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by Darwin Porter

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Author: Darwin Porter
ISBN: 1877978957
Language: English
Pages: 448 pages
Category: Literature & Fiction
Publisher: The Florida Literary Foundatio (2004)
Rating: 4.8
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Into his tattered duffel bag, he dug for his possessions. An address book filled mainly with street numbers and telephones of long-forgotten people.

1976 Reprinted 1977, 1978, 1980. Into his tattered duffel bag, he dug for his possessions. A pair of swimming trunks he'd found on the beach one day. Two avocados and three oranges he'd picked up when passing through farm country on the mainland.

Darwin Porter (born September 13, 1937, in Greensboro, North Carolina) is America's leading travel writer, producing numerous titles, mostly for the Frommer Guidebook series, over a 50-year career span. In the 21st century, he became a pop culture, and celebrity biographer. Porter was the son of Hazel Lee Phillips, a fashion designer, and Paul Suggs, an attorney. His stepfather, Numie Rowan Porter, adopted him and changed his last name.

Butterflies in Heat book. Nevertheless, I'd walk the waterfront for Numie any day. - -Tennessee Williams. We know from the beginning that we're getting into a hotbed that has morbid fascination for potential readers. Butterflies in Heat evolves, in fact, into one massive melee of malevolence, vendetta, and e-v-i-l, stunningly absorbing alone for its sheer and unrelenting exploration of the lower depths.

Butterflies in Heat evolves, in fact, into one massive melee of malevolence, vendetta, and e-v-i-l, stunningly absorbing alone for its sheer and unrelenting exploration of the lower depths.

Butterflies in Heat (Paperback). Darwin Porter (author). Sometimes described as a cult classic, this book has many fans. Until its sales records were broken by other works by other authors in the mid-1980s, Butterflies in Heat reigned for several years as one of the best-selling underground novels in the history of publishing. 1) A tasteful version of blue butterflies against a blue-violet background and 2) a more controversial version featuring male pinup Diego.

Author Darwin Porter.

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Darwin Porter's earlier novel, Butterflies in Heat, plays a bigpart in his latest novel, Midnight in Savannah, and turns out to be much better than this new release. I was a huge fan of John Berendt's Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil, so I enjoyed the fun that Porter poked at it. However, Porter ends up using it as a melodramatic crutch.

Scorching, bizarre, and flamboyant. The most scorching novel of the bizarre, the flamboyant, the corrupt since Midnight Cowboy. This strikingly beautiful, blond hustler has come to the end of the line. Here, in the searing heat of the tropical cay, he was to arouse passions in six flamboyant but vulnerable people whose lives mesh under the blood-red sun.

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Scorching, bizarre, and flamboyant. A strikingly beautiful blond hustler, Numie Chase, comes to the searing heat of Tortuga, southernmost point in the Continental US--the end of the line.

There, he arouses passions in six decadent but vulnerable people, whose lives mesh together under the blood-red sun.

Comments (6)
The book is well written about a male hustler just getting beyond his prime. I was expecting a story about the title characters interacting with men but mostly he is involved with women or transvestites. I found the book not as interesting as I hoped from the reviews. The female players were unusual and arresting but I just couldn't get into them that much. As a result the book didn't grab me and I found the pages and pages dealing with them only mildly interesting. I also found it somewhat difficult to accept that a bi hustler could find so many females willing to pay for sex. Maybe that is so but it's not something I have known about.
Butterflies in Heat ranks with Gore Vidal's CITY AND THE PILLAR as a text that has helped to define the gay spirit of America since 1968. It was written when Porter was only 19, and it continues to sell, year after year, coming in and out of fashion as new generations of gay men recognize its appeal. As late as 1998-9, it was the number one best-selling gay novel in New York City, according to a poll conducted by New York's LGNY magazine. Writers as diverse as James Kirkwood (original author of CHORUS LINE), James Leo Herlihy (author of the novel MIDNIGHT COWBOY on which the movie was eventually based) and Tennessee Williams have praised it for its unique insights into the world and value system of a male "blond god" hustler (Numie Chase) whose spiritual and phallic forces are sapped by the insatiable demands of four flamboyant clients. They include a black drag queen, an aging and imperious fashion designer, a "conventionally alienated" gay male ... , and a dull but "nice girl" looking for love. They, along with a host of vividly colorful secondary players, are among American literature's most exotic, fascinating, and bizarre characters ever created. Each competes recklessly for a piece of Numie's flesh.
BUTTERFLIES IN HEAT is the gay world's equivalent of SUNSET BOULEVARD or ALL ABOUT EVE--with legions of fans who appreciate that someone had the insight to write about the sex-and-barter (and "negotiated love") dynamics that inevitably affect all of us, and unless we're very smart, can sometimes permeate or even pollute the quality of our long-term relationships.
As BESTSELLERS once wrote, "BUTTERFLIES IN HEAT is a hotbed of morbid fascination for readers, evolving into a massive melee of melevolence, vendetta, and e-v-i-l, stunningly absorbing alone for its sheer and unrelenting exploration of the lower depths." Those words are as true today as they were in the past.
I grew up with this book, and I came out of the closet partly based on the images it contains. Because of the huge effect it has had on me as an adult gay male, it occupies a place of honor on my bookshelves. I plan to re-read it every decade. At least.
Darwin Porter's uninhibited novel theough set in the 1950s brings back the great era when gay men and gay writers were not afraid to recount melodramas of sexual and emotional desires acted out by "abnormal" characters. Without the self pity or mock empathy shown by Tennessee Williams or any "tragic" moral ending, Porter tells the picaresque tale of the hung but psychologically-absent hustler Numie caught between at least four powerful desiring lovers: a black drag queen, an aging fashion designer (no doubt based on D.V.), a gay kinsey type on a "sex trip," and a straight woman looking for true love. Numie (the Hustler) wants true love too...the only problem is that all the love objects he fantasises about saving him are narcissistic egomaniacs on a tolstoyan scale. Almodovar, Genet and Fassbinder watch out! This book is a wonderful and unapologatic look at the lives that we (gay men)led before the homogenous normalized gay identity of the 80s was formed. It is of great sociological interest, fantastically witty and absorbing, and intensely moving. Before we were liberated we WERE fabulous!
This was one of the worst books I ever read. I found the novel utterly depressing and vapid, where the characters never learn from their mistakes or progress in any fashion. All the other characters use Numie, the protagonist, and he lets them do so. If a nasty, bitchy "Dynasty"/"Melrose Place" sort of book is your thing, then this is for you. I am amazed I actually finished it.
Enjoyed it!