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Author: mccauley-stephen
ISBN: 186207934X
Language: English
Pages: 300 pages
Category: Literature & Fiction
Publisher: Granta Books (2007)
Rating: 4.1
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Alternatives to Sex book.

Alternatives to Sex book. Boston real estate agent William Collins knows that his habits. Author Stephen McCauley (perhaps best known for "The Object of My Affection") presents a particularly lively cast of stereotypical characters (especially William's non-rent-paying tenant, Kumiko). William's cynical disposition is hilarious and frighteningly accurate, most of the time. His story reminds us, yet again, to appreciate what you have instead of looking elsewhere.

Stephen McCauley is a social satirist in the tradition of Evelyn Waugh and Oscar Wilde. - Los Angeles Times. A light, diverting romp through eminently adult concerns: sex, real estate, fidelity and housecleaning.

Stephen McCauley's new novel is a moving and hilarious chronicle of life in post-traumatic, morally ambiguous America where the desire to do good is constantly being tripped up by the need to feel good. Right now. William Collins is a real estate agent working near Boston. Despite a boom market, his sales figures aren't what they should be, due mostly to the distractions of compulsive ironing and housecleaning binges and his penchant for nightly online cruising for hookups - "less impersonal than old-fashioned anonymous sex because you exchanged fake names with the person.

Kumiko had a fondness for mournful sopranos. Morning, I said, trying to inject as much optimism into the greeting as possible. She spun around, alarmed. You frightened me, she accused. I squinted at the blinding sunlight. She shook out a pillowcase and laid it on the ground. I suppose it depends upon your definition of lovely. The sun is out, I said. It must make everything dry more quickly. She had droopy, sorrowful eyes, and when she looked at me, it was often with the pity a believer feels for the unenlightened

McCauley Stephen (EN)

McCauley Stephen (EN). Stephen McCauley's new novel is a moving and hilarious chronicle of life in post-traumatic, morally ambiguous America where the desire to do good is constantly being tripped up by the need to feel good.

Alternatives to Sex - Stephen McCauley. My decision to practice celibacy had nothing to do with prudery or penance, morality or manners, dysfunction, or fear of disease. It had very little to do with sex.

carousel previous carousel next. Insignificant Others: A Novel. Alternatives to Sex - Stephen McCauley. It was all about real estate.

Where Am I? An Alternative to Se. An Alternative to Kumiko.

Where Am I? An Alternative to Sex. An Alternative to Vacuuming. Landlord 101.

Alternatives to sex. To Anita Diamant and Amy Hoffman. with love and gratitude.

Rare book
Comments (7)
How rare is the novel that you don't want to end? The type that you find yourself reading slower and slower as it goes along because you can't bear to come to the last page. How rare the book that you finish and instantaneously begin reading again.

I loved Alternatives to Sex. Loved the main character and his odd quirks and subtle sense of humor. Loved the various loonies inhabiting his life. Characters both larger than life and cartoonish too.

This is an easy read, a fun read, glamorous and ridiculously hilarious both. One that makes you suddenly laugh out loud, makes you repeat lines to your friends. But beyond the mirth, there is also depth, happily not of the sappy or obvious variety. In fact, this is a brilliant composite of life, both gay and straight, in the first hours of the 21st century. It reminded me most of a gay-slanted, modern version of Hal Ashby's movie Shampoo. As that film distilled social and sexual mores during the Nixon-Watergate era, this novel successfully encapsulates life in the early, shattering days just after 9/11.

I've always felt that the best writers are the understated ones. Those that cast out the pieces and let the reader find what they will. From the daffy early pages to the chilly, satisfying conclusion, this is a book to savor. And ending in rhyme, I say, do yourself a favor.
This man is a magnificently clever writer. Alternatives is the secod book of his I've read in the last two weeks. My Ex-Life being the first. Both have been laugh out loud experiences every page of the way. If you like your snark east coasty, real and razor sharp, McCauley will not disappoint.
I love Stephen McCauley. I have read most of his books and I'm never disappointed. They're considered fiction, but you can see the author in the characters. It's as if he 'tells on himself' in each wonderful story. The obsessions, fears, and dysfunctions he see's in his friends are all somehow hilarious despite the problems they cause. What a rare gift he has, being able to transmit the pathos of life as a conflicted, sensitive gay man. His books make me laugh and cry at the same time. Always a worthwhile read!
This book is a guilty pleasure. The characters were interesting and there’s a cohesiveness to the story that keeps the pages turning.
If you are gay and looking for fiction that will be intriguing, interesting, and perhaps tastefully sexy, then Alternatives to Sex: A Novel by Stephen McCauley is definitely the book for you.

This book definitely has universal appeal, and can be comprehended by the young or old, the rich or poor, and the gay or straight. However, books with this depth and appeal with a gay protagonist can difficult to find. Stephen McCauley always delivers.
It's been a while since I have been able to sit down and read a book that would not let me put it down. Chalk full of colorful but (in some fashion) familiar characters, I like this novels casual approach to the subjects and plot-line. Not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but the novel is written well. A nice mixture of sex, real estate, marraige, couples, friends, enemies, and blunt people.
This book was ridiculous. I threw it in the trash.
This book is a page-turner. A must for anyone who likes sex or real estate.