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by Thomas Berger

Download Crazy in Berlin: An novel fb2
Author: Thomas Berger
ISBN: 0440510856
Language: English
Pages: 438 pages
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: Delta/S. Lawrence; Edition Unstated edition (1982)
Rating: 4.4
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Sub: Fiction

A Biography Of Thomas Berger. Other author's books: Abnormal Occurrences: Short Stories. Adventures of the Artificial Woman: A Novel. Best Friends: A Novel. The Return of Little Big Man. Suspects.

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Thomas Berger (1924–2014), whom the Times Literary Supplement called one of the century’s most important writers, was the author of twenty-three novels

Thomas Berger (1924–2014), whom the Times Literary Supplement called one of the century’s most important writers, was the author of twenty-three novels.

CRAZY IN BERLIN is the first novel in the saga of Carlo Reinhart. American literature has produced a number of flawed heroes.

New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, (1958). Praised by Newsweek as a writer of enormous wit and incisive wisdom, Thomas Berger based much of his first novel, Crazy in Berlin, on his own experiences. Octavo, original gray-green cloth, original dust jacket. The novel shines with a lurid glo. acabre, sinister in its surrealistic view of occupied Berlin following WWII, with "memorable scenes in these pulsating pages that introduce Berger’s unlikely hero, Carl Reinhart (New York Times). Crazy in Berlin quickly established Berger as one of America’s most innovative writers.

Crazy in Berlin book. Thomas Louis Berger was an American novelist, probably best known for his picaresque novel Little Big Man, which was adapted into a film by Arthur Penn. CRAZY IN BERLIN is the first novel in the saga of Carlo Reinhart  .

The truth is always made up of little particulars which sound ridiculous when repeated. The third novel in Thomas Berger’s acclaimed Carlo Reinhart Series, Vital Parts is a stingingly hilarious swipe at twentieth-century culture and mores.

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He saw Very’s large, maternal shadow in the darker cavity of the office doorway posed; part of his trouble was . .

He saw Very’s large, maternal shadow in the darker cavity of the office doorway posed; part of his trouble was a derangement of the sense of time. No, he would not lie. Be fair to yourself, the doctors told him, but surely that did not mean believing falsehoods. His first occupation had been resentment and self-pity, for Schild stayed dead

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Paperback book.
Comments (7)
Don't know what to make of this book. After the first two chapters I was beginning to wonder if I had gone nuts. Seemed like total gibberish to me but nobody else had rated it below four stars so I thought I must be missing something. I've read other books by Thomas Berger and found all to be brilliantly written and quite readable but this one really seemed beyond me. I even tried listening to the audio but the narration was totally devoid of inflection and oblivious to punctuation marks. After moving on to a different book, I decided to give this one another shot. I'm not sure if the syntax cleaned itself up or if I just learned the language, but it did become a little easier. The story is actually a good one. If you're thinking of reading your first Thomas Berger novel, I would start with Little Big Man or Neighbors. Save this one for later. Or at least read the sample provided before you make a purchase. Don't know what kind of a rating to give this but I have to give it something.
I read about 1/4 of this book and could not make myself finish it. I was frustrated by the convoluted and circuitous writing. Characters were much too self absorbed and the "action," if you could call it that, moved at a snail's pace. This was more like existential philosophy than an interesting read.
Phallozs Dwarfs
Berger has an unusual literary voice and can be a little difficult to read, but he's worth the effort, particularly his earlier books and all of the Reinhart series. He's one of the the truly fine writers of the 20th century and utterly unique.
I think other reviewers have summarized the plot and the value in reading this book better than I could. E-books are great for helping us discover books that are out of print, so thank you Amazon!

A few words of caution to those (like me) that read Berger for the first time. It can be a little challenging to read his writing style; not for lack of interest, but because there are many compound sentences, complex characters, and subtle nuances throughout the book. In order to get the most out of this, I suggest reading it with your undivided attention. It is definitely a worthwhile read!
So bad, I had to stop reading it.
Berger is much better than this book, read "the feud"
Or "sneaky people ", much better.
Another very entertaining book by a very different author. Not the sort of thing to expect from any average author, and Berger is in no sense "average."
elegant stranger
Thomas Berger is simply a wonderful writer. I first read this many years ago and then discovered his other existing books and looked forward to all of the new ones as they came along. Now, I'm re-reading everything on my kindle.