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by Bob Sanchez

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Author: Bob Sanchez
ISBN: 0595407706
Language: English
Pages: 307 pages
Category: Humor & Satire
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (November 9, 2006)
Rating: 4.5
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Sub: Fiction

When pigs fly. By Bob Sanchez. I’ll win when pigs fly! A dozen customers talked about striking it rich next time.

When pigs fly. Chapter 1. Lowell, Massachusetts. The Big Belly Deli buzzed with the chatter of happy losers. Who won the hundred million bucks last night? Not me! I wish! If only! I’ll win when pigs fly! A dozen customers talked about striking it rich next time. Diet Cola looked over their heads as the TV news reporter interviewed the owner of the deli where the winning ticket had been sold. The skinny man looked into the camera and said he came from New Delhi

When Pigs Fly, by Bob Sanchez, is the most unorthodox book I've ever read. I'm not referring to the religious connotations of unorthodox, but to the fact that the book is totally unconventional.

When Pigs Fly, by Bob Sanchez, is the most unorthodox book I've ever read. It's hysterically funny and at the same time truly disgusting. But only when decked-out in sequins.

Sanchez, Bob. A wooden wall contained a collage of neckties nailed like the scalps of overdressed patrons. that looked like a mole burrowing just under a layer of fabric. The restaurant logo, an improbably gold image of a burrito, showed lines of curly steam above her right breast. She led them to a table where his parents waited. His father wore pressed slacks, a sport coat and a blue shirt with the stub of a red silk tie cut off just below the knot

Bob Sanchez quotes Showing 1-1 of 1. Mack drove over to Boot Hill, an old cemetery where they’d buried the second-place finishers in gunfights of yore. Bob Sanchez, When Pigs Fly.

Bob Sanchez quotes Showing 1-1 of 1. Books by Bob Sanchez. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Books by Bob Sanchez. My three crime novels are When Pigs Fly, Getting Lucky, and Little Mountain. Well, it's about time I set up a separate page to talk about my books. Last year was a good one for my ebooks, with about 97,000 downloads. When Pigs Fly is the most popular, because there isn't a serious page in the whole book. Getting Lucky is a semi-serious . story, while Little Mountain is a gritty police procedural with a twist.

Here are several short tales meant to chill, cheer, or amuse. When Pigs Fly. Bob Sanchez. They will neither educate you nor make you a better person, but perhaps they will make you smile. Nankichi Niimi is undoubtedly one of Japan's most highly regarded writers of fantasy fiction. Book 3 of Tales from a Japanese Dreamland is an introduction to Niimi's writing through one of his most famous children's stories  .

Sanchez Bob. Categories: Fiction. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. Little Mountain. Praise for the author: Bob Sanchez is a consummate writer. You wrote a book? That’s nice, dear. I hope it doesn’t have any dirty words. You Can’t Be Too Careful.

Howard Crabtree’s When Pigs Fly, the politically charged musical revue was a hit in the late 1990s. This campy, over the top costumed extravaganza is coming back this October revived with the man who clothed Cher, Liza, Carol and Barbie, the fabulous Bob Mackie. The plot of When Pigs Fly is described as follows: In a hastily booked theater under renovation, Howard struggles to put on a lavish musical revue over numerous obstacles, including the near-mutiny of his cast, and the nagging memory of his high school guidance counselor, who told him he’d succeed ‘when pigs fl.

New Mexico, United States. View my complete profile.

Bob Sanchez hits all the right notes in this zany comedy that will keep you turning the pages-and laughing out loud! Leslie Meier, author of The Lucy Stone Mystery Series.Retired cop Mack Durgin used to bust perpetrators in Massachusetts, but now he's widowed and living in Arizona. When a FedEx driver drops off an urn filled with his friend's ashes at his front door, Mack reluctantly knows he must fulfill George Ashe's final wish: to have his remains spread over the Grand Canyon. But Mack has no clue what lies hidden within the urn besides his friend's ashes.On his journey through the desert, Mack meets the entrancing Calliope Vrattos, a former waitress in a bar that holds Elvis impersonation contests. Diet Cola is an ex-con who loves greasy food, but more than anything else, he desperately wants what he hid in the urn. Cola hooks up with a pair of loony housebreakers, a bald Elvis impersonator, and a dope head with an outline of his brain tattooed on his skull. With a bit of luck and a lot of junk food, they trace Mack to the little town of Pincushion, Arizona. George Ashe may not be alive, but his remains are having the adventure of a lifetime.As Mack encounters one crazed character after another in his quest to fulfill his friend's last wish, he realizes that life is a gamble and that pigs really do fly.
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When Pigs Fly, by Bob Sanchez, is the most unorthodox book I've ever read. I'm not referring to the religious connotations of unorthodox, but to the fact that the book is totally unconventional. It's hysterically funny and at the same time truly disgusting.

