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by Bryan Au

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Author: Bryan Au
ISBN: 1434812774
Language: English
Pages: 162 pages
Category: Cooking Methods
Publisher: CreateSpace (October 14, 2007)
Rating: 4.4
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5 people found this helpful. The author states he is involved in many different endeavors. Raw in Ten Minutes seemed to be one of those endeavors that did not have complete dedication. You can call nuts good fat, but fat is fat and it can build up in your arteries.

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More by Bryan Au. Raw Food In Ten Minutes: How to make the best Raw Organic Meals in just 10 Minutes! .

Five Star Raw Spa Cuisine with Chef Bryan Au. Bryan Au. Raw Star Recipes: Organic Meals, Snacks and Desserts in 10 Minutes. Great book for making the transition to raw food eating. com User, July 18, 2006.

My new book RAW IN TEN MINUTES is about making the best most amazing cuisine on the planet easier .

My new book RAW IN TEN MINUTES is about making the best most amazing cuisine on the planet easier, practical, fun so that it is mainstream and normal. It is designed for the total beginner with no kitchen skills to the advanced Raw Foodists that want new exciting recipes, food items and totally innovative new techniques. Enter to win the Raw in Ten Minutes book and, or DVD! You can enter this contest two different ways on or before December 11, 2006.

With Raw In 10 Minutes, making healthy raw foods is FASTER than preparing junk food! .

With Raw In 10 Minutes, making healthy raw foods is FASTER than preparing junk food! And there's no microwaving, no boiling, baking, grilling or frying involved. Just pure, natural, unprocessed and medicinally-active real food ingredients, most of which you can find at a local grocery store or health food grocer. This book condenses more than ten thousand hours of raw foods chef experience into a simple, straightforward recipe book that transforms the typical dull experience of eating the same old food into a brain-stimulating adventure filled with raw food sensations and healing vibrations! It's amazingly simple to follow, too.

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Bryan Au is the author of RAW IN TEN MINUTES, a best selling raw organic recipe book. Learn how to prepare your holiday feast using organic ingredients. These special recipes do not have any: Dairy, gluten, casein, animal product or wheat.

There is a new FULL COLOR ECO CHEF BRYAN AU RECIPE and this book won't be available only the new one! Totally innovative, new recipes That are all unique, fast, easy, modeled to look and taste just like all of your favorite "cooked""baked""deep fried" comfort and junk foods but it is Raw Living Organic Bliss! It only looks and tastes like your favorite comfort and junk foods but is an adventure into "Super Foods", high vibrational cuisine that will amplify your Yoga, Creativity, Beauty, Anti-Age You Naturally and Rejuvenate You! The all natural Fountain of Youth, to ignite your Spirit and Re-energize your Soul! Fast, quick, easy, fun all RAW IN TEN MINUTES! Health is your ultimate Wealth so share the gift of health with your friends, family and loved ones with RAW IN TEN MINUTES, with up to the minute information about nutrition, health and more!
Comments (7)
While the recipes might be fine (I've so far tried the macaroni and cheese, which was good but not great, and didn't taste much like M&C), this is a difficult book to read without being annoyed.

The writing is redundant in both ideas and use of vocabulary ("super" as an adjective, sometimes more than once in the same sentence--what is he, a 16-year-old valley girl?--many recipes described as "creamy and delicious", the repeated claim that people love X recipe---I've seen the DVD that has some of these recipes in, and the taste-testers don't seem that enthusiastic about his creations).

Many recipes use a lot of olive oil: not appealing to those of us who prefer WHOLE foods and limited added fats.

Ingredient lists for recipes are sometimes presented in a jumbled fashion, so you have to read through the recipe to find out which ingredients are for which element of the recipe. Instructions are also sometimes not clear (are quantities for soaked nuts before or after soaking?).

Many of the recipes would take quite a bit more than 10 minutes, as they require several elements (from other recipes) to create.
This book helped me a great deal when I was first converting to a raw diet.
**Pros of raw in 10 minutes
Doesn't call for dehydration or fancy blenders. Makes raw cooking easy!
Some recipes call for ingredients that are hard to find, I use substitutions for some. . But I truly love this book!
I would not advise a beginner to raw foods to get this book -- some ingredients are just too hard to come by: Hawaiian Mellow White Miso? Azuki bean miso? kelp granules? dulce granules? Definitely for the more experienced raw foodist, who probably stacks all these ingredients in his pantry. Plus, it doesn't help that all the pictures are in black & white. If I wanted to attract someone to healthier eating with raw food then the more visual stimulation you can give them, the better. And I'm sorry, but these, at least in my opinion, are not 10 min recipes....maybe if you've been in the raw food world for a while but definitely not if you're just starting.
I have a couple of raw food recipe books, but by far, this is consistently the easiest to use and most fun. Bryan's writing style is fun to read (oozes with personality and humor) and most of the recipes I have tried are great!

I make the spicy avocado soup a staple food item to take to work with me on a daily basis along with apples and bananas. The other recipes I eat on a regular basis are the lasagna (I leave out the guacaamole layer and use strictly the tomato, "ricotta," and olives), Thai coconut soup, Goji Strawberry smoothie (although I tend to use frozen raspberries), and super nachos. I have tried other recipes that are good, like the taco "ground beef" filling served on dehydrated bread I bought from my local raw foods cafe and the baklava, but the items I listed previously are the ones I tend to return most to.

This book is reasonable in price and will be used over and over again. The recipes are easy and flexible- meaning you can substitute, omit, and add things to the recipes. (Like one of my other fave raw food gurus, Arnold Kauffman, says- There are no mistakes with raw foods.) Bryan Au's book, Raw in Ten Minutes, is definitely a great buy and good for your recipe book collection, whether completely raw or just something different in your vegan/vegetarian collection.
On the good side, we really enjoyed many of the recipes we tried. The flavors were excellent and the prep time is short, which is great for busy people. The recipes were easy to follow with detailed instructions.

The recipes in this book are very good and normally I would rate the book 1 stars higher. However, finding the ingredients in a small town in the Midwest is not easy much of the time. Things like young coconuts and Hawaiian Mild White Miso are just not everyday ingredients. I found several recipes I wanted to try last weekend and spend literally 1/2 the day traveling around town trying to find the ingredients and never did find them. I was eventually able find some but, after already spending 1/2 the day and with today's fuel prices, it just wasn't practical to drive 45 miles each way for a few items. Additionally, the constant referral to a particular brand blender is also a little annoying. If it was a cookbook that came with the blender I could understand it but, speaking as a kitchen gadget junkie, there are a lot of really good blenders of all size out there. A simple reference at the beginning of the book stating the blender I used to make these recipes was xxxxxx. I understand brand loyalty as well, but there is a point where it becomes a little much and this book exceeded that point.

All in all it's a very good book with good recipes if you can find the ingredients. I'd recommend it to my friends and did recommend it to a local raw/vegan/vegetarian/gluten free restaurant.
The Rollers of Vildar
Some recipes were good. But all the recipes revolved around this "mellow miso" which was hard to find and once found and used sucked. The miso is a taste not for the main stream palette. I found that the miso killed the recipes taste and when I made the recipes without it (mellow miso) the results were fantastic. Some ingredients were very difficult to find like I was on a scavenger hunt. Overall the book was good-okay. I did like that he does NOT dehydrate, that was a plus. I must say that the super nachos were out of this world. I recommend this book to buy but don't knock yourself out to get the Miso's.