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by John Evangelist Walsh

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Author: John Evangelist Walsh
ISBN: 971554066X
Category: Bible Study & Reference
Publisher: Sinag-Yala, Manila (1987)
Rating: 4.1
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He has written books on topics as various as the Shroud of Turin, the Wright Brothers, and John Paul Jones.

Bible passages are quoted from the Revised Standard Version. All photographs, except nos. 8, 8a, and 25, are from the Vatican Archives. Drawings in the text are based on material in the Vatican's Official Report of 1951. See Selected Bibliography, under Esplorazioni etc. All Rights Reserved Printed in the United States of America. For TOM and GLORIA Thomas and Mariann.

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Born in 1927, he first began working in journalism while serving in the US Army from 1946–1948, after which he worked for a variety of publishing companies, mainly condensing literature. He retired in his early 60s, while still regularly writing and publishing novels

Walsh argues that the body of St. Peter (crucified upside down during the reign of Nero) was buried in a pagan .

Walsh argues that the body of St. Peter (crucified upside down during the reign of Nero) was buried in a pagan cemetery in a site that now lies directly beneath the high altar of the basilica. The precise spot where the bones were found was (literally) a hole in a wall. Along with the bones, fragments of rare purple cloth were found, testifying to quasi-royal honors accorded the dead man. The Vatican, leaning on the voluminous testimony of Dr. Margherita Guarducci, a Roman archaeologist, is convinced it's found the Prince of the Apostles, and so is Walsh.

John Evangelist Walsh. I read this book years ago at the public library and was fascinated by it. I have been trying (unsuccessfully, I might add!) to find my very own copy ever since. Walking Shadows: Orson Welles, William Randolph Hearst, and Citizen Kane (Ray and Pat Browne Book). Into My Own: The English Years of Robert Frost, 1912-1915. It is truly wonderful reading and I recommend it highly.

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Find st john evangelist from a vast selection of Books. Bones of St. Peter, John Evangelist Walsh, Very Good Book.

The Fascinating Account of the Search for the Apostle's Body.
Comments (7)
Walsh's book on this subject is arguably the best non-scholarly work available, better even than Professor Guarducci's own book (published in English translation in 1960 as "The Tomb of St Peter"). Walsh did his homework, writes clearly, provides helpful diagrams and interesting photographs. There are also references and bibliography which enable a more curious reader to pursue the subject further. Readers who have been conducted through the "scavi" beneath St Peter's will find this a wonderful clarification of what they saw, those who plan to visit them will find it an excellent preparation. But, a very strong warning. The electronic text is horribly riddled with typographical errors, at least one or two per page. Some of them are easy to decipher, and almost funny, e.g., "Pope Pius XH's admitted personal fascination" or "Imagine an immense square shaft ... twenty 'jam feet on a side." Others so badly mangle words and numbers that it is impossible to decipher the original, sometimes important, word or date. That readers should have to engage in such an exercise does no credit to the publishers, and if it is at first an annoyance, it soon becomes distracting and frustrating. If you really want to read the book, you'll be happier with a bound copy.
I find this book very interesting and well written. There are a couple of other books on this topic but this is the best of the lot. The first three times I read the book, it was in print form. I was excited when I saw that it is in electronic format.
I do have one complaint, not about the content of the book, but you need to get a new typist. The manuscript is full of errors. I tried to flag them but there are just too many of all kinds.
I recommend this book because of the history it tells of the actual construction of the Basilica in Rome. And the habits and secrets of the early Christians. Intriguing story with a few bits of humor thrown in. Good drawings and photographs for illustrations.
This book sucked me in, and I couldn't put it down.
It reads like a mystery, and a historical lesson mixed with archaeology, science and Christ.
I highly recommend this read, it's like a real life Indiana jones mystery.
Highly recommended
This is the book that all Catholic should read. It is so moving and so interested I could not put it down
generation of new
This book explained so much and dispelled the controversy surrounding the finding of St Peter's burial site and tomb. Very interesting and factual account.
doesnt Do You
Extremely detailed account (almost tedious!) of the process of finding the bones of St Peter. I only wish this were made into a documentary video.
Interesting and fact-filled!