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by Kate Ross

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Author: Kate Ross
ISBN: 0340649240
Language: English
Pages: 448 pages
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: New English Library Ltd; New Ed edition (1996)
Rating: 4.4
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Kate Ross doesn't waste a syllable on padding or red herrings as Julian pursues the culprit through an ever more sordid and confusing labyrinth. I've read all 4 Julian Kestrel novels and have loved them all.

Kate Ross doesn't waste a syllable on padding or red herrings as Julian pursues the culprit through an ever more sordid and confusing labyrinth. Her story makes crucial use of the classism, sexism, and anti-Semitism of the age, but her style is so limpid and her comic touch so deft that these elements rarely obtrude. Ross is of the full-disclosure school, and is well-versed in the classics of the genre - to say which ones, however, would spoil the game. My only aint is that it appears that the 4th novel is the last. If Kate Ross were to continue the series, I'd be a happy camper.

Whom the Gods Love book. Enter Julian Kestrel to solve the mystery. Alexander Falkland hasn't an enemy in the world. Alexander Falkland, who sounds like he was the up and coming golden boy of London society, was bludgeoned to death in his own home. While almost no one has an airtight alibi, the house was crawling with people- who don't seem to have seen anything. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Whom the Gods Love (Julian Kestrel Mysteries, as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

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Please sit down," said Julian. No, thank you, sir, I'd rather stand. You've been in service with Mrs. Falkland's family for some years?""Yes, sir. Eugene's father-died. My mistress was seven, and Mr. Eugene was three.

Fans of Regency-era romances will love this series, featuring the dashing Julian Kestrel. But it will also be catnip for devotees of classic gentlemen-sleuth mysteries, like those by Dorothy Sayers: with his quips, his impeccable tailoring and his knack for solving problems that baffle the police, Kestrel is the spiritual godfather to Lord Peter Wimsey. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

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Destination, rates & speeds. 5. Whom the Gods Love (Julian Kestrel Mystery). Published by Penguin Books.

Book in the Julian Kestrel Mysteries Series)

Book in the Julian Kestrel Mysteries Series). I mourn Julian Kestrel, and even more, I mourn Kate Ross, the gifted writer who created him. I would have read ten, twenty or more Kestrel books, but alas, there are only four. In WHOM THE GODS LOVE, Kestrel investigates the death of a "golden boy" who turned out to have a nasty way of ferreting out other people's secrets and turning them to his advantage. I recommend WHOM THE GODS LOVE and all the other Kestrel books to anyone who enjoys the work of Anne Perry and Dorothy L. Sayers.

Kestrel, Julian (Fictitious character), Private investigators. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Comments (7)
Spellbinding mystery about who killed Alexander, a seemingly well loved young man who appeared to have it all - including friends, wealth, a beautiful wife, loving father, plus many abilities and talents. Although we are inclined to admire Alexander during the beginning pages, we soon realize there was more to Alexander than met the eye.

When Alexander's father, Sir Malcolm, requests Julian Kestrel's help in finding the murderer of his beloved son, Julian is all over it. Working with Vance, a Bow Street Runner, who has been a regular character in other books, Julian's sharp mind immediately begins to work at the speed of light.

Throughout the course of this book, we are taken into some dark places, but Julian's clean "cut to the chase" methodology leaves nobody - absolutely nobody in Alexander's world clear of suspicion. Every single person present at the social gathering where Alexander was murdered, might be "guilty until proven innocent" so to speak. Along the way to the solving of the murder, I found some of the truths about Alexander's past difficult reading, but there is no holding back as we are dragged through the mire until a type of "righteousness" ultimately prevails. I suspect some readers will have a few characters figured out before the "big reveal" - in a couple of cases, the evidence was quite obvious. However, there were a couple of surprises in store for me.

Really great writing. Again, I say - so sad that Kate Ross passed at an age when so much of her life was yet to be lived.
"It wasn't a robbery, it wasn't a duel, it wasn't anything that ordinary human experience could school us to understand or accept. That's what makes it all so terrible - that he should have been killed, brutally murdered, for no reason!" Sir Malcolm Falkland asks Julian Kestrel to investigate the death of his son Alexander, handsome and charming, rich and adapt at investments, friends with a wide range of people, married to a beautiful wife, adored by his wife's brother and on and on. A paragon! He was going to study for the bar and maybe even go into politics. As Julian reminds Sir Malcolm, an investigation is going to turn up things that might be surprising, painful, embarrassing. And Julian proceeds with Sir Malcolm's approval. Soon we meet a number of Alexander's friends - a young barrister, a Jewish financier - and Julian works together with Bow Street to uncover what happened to Alexander. He does, of course. Some aspects of the solution require us to just keep reading, trusting Julian, dismissing any urge to question anything (or even giggle). Overall, a great read.
This is Ross's third outing with Julian Krestel and is the best. We aren't distracted with too much of his dallying; instead, he gets right to solving the murder of a young man at the request of his father. There is a portrait of the young man in his home and the narrator often references it and how handsome and winsome the man is. If you are familiar with Dorian Grey, this should be a warning. Indeed, the narrator and Julian take the reader on the hunt to find out the true character of the murder victim. I enjoyed this book very much. Good mystery. Good characters. Interesting short asides into Julian's life. Sadly, there is only one more. If you like period mysteries and envisioning a different time (however accurately), you will like it too.
This third book, by far, is the best produced by Kate Ross. It was so well put together from beginning to end. It was the most complete novel that I've consumed in a very long time. Her knowledge of the period is outstanding including language and geography. A most enjoyable read. And yes, we are finally getting some history on the mysterious Julian Kestrel, whose antecedents were completely unavailable until partially being introduced in this book. Of course, there is only one book remaining and I wonder if Kestrel's background will ever be fully disclosed.
Was not and am not content with certain aspects of the resolution involving the lady in this story. Cannot reveal specifics without spoiling the mystery but I came away feeling there was a mixed message regarding the actions of one of the suspects toward her and a stated conclusion of "If only..." made once it is all revealed. Just left a bad taste in my mouth. Otherwise a wonderful book in an all too short series of great books. Still highly recommended, especially since the mystery involving another woman in this book (nearly) makes up for the disappointment with its satisfying conclusion.
This is a wonderful period mystery with well developed characters - one cares what happens to them, likes and dislikes them, shares in their suspense, is shocked when they're shocked (unless one has already figured-out that part of the mystery - but there are many well-done plot-twists), and probably feels that it all ended well by the last page of the book. Excellently written. Engaging story. One does wish there were more than 4 Julian Kestrel mysteries, but without Kate Ross there can't be. Enjoy those four; they really are a cut above most in the genre.
Kate Ross was to be another favorite author and I regret that she is no longer with us. The Julian Kestrel series was such a joy to read. Ms. Ross pays attention to detail and was able to create visual scenes and character images in my mind that at times, as I read, it was as if I was watching a movie. Many authors try but most don't succeed as brilliantly as Ms. Ross has in development of scenes and characters. I strongly recommend this series to any one with an affection for the early 1800's. All else had been said by other 5 star reviewers and I concur with their reviews.
These are excellent complex regency mysteries. Each will stand alone, but if you read one you'll probably want the whole series. They are well written with full developed characters. I'll admit I had figured out one of the key clues, but not ultimately "who done it."