contest. But as they start working together, Briony begins to understand M's aloofness and is intrigued by the shy, brilliant, passionate woman. Enough so that she's starting to believe her friends when they say it's time to move on. And M, as complicated as her past has been and reticent as she seems now, may be the perfect person to help Briony finally heal and love again.
Comments (7)
I enjoyed both of these characters and their interactions. M's story was intriguing and different from those you usually get in Lesfic, which lead to an unconventional type romance. I also loved the interactions between Briony and Caleb (and by extension Caleb and M). As this is a VA story we have the VA gang as backup characters, unfortunately the good characters (those already featured in their own stories) take a back seat to the filler characters from the previous stories, which was a mistake as they weren't that interesting. I also thought M's issues we're a little too easily overcome towards the end, but I enjoyed this pairing and their romance enough to overlook that.
There's a lot I like about Blessed Twice. The story is mostly told in first-person from Briony and I find her a thoroughly enjoyable character. I particularly love her sarcastic streak and her wry sense of humor. And I think her interactions with others, from her coworkers to her son, are generally quite believable; one thing I like about all the Lynn Galli books I've read is that the characters have realistic lives beyond their romances.

One of the things I like most about this book is that it very deliberately shows a nontraditional path for relationships, consciously valuing emotional intimacy over sex (not that there isn't a sex scene or two by the end). As is discovered early in the book, M has serious issues with physical contact of any kind, which makes her quite reluctant to start a relationship even when she knows that Briony likes her as much as she likes Briony. So when their relationship does start, there is very little physical contact. They'll spend a day together doing something they enjoy, talk and enjoy each other's company, and maybe hold hands once or twice. Yet Galli uses this limited physical contact to give added weight to the contact that does occur, so that a hand lightly brushing across someone's arm or cheek becomes both important and sensuous. I think this book shows a delightfully different path that couples can take (and as I said, there are sex scenes by the end).

Spoiler warning for anyone who cares: M's social awkwardness and issues with physical contact are attributed to her being regularly molested as a prepubescent foster child. Having more close experience than I would wish on anyone with both sexual abuse and autism, I feel that some aspects of her character are perhaps more indicative of high-functioning autism or asperger's syndrome than sexual abuse, which makes M's character a bit distracting for me at times. For example, autism of all sorts is characterized by social awkwardness/ inability to relate to peers, which M definitely exhibits, and a number of people with high-functioning autism or asperger's are exceedingly brilliant, which M certainly is. Some autistic people even have issues with physical stimuli (like being touched). And while most sexually abused people I know have issues with intimacy and sex, they don't have nearly as much generalized social awkwardness or overall phobias about touch as M shows. The social awkwardness may be supposed to be from her years being largely neglected in foster care and juvie, but I'm not sure. In any case, the explanations for M's oddities come off as not quite convincing. I think the oddities themselves are quite intriguing; it's just their explanations that I find a bit unconvincing.
Wow loved this book..this had a little bit of same feel with one of my favorite book "give me a reason" by lyn gardner. I'm glad I gave this book a go. I read Wasted Heart, but skipped imagining reality. I read a bit of its sample but for some reason, it wasn't as engaging as wasted Heart and uncommon emotions. I'll give it a try again soon. But for now, I'm off to read this books sequel; Forevermore
I feel in love with this book, the minute I was introduced to the main characters. Well developed storyline, characters are well round, developed. A story of healing, a woman M haunted by her childhood and fear of intimacy, Brit still grieving losing her partner, subtly, Brit, falls in love with M. Bri's love helps M conquer her past and fear of intimacy, Bri finds herself, twice blessed. Heartfelt, touching story, forever etched into my memory.
I was somewhat disappointed in Imagining Reality, though Uncommon Emotions got high marks from me; therefore, I was initially hesitant when I found that this book was returning once again to Virginia and the sometimes suffocating group of friends who bogged Imagining Reality down. I was pleasantly surprised, and pleased that the author focused this book on two characters only peripherally involved in "the group." It's not that I don't like the group. In fact, Galli has created an interesting and ultimately lovable group of women. But sometimes juggling all of those forceful personalities dilutes the thrust of her narrative line.

That was not a problem here. Briony only moved to Virginia fairly recently. She's friends with the group, but also feels comfortable telling them to butt out. Except even she is unsuccessful in enforcing her wishes when they seem determined to set her up on blind dates with hilarious results. Briony has recently felt she can move past her long-time partner's untimely death in a rock-climbing accident, and her son Caleb is encouraging as well, tired of seeing his mother unhappy. This realization on her part coincides with her being volunteered at a department meeting to teach a summer course with M Desiderius, an aloof and somewhat mysterious woman whose quiet competence, and warmth with her students and children endears her to Briony.

The careful and patient way Galli moves their tentative relationship along is a breath of fresh air. The supporting cast of friends lend some color, but never becoming overwhelming, or overtake the focus. Briony's gentle nudging, and M's cautious acceptance are endearing and tender, as M courageously moves past a difficult childhood, all the while helping heal Briony's own hurt. There were some somewhat awkward dominant/submissive scenes with M in a sex club that at first I wondered about, M's discomfort in the proceedings putting me off initially. But as the characters gained more context, they made more sense, and my fears were assuaged.

Galli continues to show great promise. This was a strong novel, with clearly told story, and I look forward to further growth from this author.