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by Beverly Bartlett

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Author: Beverly Bartlett
ISBN: 0446695580
Language: English
Pages: 272 pages
Category: Women's Fiction
Publisher: 5 Spot; First Edition edition (March 13, 2007)
Rating: 4.2
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Sub: Fiction

Cover Girl Confidential book.

Cover Girl Confidential book. Beverly Bartlett's exploration of modern immigration, refugee families, and the assumptions and stereotypes about multi-racial children enlighten the reader within the gossipy innuendo of the story. Bartlett updates the coming-to-America story for the new millennium and gives us laughter, wisdom and insight in the process. COVER GIRL CONFIDENTIAL is a highly recommended chick-lit celebrity romance with an underlying significance for modern relationships.

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Beverly Bartlett Cover Girl Confidential.

Styled as a royal biography, this clever and witty debut follows a fictitious princess whose svengali is a mechanic who takes his advice from Bruce Springsteen. Bride of a high-society golden boy.

She's the host of a wildly popular, top-rated morning show. Bride of a high-society golden boy. A veritable household name. An immigrant rags-to-riches story that's the American dream personified-and so perfect for Hollywood. Men want her. Women wish they could be her. But now Addison is in jail awaiting deportation and her celebrity rating is falling faster than a discount boob job. Maybe the First Lady's personal vendetta is to blame. (Addison insists that the president was pulling her onto his lap when that photo was taken.) Or perhaps everything started to go downhill when she threw exercise equipment at her husband on live TV. (Addison says the jerk had it coming.)
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furious ox
This is a fun book, and can be read fast. I happened to have two free days, and the book helped fill the time. The character of Addison is very likeable, if a bit naive, considering the people she has worked with, but that adds to her charm. Parts of it are funny, some parts you have to suspend reality-- being fired in the middle of your own TV show when you are the hottest thing going is not going to happen. Also, the author made mention that the Kentucky Derby only draws stars from below the A-list. This was a surprise, since the Barnstable-Brown party always gets the good ones, all A-listers. The author is from my hometown, Louisville, so apparently, this was said tongue-in-cheek and she knew better. But that's OK. It's still a good read.
Cover Girl Confidential isn't a deep, though provoking book. But it's great if you want a short, easy read. Some of the events are a bit outrageous, but at the very least, they made me chuckle. The characters have their quirks, which makes them interesting, but for the most part, they are one-dimensional.
I did not like this book at all. I could not even get past the first chapter. I put it in the reading center at my work and it is still there so I guess I'm not the only one who can't get into it. Not worth the money I paid got it.
This is the story of an “exotic” beauty’s rags-to-riches-to-slammer story. (“exotic” because of the indiscernible ethnicity.)

Full of pop culture references that makes you feel like you’re in Hollywood Land. Yeah, I’m not into all that glitz and glamour.

“I was less the child of my parents and more a child of America.” (19) All Addison wanted was to be in the spotlight. She was such a vain and shallow character that sometimes comes up with a witty remark.

Why did I choose to read this? I must’ve gotten it for a reason, but I just can’t remember. In any sense, story wasn’t for me.
Reviewed by Stephanie Rollins for Reader Views (3/07)

If only I did not have any responsibilities, I would have read this in one sitting. Since that is not the case, it took me two days. I took it with me everywhere I went with the hope that I could read it, if only for a few minutes.

"Cover Girl Confidential" is about a woman by the name of Addison who becomes a celebrity personality. She reminds me of an exotic-looking Kelly Ripa. She is bubbly to the point of being an airhead, but you still have to love her. Kelly Ripa's love life is much more stable than Addison's. From the beginning, I hated Hughes, who she dates and marries. In the end, I wanted to throw things at him as Addison does.

Beverly Bartlett makes many references to pop culture icons. "I even took up knitting...They say even Russell Crowe is doing it." "She carried with her a spiffy skirt and jacket from the Versace fall collection that Ryan Secrest had shipped to her."

Bartlett has such humor. In one part, Hughes complains to Addison that a co-worker is too lazy to say his names; the co-worker calls him Hewey. Addison nods, but thinks to herself that Hewey has more syllables than Hughes. In another section, a senator threatens Addison. "...she would send my `skinny ass' back to `wherever it was' that I came from." "Skinny? I though excitedly, distracted by the unintentional compliment." Addison thinks in calories, so this was a big deal for her.

Addison is obsessed with calories, or the lack of, and email boards. She accidentally becomes a poster child for gay marriages--and she is not gay. She has a cover shot of herself in nothing but gauze and cotton-balls. She throws exercise equipment at her husband while on television. It becomes the "only frequently viewed Internet video of a clothed couple."

"Cover Girl Confidential" has humor and twists and turns on every single page. This is the beach book of the summer. "Cover Girl Confidential" is a book to recommend to all of your friends. Read and laugh! I am on my way to get Bartlett's other book, "Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle."

Received book free of charge.
Rollers from Abdun
I really liked this author's first book, but this one is even better. It's fast, it's funny, it's clever, and it has a twist at the end that I absolutely did not see coming.

There's not an author out there who does a better job than Bartlett of using elements of the real world to make her fictional world seem both more true-to-life and more outrageous. She has a wonderful sense of satire and a unique way of affectionately tweaking America's obsession with pop culture. In this book, she's found the perfect way to balance celebrity fun/fluff with other aspects of 21st-century America, namely immigration issues, [...] marriage, and a few others besides. And yet she does it with an incredibly light touch. It's a real treat to read a book so funny and entertaining, and yet written with such brains and heart.
I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I laughed out loud in places and liked the way the author mixed real celebrities into the plot. (Hey, any book that starts with someone kissing George Clooney has to be good!)

But I also liked that the book touches on real social issues, immigration, gay marriage, celebrity watching. (All the important stuff.)