The 'Mystery' hinges on a lottery ticket and ceramic urn filled with a dead man's ashes. The villain, Diet Cola, is every person's worst nightmare. A horrible slob, without conscience. The characters that cross his path are a bizarre and outlandish group. Ace and Frosty, two Abbott and Costello, criminals do have a conscience although it doesn't always get in the way of their petty crimes. Elvis Hornacre believes he is the real 'King' (Elvis Presley) and dresses accordingly. He literally lets it all hang out. Calliope Vrattos is a former barmaid with a purse full of common but deadly weapons. Carrick and Brodie Durgin are a geriatric couple going blithely through life, aiding and abetting even wounded criminals, while their son, Mack Durgin, retired cop, seems to be one of the more sane people occupying the pages of the book. Mack does, however, talk to his dead friend's ashes and has an unfortunate one-night-stand with someone he visualizes as Mae West. Her boyfriend, called Zippy, because he has a zipper tattooed over his brain, takes exception and - well - it all comes together in one rollicking, fascinating wedding adventure atop the Grand Canyon where Diet Cola shows up in nothing but a hospital gown. I'll leave you now to either read the book or try to make sense of this review. Before I go, I must mention the most important character; Poindexter the pig. Do pigs really fly? Sometimes. But only when decked-out in sequins.

So, if you aren't offended by smelly arm-pits, rapid rise testosterone, and other bodily functions, then I think you'll enjoy this raunchy, highly entertaining offering by Bob Sanchez. I promise you won't read another quite like it!
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Summer time. Some years all those fantasies come true. Endless blue skies. Beach blanket with book. Not this year.

But I did find a fine summer read: WHEN PIGS FLY by Bob Sanchez.

Imagine John Kennedy Toole's CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES goes to the Southwest.

An amazing mix of ribald, raucous and raunchy characters -- including a javelina and one bad guy nicknamed Diet Cola -- pursue the American dream, while our hero, retired police officer Mack Durgin, complete with dotty and doting parents, tries to honor the ashes of a dear friend.

Mack's quest truly begins at The Snake in the Grass, a cheap bar, where Mack confronts his melancholy over his wife's death by drinking himself to oblivion and awakening with a missing wallet, a hammering headache, and a memory of a woman with unbelievable breasts.

If the plot were only funny and fantastical, that would be enough. But Sanchez, with his vivid description, brings an astonishing diverse cast of characters to life, each character endearing in his or her very unique way. It's also clear that Sanchez loves the desert. His skill in crafting description leads to sheer reading pleasure. One example as two shady types case a small bungalow: "Its gray shingles were all curled up and covered with pine needles, and its gray cupboard siding looked like somebody hit it with a hammer in eleventy-two places."

Sanchez gives us a story that entertains as we follow the whimsical adventures of characters who seemingly have nothing in common. As his engaging crew of characters gather at the overlook to the Grand Canyon after a cross-country romp, Sanchez redefines a comic misadventure with sympathy and authentic caring for the dreams we share about love, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

WHEN PIGS FLY? Perfect summer reading!
Once I realized that "When Pigs Fly" was a wacky rollercoaster of a fun novel, I just threw my arms up and enjoyed the ride! Assuming Mr. Sanchez won't take offense at being compared to the late, great Elmore Leonard, I thought "When Pigs Fly" was possibly a subtle tribute to "Get Shorty".
"When Pigs Fly" stands on its own quite well, with enjoyable characters, a plot that zigged when I expected it to zag, and a fair amount of sharply-written humor which may have been fueled by more than one margarita. (But definitely not one too many, as this novel never slips over the edge into silliness.)

Although Mr. Sanchez's other novels appear to be much more serious, I purchased them both after finishing "When Pigs Fly"...I suspect this author to be a darned good writer!