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by Robert Specht

Download Tisha: The Story of a Young Teacher fb2
Author: Robert Specht
ISBN: 0553103024
Language: English
Pages: 342 pages
Category: Professionals & Academics
Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell (1977)
Rating: 4.3
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Some spine creasing and a little edge wear. Name and initial on inside front page. Age discoloring and some slight smugging. Ships very quickly and packaged carefully!
Comments (7)
This is a brilliant book written about a young teacher who travels to the Alaskan wilderness to teach in a small village called Chicken. It is a true story, set in the 1920's and then passed on verbally in the 1970s. It is very well written and shows what life is like for the Alaskans, and what it was like between winter and summer before they had built roads to all the small settlements. I was astounded by the significance of winter in terms of movement via sled in preference to horses in summer but also by the ways in which the young teacher was taught to survive in this beautiful but very hostile environment. She "adopts" a couple of mixed race Indian children and gains the wrath of the whole community by her efforts to accept the First Alaskans as equally capable of learning and in need of The Three R's. Chicken is now linked to Fairbanks and Anchorage by a road so it would be dramatically changed. For this reason alone it is worth reading this book for the knowledge of how the people coped with such an extreme environment but also at the changes in race relations since the 1920s. Highly recommended - a very interesting read.
When I purchased this book, I was intrigued by the title. I like memoirs. I had no idea that this true story of a young woman's teaching assignment in a small village called Chicken in Alaska would captivate me to the point that I couldn't put it down. The author takes the reader through almost a year where she is teaching but also learning much from the villagers and her students. She was not looked with favor because of a friendship with a "half breed" and taking in two native children whose mother had died. She was treated badly, but in the end was respected. To say this is a great read is an understatement.
What a lovely surprise this was! I only read non-fiction and I wanted a light read this time. A young 19 year old teacher goes to the wilds of Alaska...I was thinking "Little House on the Prairie". What a surprise that there was so much more adventure than I expected. The first half is a lovely, sweet read. And the second half took me on adventure that blind sided me and did not expect (twists and turns). I highly recommend this book.
I learned more about the Native American culture by reading this book, than living 55 years near a Native American reservation. Anne was so young when she set out to teach in the wilderness, yet she had sound values and remained steadfast to what she knew was right. If I could give this book 8 stars I would. Well written, informative, and it touched my heart. Whenever I read a book and I continue to think about it, even weeks later, then for sure it's a good book!
There are a few books that I truly love and this will be one of them. The book is the true life of Anne Hobbs who goes to a remote Alaskan village of Chicken, yes Chicken, in the 1920s to teach in a one room village school. She is only 19 years old but has inherited her sense of adventure from her grandma who is part Indian. I love books that take place in Alaska though I hate the cold, personally. I learned so much about that time period of Alaska and was surprised at how the Indians were viewed as almost social outcasts. The description of the bitter cold, snow and ice was so wonderful that I longed to get on my thermal underwear. Read this wonderful book. I'm sure you will not be disappointed.
This book held my interest from start to finish. I'd made a trip to Alaska a couple of years ago, so having traveled some of the same country, I was even more interested in the story. This book held my interest. I couldn't put it down! The descriptions of the scenery, the bigotry, and the unabashed insight into how people of different cultures often have trouble working together was especially well done. It's often not understood but merely tolerated, and that's the best that can be done. The description of how it is to live in primitive conditions with weather that is intolerable several months of the year was also well done. The human spirit of survival really comes through in this novel!
This is an account of a young teacher longing for adventure who goes to Alaska and finds it all: adventure, love and heartache. Tisha (Teacher) was not afraid to accept the challenges of living and teaching in the harsh environment of Alaska in the 1920s. She was totally unprepared to face the harsh weather, the lack of even the barest of necessities, or especially the Alaskan social norms of that day. Her determination and stubborn decisions keep the reader anxious to see how she resolves each challenge. How she deals with the school board when Indians and mixed race Eskimos come to school hungering to learn makes the readers hold their breath and keep reading to see show she will resolve these issues. Her 19-year-old naivete can bring the reader to tears. Falling in love with a half-breed and wanting to adopt abandoned half-breed children also pose potential heartaches. Anyone who loves adventure, challenges, or teaching should read this book.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and wholeheartedly recommend it. It gives an insight into a time when high school graduates could become school teachers. A time when when students of all levels and ages shared a classroom. And a place without paved roads or public transportation. It talked about the goodness of people and those same people be being cruel due to institutional and publicly supported bigotry. A reviewer complained about her talking about racism, but how could she not when it affected her life and experiences so completely.

It's a good read. Highly recommended.